Costa Rica Hunters Spark Outrage

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Photographs of two men posing with a dead jaguar in Costa Rica sparked outraged among animal right activists and groups. 


Hunting for sport has been banned in the country since last January, and activists say these pictures are proof that the practice is still going on despite the new laws.

Hunting is only allowed for personal consumption in limited circumstances, scientific research or wildlife population control. And fines for illegal hunters can reach up to about $3,000.

The Liberia Association of Animal Protection (ALPA) said it received information that the two hunters have the last name Sandino, live on a farm near the Santa Rosa National Park and have been killing jaguars because they attack the cattle. “Well they should perhaps make a better shelter for their cattle…Big cats eat when hungry, if no natural food source left, due to expansion of human homes etc.; then cattle are easy prey!!”

“To prove this felony will be almost impossible due to our country’s weak laws, but the pictures are proof of how people continue killing our animals.

We would really appreciate if all of you share this message and help spread the news,” an ALPA Facebook post said.

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Paul Watson out of prison Sea Shepherd – Press Conference JV

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Please sign the petition below to drop charges against Captain Paul Watson. He deserves a medal for all the whales, sharks & dolphins that he & the crew of the Sea shepherd fleet have saved over the years.


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Complete press conference Paul Watson Sea Shepherd in front of the prison JVA Preungesheim on May 21, 2012.

PETITION: Tell Costa Rica to drop all charges against Captain Paul Watson “Our Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd leader fears for his life

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Conservation group leader Paul Watson says he was surprised by his detention in Germany, and has pointed to “powerful enemies” of Sea Shepherd’s campaigns.

Paul Watson, Canadian founder and president of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, in a file photo. Photo: AFP

In responses to Fairfax Media’s questions relayed to him in a Frankfurt Airport holding cell overnight, Mr Watson expressed fears for his life in Costa Rica if extradition was granted by Germany.

But he said that, whatever the outcome of the case, Sea Shepherd’s anti-whaling campaign in the Southern Ocean would not be deterred.

“In our efforts to defend the whales, we have made some powerful enemies, most notably the government of Japan,” Mr Watson said.

Costa Rica has revived a 10-year-old case in which Mr Watson’s then ship Farley Mowat was involved in a collision with a shark-fishing boat. The central American country has alleged navigation offences.

“I am surprised that Germany would consider extradition for an alleged offence against an illegal fishing vessel that did not cause injury, nor did it damage property,” Mr Watson said.

Sea Shepherd said a long-lapsed warrant for Mr Watson’s arrest was taken up again in Costa Rica last October, just as Japan’s Institute of Cetacean Research initiated a civil case aimed at stopping the group.

“It is no coincidence that the extradition request by Costa Rica was issued the same month as the Japanese lawsuit against Sea Shepherd was initiated,” Mr Watson said.

The group’s spokesman, Peter Hammarstedt, said Mr Watson was doing well under the circumstances when they met overnight Australian time in Frankfurt.

He said that a General Public Prosecutor to the German Higher Regional Court had formally requested a preliminary extradition arrest warrant against Mr Watson on the basis of the local arrest warrant and request for extradition from Costa Rica.

“In a highly unusual move, the Public Prosecutor stated that the German Ministry of Justice and the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs have the power to stop the extradition procedures on political grounds,” Mr Hammarstedt said.

Sea Shepherd is still waiting to hear a decision from the closed court hearing, he said.

If the extradition request is granted, Costa Rica will have 90 days to file full papers to Germany to complete the request.

German Sea Shepherd supporters protest in front of the provincial court in Frankfurt Main, western Germany. Photo: AFP

If it is not, Mr Watson would be freed.

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Sea Shepherd crew | Life aboard the Bob Barker

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“A video taken in 2011, I’m posting in support of  Conservation group leader Paul Watson

With bunk beds in cramped rooms, stickers with slogans such as “Woodchipping Sucks” plastering the walls and the smell of samosas filling the air, this could easily be a backpacker’s hostel.

But life aboard the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society‘s anti-whaling ship Bob Barker is no holiday.

The Bob Barker, named after an American game show host who donated money to buy the ship, is docked in Sydney’s White Bay and will soon make the voyage into the freezing waters of the Southern Ocean for a three-month campaign.

Over summer, the crew of 35 conservationist volunteers will stalk the Japanese whaling ships and brave nature’s whims to put themselves between the hunters and their prey.

The crew will work exhausting days and nights in an ocean known for its dangerous winds and huge waves.

“I think this season down in the Southern Ocean is going to be the most intense year to date,” the ship’s manager, Andrea Gordon, said.

“Sea Shepherd has been getting stronger and more successful every year and last year we saved over 850 whales and we intend to shut them down completely this year.”

We talked to the crew – who were busy doing maintenance and stocking medical and food supplies – about a day in the life of the Bob Barker’s crew at sea.

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BBC News – Documentary sloths become internet sensation

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Costa Rica Sloths have become an internet sensation because their adorable…lol
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