Graphic Image: Outcry Over Dead Ponies on Bodmin Moor

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“Please Note Graphic Image below, do not scroll down; viewer discretion advised. My apologies for this post being late…it won’t be the only one, sorry!!!”

“OMG…this is just heartbreaking; I can’t think straight for crying!! The POS who left these horse to die, need to be found & prosecuted; to the full extent of the law. The cold-hearted bxxxxxx’s should be thrown in a bare field, without food; until they beg for mercy…then beg a little more! Sorry but as a horse owner, I get very upset at these stories. The scum that did this are not fit to scrape sxxt off my shoes; let alone breathe the same air!! Please if you know who did this, or who the horses belonged to, I beg you to tell the police or WHW; you don’t want the death of horses on your conscience do you??”

“It should be made mandatory that all horses are chipped, irrelevant of age! Most responsible owners have their horses chipped, it’s not worth the worry not to! But there will always be the cob colts at sale rooms, from unscrupulous owners & breeders, there to make a few quid; that won’t be microchipped! So perhaps the sale rooms & livestock auctions, should refuse entry & report those who don’t have their horses chipped!”

” I have to agree with World Horse Welfare on the issue of hot branding; I think it’s cruel on horses, never mind cattle! Regards the ponies on Bodmin, perhaps it’s time the mares were given birth control drugs, although it won’t be easy trying to catch them; it’s better than having an excess of ponies who are going to die through lack of food etc”

“My horses are chipped, not just because of getting loose…their also chipped due to horse thief’s, who target certain horses to steal, especially rarer breeds like my Gelderland. There have been a lot of horses go missing, unless they are microchipped, they will probably never be returned to the rightful owner. Please see my note at the bottom about adopting horses, by way of a donation!”

The death of more than 20 ponies on Bodmin Moor last week has shocked local people and further highlighted the “equine crisis”, say welfare charities

The ponies were dumped on Eastmoor, Cornwall, and left to starve. In total more than 20 died, including eight that were put down by Defra vets.

A further 30 animals are currently being monitored by the GovernmentBut there is no clue as to whom the ponies belonged.

Though microchipping has been compulsory in foals since 2009, this is ignored by many owners.

World Horse Welfare field officer Jeff Herrington was there.

“The scene was horrific,” he said. “I was walking across the moors and there were bodies everywhere I looked.

“We have to sort this out. We have to find a way to link animals to their owners to hold them accountable.”

Julie Dowton of the Bodmin Commoners Association told H&H that pony dumping on Bodmin is a growing concern.

“We had a couple of incidents in previous years, but thought we’d got on top of it,” she said. “But with the tough economic climate, more ponies are being abandoned.”

Redwings took in 19 ponies after a similar incident on Bodmin in 2011.

“This is a shocking and disappointing regression,” Redwings’ Nic de Brauwere said. “But if we can’t identify owners, we can’t prosecute. We are in the midst of an equine crisis; horse identification needs improving drastically.”

There are more than 600 ponies on Bodmin and Ms Dowton added that local farmers are “distraught”.

“It has made us look further at the issue of visible marking,” she said. “We are even looking at hot branding such as in Dartmoor and Exmoor so ponies are easily identifiable.”

The Exmoor Pony Society agrees it is vital to identify semi-feral ponies visually.

“It helps us recognise ponies that have been ‘dumped’ on the moor and may not be able to survive in such an environment,” said a spokesman.

World Horse Welfare disagrees with hot branding but would like to see other methods used.

Microchipping has to provide the solution, as it must be possible in the near future to be able to scan at a distance,” said chief executive Roly Owers. “In the meantime, alternatives such as the short-range reading of microchips and cutting manes and tails need to be relied upon.

This news story was first published in Horse & Hound magazine (25 April 2013)

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Another Horrific Case Of Animal Abuse : R.I.P Lilly

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“This makes me so fxxxxxg mad, why have a bloody dog & keep it chained in the basement?? I just don’t understand the mentality of these blatant abusers! Poor Lily, she never even got to know what being loved felt like, which makes me so sad that my tears won’t stop! I wish I could be there for all those animals, whose time has come… just to hug them, hold them close & whisper in their ear that they are loved, even if only for several minutes before their final journey! Lilly’s suffering was so bad, she was put to sleep. I hope she was loved & hugged very closely before her final breath!  R.I.P Lilly; run wild & free now you have crossed Rainbows bridge!

“To all the bastards that do this to countless animals, karma is a bitch, your time will come…just a shame I can’t get there first! For everybody else reading this, if you have a pet, go give them a hug, hugs are great, they fit all sizes…tell them they are loved…to be loved cost’s absolutely nothing!”

CORNWALL, Ontario – Last month a Cornwall couple, Glenn and Angie Nielsen, were found guilty of three charges of animal cruelty under the Ontario SPCA Act.

The charges included permitting distress to an animal; failing to provide adequate and appropriate medical attention and failing to provide for the general welfare of an animal.

On Feb. 8, Ontario SPCA agents attended the residence of the Nielsens after receiving a complaint concerning a beagle-type dog named Lilly. Ontario SPCA Officers found the beagle in the basement in a horrific condition.

Lilly was suffering from bare and irritated red skin, similar to alligator skin, large warts, nails so long they were growing into the pads of her feet, difficultly standing or walking and a strong odour was coming from her.

Ontario SPCA agents issued compliance orders to have Lilly examined by a veterinarian within 24 hours. The orders were not met and the Nielsens surrendered Lilly to the Ontario SPCA.

Lilly was taken directly to a local animal hospital in Cornwall where she was examined by a veterinarian. The dog was found to be severely ill and in immediate distress due to abuse and chronic neglect. The only appropriate course of action was to have Lilly humanely euthanized.

The Nielsens received a two-year probation, a fine of $1,100 and a lifetime ban from living with, caring for, or owning an animal.

Bayonet youth stabbed lamb in front of friends

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A TEENAGER slaughtered a lamb, cut off its leg and tried to cook it on a camp fire in front of his horrified friends. Alex Sleigh stabbed the terrified animal with his grandfather’s war bayonet.

The 18-year-old told police he had intended hunting and killing for his own pleasure and it would have been more fun if the animal had “put up more of a struggle”, a court heard.

Officers found a cache of weapons under Sleigh’s bed and recovered some “concerning” documents from his home.

 Sleigh, said by a judge to have a “worrying interest in weaponry and explosives”, was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome after the incident and had had treatment.

He admitted possessing a bladed article and causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

Sleigh, of St Catherine’s Drive, Blackrod,was given a two- year supervision order and was banned from owning or keeping animals for five years.

Natalia Cornwall, prosecuting, at Burnley Crown Court, said on March 31, Sleigh, was camping in the Rivington area with a group of about 20 youths around a camp fire.

He left and returned at about 9.30pm, carrying a dead lamb. Sleigh was asked where he had got it from and replied “I have just killed it”.


 He told the group he did it because he was hungry and then cut off one leg, put it on a skewer and tried to cook it. After a few minutes he tossed the leg away, saying it was not cooking.

Some of the group were unhappy and called the police.

Miss Cornwall said Sleigh told officers he had a knife in his bag and they found a large bayonet-style knife covered in blood.

Sleigh, who has no previous convictions, told the police he had not killed any animals before but had thought of hunting for a while.

Andy Pilkington, defending, said: “They are concerning offences, to say the least.

“He has not done it with the intention of killing an animal for any sadistic purposes.”

Mr Pilkington said the offences were the catalyst for Sleigh, currently on a work placement in catering, being diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome.

He added it did not excuse his behaviour, but it could at least be understood.

Mr Pilkington said what Sleigh did must have been “terrifying for the animal”.

Sentencing Sleigh, Judge Simon Newell, who had read medical reports from two psychiatrists, told him: “Both doctors take the view you are not a significant risk to the general public, but there are concerns as a result of Asperger’s as to your future and possible future criminality.”

The judge added he hoped funding could be made available for specialist treatment for Sleigh.

Judge Newell told Sleigh: “We hope this is one-off behaviour. I am sure it is. I am sure you now realise that which you did you shouldn’t have done, that it won’t happen again, that with the support of your family and the probation service you can put in place around you such structures as will help you lead a law abiding life in the future.”

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Dead Horse Pulled From River Severn In Worcester Sparks RSPCA Appeal (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

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“OMG…this is heartbreaking, with the trap still attached it looks like someone got caught in a swollen part of the river crossing, but they got off to safety, & just left the horse to drown…how callous can people be, to walk away from a drowning horse! Judging by the trap, I am wondering if travelers live around that area…I can’t think of many other types that would use that kind of set up, it looks similar to a slinky from the pictures, but facing the other way around, which is odd…that’s just my theory!”

The RSPCA is appealing for information after the bloated body of dead horse was pulled out of a river in Worcester.

The local Fire and Rescue team successfully retrieved the body from the Severn, even though the horse was still attached to a trap. It’s possible to see the bridle and harness still attached to the horse in the picture below.

Flood warnings have been issued a number of times to the area since May, and the river was swollen on the day the fire and rescue service were notified, reports the Worcestershire news.


The horse had to be hauled out of the river by the local fire service

There had been concerns that a person may have fallen in the river with the horse, but a body has not been found, reports the Worcester Standard.

RSPCA inspector Pippa Boyd said: “This is a deeply unsettling incident and we urgently need the public’s help. At the moment we have no idea when this happened and so we need to hear from anyone who can shed some light on this dreadful discovery.”

There have been a number of horrific attacks against horses over the past six months, though there is no suggestion that these crimes are linked with the discovery of this body.

The first horse, Barney was attacked in Carmarthenshire, Wales on 5 January.

Linda Vickerage, a nurse, discovered the remains of seven-year-old Welsh pony Barney when she went to give him and her other pony their evening feed at a field in Whitland.

Wales Online reported that when police and a vet examined Barney they found he had had his eyes removed, his mouth slit, his ear cut, and been slashed along his body, exposing his organs.

Less than a week after this horrendous attack, a two-year-old horse called Eric was found in Cornwall with his genitals, an eye and teeth cut out after the attack in a field in Cornwall. Police are investigating whether he was drugged before being attacked.

His owner Dawn Jewell said she had lost “her baby”, a Friesian horse she had been wanting since she was a child. Animal lovers have been making their feelings of horror known in large numbers via Twitter, including the BBC horseracing presenter Clare Balding.

In May the RSPCA launched an emergency appeal to find foster homes for a “never ending tide” of abandoned young horses.

The charity said it was currently looking after nearly 600 horses and ponies which have suffered neglect and cruelty – a figure which has more than doubled since last year, with almost half of the animals involved being youngsters.

Anyone with information about the incident in Worcestershire is urged to contact the RSPCA inspector appeal line on 0300 123 8018.

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Two Shetland ponies found dead in Cornwall

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Police are investigating after the bodies of two ponies were found in Cornwall.

Two Shetland ponies were found dead in Carharrack, near Redruth yesterday (Sunday 24 June).

They were found by the owners, who had gone to feed the animals, at around 10.30am.

Devon and Cornwall Police are investigating the deaths and are reminding horse owners to remain vigilant.

A spokesman for the force said: “Following an examination of the ponies by a vet it is entirely possible that their deaths may have been accidental and not criminal. However we are keeping an open mind and enquiries will continue in order to determine exactly what has happened.”

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Police on 101.

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