“Would it have been so hard for this pathetic excuse of a human to hand the dog in to a shelter, if he no longer wanted it? I’m so glad someone found her in time! I have a Chihuahua & would run anyone over in my bloody wheelchair if they tried to hurt him; Chihuahuas are so tiny & fragile. I hope little one soon finds a forever home full of love!”

December 14, 2013 By A.J. Rao

LAKEWOODThe man responsible for abandoning a female Chihuahua inside a thermal bag was charged Friday for animal cruelty.

According to the Chautauqua County Humane Society Cruelty Investigations Unit, Jose Carmona Gomez of Jamestown was determined the individual responsible for placing the Chihuahua-named Tinkerbell-inside a Coors Light thermal bag on Monday, and leaving it for dead along Southwestern Drive in Lakewood.

Gomez is scheduled to appear in Busti Court at a later date.

Ray Muniz Jr., cruelty investigator with the Humane Society, said he thanks all the individuals who have wished Tinkerbell well and that he looks forward to placing her in a good home when the time comes.

News Link:http://post-journal.com/page/content.detail/id/632601/City-Man-Charged-For-Abandoning–Chihuahua.html?nav=5192