Vancouver Canucks player David Booth is getting quite a bit of negative attention after taking to Twitter to post photos and video of himself killing a black bear while he was on vacation in Alberta.

Animal advocates, and even some hunters, are taking a major issue with the fact that he was bear baiting, a controversial hunting practice that involves leaving food out to lure animals to a certain spot where they’re easier to kill.

Some take issue with the  advantage it gives hunters, ruining the supposed “fair chase,” while others simply abhor trophy hunting altogether.

“It is even more difficult to find a moral justification for trophy hunting ― the killing of an animal to satisfy human vanity. There is a moral difference between killing for food and killing for pleasure. While an ethical vegetarian might argue that both are unnecessary, the latter plumbs the depths of immoral human behaviour through its selfishness, trivializing of nature and disregard for life,” wrote Peter Fricker, Projects and Communications Director at the Vancouver Humane Society, about the incident.

Bear baiting is legal in most of Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and New Brunswick, but not in British Columbia, where Booth lives. It’s also illegal in 18 states in the U.S.

In this case, Booth spent a week luring the bear to the kill spot before shooting him with a crossbow from way up high in a tree stand while he was out with guides from Twin River Outfitting. The plan all along was to show footage of the hunt on The Edge, a program on the Canadian hunting and fishing network Wild TV.

During the ambush he tweeted, “In Alberta trying to kill a few bruins. #unleashthefury,” followed by, “Just killed a Chara-sized bruin! 7ft black bear – 21in skull.”

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