Man gets 30 months in prison for beating dog

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“I suppose 30 months jail is better than 3 months, although, still not good enough for his heinous crime!  Plus non ownership of pets for 2o years! It will be the non ownership of a pet that will actually save another from being beaten! As for ‘Anger management classes etc. it’s just a waste of tax payers money…I posted a story the other week, were the guy had to have several sessions in anger management, which he duly did…but it wasn’t long before he was abusing dogs again!”

” I don’t believe in second chances for abusers, banning them from keeping, living or working with animals FOR LIFE…is the most inexpensive & effective way, to stop another animal suffering !! Of course having animal registry’s, would also keep tabs on the abusers & possibly serve as a deterrent too! “

A Des Plaines man pleaded guilty today to animal cruelty charges for beating a dog outside his house in June.

James Robert Wesolaski, 51, was sentenced to 30 months prison and ordered not to own a pet or live in a residence with any animal for 20 years.

Des Plaines-Charge: Felony aggravated cruelty to animals

Wesolaski, of the 1100 block of South Wolf Road, entered a guilty plea on felony animal torture and cruelty charges for pinning his small brown dog to the ground in front of his home in early June and punching the dog four or five times as hard as he could, prosecutors said.

After the beating ended, witnesses reported, Wesolaski picked up the limp dog by the scruff of his neck and took it inside, prosecutors said.

Police, called to the home by witnesses, found the dog with swollen, bleeding eyes and broken capillaries, which authorities said indicated the animal had been choked.

They said that Wesolaski told police that he was having a bad day and beat the dog because it got outside. Police took the dog, along with two others inside the home, to Northwest Animal Hospital in Des Plaines, where they were treated. Wesolaski was bleeding from apparent dog bites on his hand and face when officers arrived, authorities said.

Authorities also said Wesolaski’s June arrest violated his probation from an incident earlier this year in which he admitted to trying to wrest a Taser from a police officer.

Wesolaski did not speak during today’s hearing at the Skokie Courthouse other than to say understood the plea deal. He has been jailed since his arrest.

Judge Lauren Edidin told Wesolaski that his 20-year ban on having a pet is “a very serious part of this agreement.”

The judge also advised Wesolaski to get anger-management counseling and treatment for alcohol abuse.

The beaten dog, a Lhasa Apso named Teddy, has made a full recovery. Teddy and Wesolaski’s other two dogs have been adopted into new homes, Cook County prosecutors said.

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More Details: Punched Dog ‘Expected to Do Just Fine’

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An Lhasa Apso reportedly beaten by a Des Plaines man was brought to an animal hospital on June 7

Des Plaines police released a few more details on Friday afternoon surrounding the arrest of a Des Plaines man charged with aggravated cruelty after witnesses reported seeing him pinning down a dog and punching it in front of his residence on June 7.

James Robert Wesolaski, 51, of Des Plaines, was charged with aggravated cruelty, and, according to the report, told police he got into a fight with his dog because it ran out the front door, and he said, “I’m done being nice.”

James Robert Wesolaski,

Police stated employees of the animal hospital reported the dog was seriously injured on Thursday. It had swollen eyes, which were bleeding from trauma and head injuries. Also, the capillaries in the dog’s eyes were broken, which indicated the dog was choked.

Jeff Paul, animal control officer, said the injured dog, an 11-year-old Lhasa Apso, was doing very well on Friday.

“[The dog] is doing much better and he’s expected to do just fine,” Paul said.

The injured dog as well as two other dogs were taken into custody by police, and brought to Northwest Animal Hospital for treatment. Paul said the dogs were impounded there and would be held until a resolution materialized.

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