Tiger cubs stars of Japanese safari park – video

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“Why are the public allowed to play with such young cubs?? This is so wrong…yet again…animals exploited for money!”

  • Monday 30 July 2012

Four tiger cubs born on 3 June are already the stars of Japan’s Fuji safari park, west of Tokyo.

The cubs delight visitors, who are able to play with the newborn felines after feeding them formula under the supervision of park caretakers. A newborn black jaguar is also preparing for its debut at the park, along with new lion cubs

You can tell from their scarred little noses that they are probably kept in tiny holding cells.  Big cats will constantly pace when confined to quarters that are too small.  The missing nose hair is a good indicator of an early life where they had very little space!

Good Zoos Do Not Allow Contact

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News Link:http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/video/2012/jul/30/tiger-cubs-japanese-safari-video?newsfeed=true

News Link:http://911animalabuse.com/2012/08/04/good-zoos-do-not-allow-contact/

3 of 5 newborn lion cubs die due to ‘negligence’

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Three of the five lion cubs, offsprings of an “unwanted fertilisation” in Nandanvan, the Raipur zoo, died within 24 hours of their birth.

While the zoo authorities have denied any negligence in fertilisation or post-birth care, the incident leaves several unanswered questions.

Saraswati, 20, had given birth to five cubs on Wednesday between 3 and 11 pm, but zoo authorities learnt of it only on Thursday morning. Three died on Thursday night, and again the administration came to know about it only on Friday morning.

“Whenever the number of deliveries is more than three, survival rate of cubs goes down. They are unable to get proper nourishment from mother. First milk is very important for developing resistance. But as they were five, they could not get proper amount of milk,” zoo doctor Jaikishor Jadiya told The Indian Express. He cited the post-mortem report that the cub died of “improper nourishment”.

Central Zoo Authority guidelines ask zoos to “limit number of animals of each species by implementing appropriate population control measures like segregation of sexes, vasectomy, tubectomy, etc”. “We take proper measures to segregate lions, males are kept in separate enclosures. This was an accidental breeding,” Jadiya told The Indian Express. Saraswati had given birth to two male and one female cub in January 2010, and according to Jadiya, the two males in her enclosure were still in “sub-adult” stage when they impregnated her.

This was in April this year, but the zoo administration remained unaware of her pregnancy or the delivery date and were caught completely unawares. “It was an exceptional breeding, the male had not reached the adult stage. There is no negligence,” said Chief Conservator of Forests and Wildlife, Anup Srivastava.

Veterinary doctors disagree. “Their argument is nonsense. Full adulthood may come at three years, but there is nothing that proves a lion cannot impregnate before that,” says a doctor who had earlier worked at the zoo.

News Link:http://www.indianexpress.com/news/3-of-5-newborn-lion-cubs-die-due-to-negligence/983593/0


Man in hospital – mauled after entering tiger enclosure in Jamshedpur

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Jamshedpur (Jharkhand): A man was mauled and seriously injured by a tiger after he sneaked into the animal’s enclosure at the Tata Steel Zoological Society, police said on Saturday.

The man, whose identity is yet to be established, had entered the enclosure of Raghav, the full grown tiger, on Saturday night and was found unconscious inside the cage by zoo staff on Sunday morning. “It’s a wonder there was anything left of the man, they must be well fed tiger!”

Jamshedpur: Man mauled in tiger pasture

The victim was removed from the cage by the zoo staff and admitted to the government-run MGM Hospital here after administering first-aid, sources in the zoo said.

They suspected that the man entered the tiger enclosure with the intention of poisoning the striped cat to get its skin, or steal cubs from adjoining enclosures.

The matter would be probed in detail, the sources said. Police said they were investigating how the man managed to evade security and entered the enclosure.

It also needs to be ascertained whether the man is in a mentally sound state, police said.


News Link:http://post.jagran.com/Man-mauled-after-entering-tiger-enclosure-1342335951

Polar Bear Survival

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Untamed Americas : STARTS SUN JUN 10 at 9P et/pt :http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/

A polar bear mama defends her cub against desperate males.

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