Animal activist decries inaction on animal cruelty in KK, Malaysia

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KOTA KINABALU: Malaysia:- An animal activist has criticised local authorities for their alleged lackadaisical approach in dealing with stray dogs problem and animal cruelty.

Sam Lau pointed out that Section 428 of the Penal Code stipulates that the killing of a dog, an area that should be of concern to the police, may result in jail of not more than two years or a fine or both; whereas acts of wilful cruelty towards dogs or other animals, under the jurisdiction of the Department of Veterinary Services (DVS), may result in heavy fines.

“In KK, however, these provisions seem to hold little sway, with the authorities being slow to act or choosing not to act at all,” he said.

“The tragedy of stray animals is a seemingly never-ending and all-pervasive problem – a sight familiar to us all in KK.

A badly beaten stray dog while another lies dead on the cargo bed of a truck.

“The slaughter and brutal maiming of five stray dogs recently in Country Heights Apartments, Penampang,is a case in point and not a sight residents will easily forget,” Lau said.

He claimed that the management of the housing estate had resorted to clubbing the dogs to death after complaints to the local council fell on dead ears.

He said a member of Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) present ordered the release of the one dog that was still alive, but no measures were taken to prosecute.

The perpetrators, using the developer’s lorry to remove the dogs’ bodies, left the scene unquestioned.

“Where is the voice of authority to speak out for animal rights in Sabah? Evidently it is muffled at best or non-existent in the main.”

Lau said that in a similar incident, a recent Trap Neuter and Release (TNR) initiative by SPCA in Taman Nelly Phase 9, Kolombong ended in tragedy.

“Residents sponsoring the neutering of local strays witnessed a red truck passing through the vicinity and meat being distributed to five neutered-and-released street dogs, two of which died soon after ingesting the meat,” he claimed.

“How, despite laws being in place to criminalize the killing of these animals, can they continue to be treated as rubbish to be disposed of rather than sentient beings with the right to life?”

“Perhaps Sabah can take a page from the book of those championing dogs’ rights to life in Selangor. Following the disastrous incident of an elderly woman’s long-time pet being shot by Ipoh City Council, an ensuing outcry from the public, NGOS and Malaysian Animal-Assisted Therapy for the Disabled and Elderly Association (Petpositive), led to a ban on the shooting of dogs in Ipoh.”

Lau said it is high time for more firm action to be taken against brutalising strays in KK.

“Firstly, the ambiguity surrounding prosecutions under Penal Code 428 must be addressed by the relevant parties and penalties dealt more swiftly.

“Secondly, city authorities in KK would do well to engage in dialogue with animal rights and animal protection groups to discuss ways of improving its management of stray dogs in the city.

“Such efforts would ensure that the animals are not only given a chance to live well but also provide the long-term benefits of companionship to the pet lovers who adopt them.

“The cruel killing of dogs is unacceptable if we wish to live in a truly compassionate and caring Sabah.”

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Cruelty, torture & abuse

Graphic Image: Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Owner Of German Shepherd Found In Kitsilano Dumpster

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“Well done for catching this spineless bxxxxxd, Brian Whitlock…I hope Captain is looking down & can now rest easy, knowing his abuser was caught! I remember this case vividly, such a beautiful dog thrown out like trash; just heartbreaking!”

VANCOUVER – Animal cruelty charges have been laid against the owner of Captain, the two-year-old German shepherd left for dead in a dumpster this summer.

Brian Whitlock, 26, threw Captain the dog into a dumpster & left him to die!!

The dog’s owner was charged under the Criminal Code and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a lifetime ban on owning animals and a $75,000 fine. “I bet he gets 12 suspended sentence, maybe a ban on owning animals & a small fine…for all I wish that these maximum charges could be brought…they never are!”

After hearing its cries coming from the 1400-block of Maple Street on July 18, Kitsilano residents discovered the malnourished dog wrapped in a bloody towel, covered in cuts and bruises to his head and body. The dog was alive but unresponsive and, despite receiving veterinary care, died the next day.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received an outpouring of emotion and outrage following Captain’s death. A vigil was held in his honour and more than $70,000 was donated in online campaign to raise money for the SPCA investigation.

“We deal with thousands of cases every year and deal with heartbreaking cases every day, but I think this particular case — the image of this dog, critically ill, lying in a dumpster — really touched people’s hearts,” said Lorrie Chortyk, SPCA community relations manager.

Captain had once been a police dog candidate but was deemed too friendly, the SPCA said this summer.

Since the matter is now before the courts, Chortyk could not reveal further details about the investigation.

Brian Whitlock, 26, was charged with wilfully causing suffering to an animal and will make his first court appearance on Friday.

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German Shepherd found in Kitsilano dumpster dies – Vigil planned

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VANCOUVER — The two-year-old German Shepherd left for dead in a dumpster Wednesday died of a heart attack this evening around 6 p.m. 

B.C. SPCA staff gave the dog CPR for more than 30 minutes, but couldn’t revive the canine.

German Shepherd found in a dumpster died Wednesday night

 “We did everything in our power to save him, but his injuries were just too serious,” said Marcie Moriarty, manager of cruelty investigations, in an SPCA media release. The dog was suffering from serious cuts and bruises and was likely quadriplegic by the time it was rescued from a dumpster in Kitsilano on the 1400 block of Maple Street Wednesday.

“The dog has been in critical condition since we rescued him but we were hoping for a miracle that just didn’t come,” Moriarty said.

The SPCA will now try to collect forensic evidence relating to the dog’s injuries and continue investigating who did this. The organization said in the release that it does know the identity of the dog’s owner.

“We can’t rule out the possibility he was hit by a car, but evidence is suggesting it was caused by a person. He didn’t jump into the dumpster himself,” Moriarty said.

 He was underweight and wrapped in a bloody blanket covering his bruises and lacerations. A vet exam showed the dog has spinal cord damage and air around his lungs and was not likely to recover.

The SPCA with Vancouver Police have identified the animal’s owner but have not made contact yet, Moriarty said. He has had more than one owner, according to information stored on the dog’s microchip.

The canine was once a police dog candidate but deemed too friendly, the SPCA said Thursday.

Under the Criminal Code, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty causing death is up to five years in jail and a lifetime ban on owning pets. A fine can also be imposed of up to $10,000

“We are so grateful for the outpouring of love and the offers of help we have received for this poor dog and for the support we receive for the thousands of other animals who suffer abuse and violence,” says Moriarty.

Moriarty said donations to the organization’s cruelty investigations department can be made through their website at or by calling 604-681-7271.

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A vigil is planned to remember Captain, the German shepherd found badly beaten in a Kitsilano Dumpster last week.

A vigil is now planned for a two-year-old German Shepherd found barely alive Thursday in a dumpster in Kitsilano. The BC SPCA and police are investigating.

The vigil for Captain is set for Wednesday starting at 7 p.m. at 1499 Arbutus, by the tennis courts at Kits Beach.

Leanne Cook is one of the organizers of the vigil. She said animal lovers were horrified when they heard the details surrounding Captain’s death.

“We are seeking justice for Captain,” she said.

“It is sickening that somebody could do that to an animal.”

Cook and others have gone to the Dumpster on Maple Street to put down flowers and candles to honour Captain. And when it comes to animal abuse, Cook maintains tougher laws are needed. “The law needs to be stronger for animal abuse,” she said.

Area residents have come forward and given statements. But SPCA investigators have yet to talk to the man believed to have been Captain’s owner.

Captain was severely dehydrated and badly beaten when found. The dog went into cardiac arrest and never recovered.

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Ontario men charged with animal cruelty in dog’s death

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NAPANEE, Ont. — Two 18 year-olds from Napanee have been charged after a dog was found dead over the weekend. 

On Saturday, police found a dog submerged in a quarry on Kimmett Side Road.

Officers say the black and white dog had a choke chain around it’s neck along with a collar and a leash that had been looped through a cinder block.

Travis Haaksman and Carl Wood have been charged with killing or injuring an animal under the Criminal Code.

They are due in court May 12

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