Berlin – They call themselves “animal lovers”, but what these people do to their pets is hard to imagine: you live in a partnership with the four-legged friends – even have sex with them! And they say: The animals will find it good too.


The Berliner Zeitung “BZ” speaks for the first time one of these so-called Zoophilist (Greek for animal lovers) publicly about his inclinationsDavid Z. had (26) allegedly for the first time with 20 sex with a dog, he told the “BZ”, “My dog ​​has started on its own. I would never hurt my partner to stay, always passive. “

Ulla acid has for years against the abuse of animals. The animal rights activist told Bild: “This is something we often hear as an excuse. If a dog starts up, is the dominant behavior and has nothing to do with sexual desire! “

Charlotte Köhler of the animal rights group Peta told BILD: “Often the animals are not only physical pain or injury inflicted. They often suffer mentally, which is expressed for example in behavioral disorders.

David Z., he says the “BZ” who has sex with his dogs is not abuse – but an expression of love. The Berlin had been five animals as sex partners. David Z.: “My dog ​​Nelly was my first love.”

The incredible thing: Sodomy is not banned in Germany!

In 1969, the sex was painted with animals as a crime in the penal code. Animal welfare officer observed in recent years, a nationwide increase in the number of sexual acts. The “B. Z. speaks “of some 10 000 Zoophilisten.

Therefore, now demand more and more politicians a sodomy ban.

Previously sexual acts with animals are punished only if an animal so suffering serious injury or death. “My God…are these people for real…If you put anything into the behind of a dog, that is not supposed to take the size of another dog, then it will cause internal damage, often irreversible. ” 

Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (47, CSU) told BILD:Germany is a leader in animal welfareThe welfare of animals is for the federal government a high priority, so we will bring more improvements on the way. ”

In the fall to the Bundestag and Bundesrat adopt such a law.After image-information to sodomy punishable by a fine in the future up to 25 000 euros.


Under sodomy understands the science sexual acts with animals. The word comes from the Biblical city of Sodom, which God destroyed because of their depraved debauchery.

During sodomy also describes sexual violence against animals are considered animal lovers Zoophilisten. You mean to do no harm to the animals, but apparently feel love and sexual attraction for the four-legged friends.

Sexual scientists believe that sodomy is innate. She seems to affect men more than women.

In Europe, the sexual contact with animals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland offense. In Switzerland, since September 2008, the Animal Protection Law sexually motivated acts with animals expressly forbids.

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