Pit Bull Euthanized After Fatal Mauling Of Infant

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Detroit Police officers remove a pit bull after it killed a 3-week old baby girl on Thursday, October 4, 2012 in Detroit. / JARRAD HENDERSON/Detroit Free Press

The pit bull that fatally mauled an infant Thursday in Detroit was euthanized today by a veterinarian at the Michigan Humane Society, a spokesman for the Humane Society said.

Officials at Detroit’s animal control unit asked the Humane Society to euthanize the pit bull this morning because “they did not have a vet available,” spokesman Kevin Hatman said. After the dog was euthanized, its remains were returned to the city’s animal control centre to be checked for rabies, as required by state law, Hatman said.

Detroit police seized the dog from the home on the city’s west side shortly after 5:45 p.m. Thursday, when it attacked the three-week-old girl as she lay strapped into her car seat on the floor of a home that her mother was visiting, police said.

No decision was reached today by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office on whether the girl’s mother or the dog’s owner will face charges in the death, police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens said tonight.

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“Firstly, may I just say the last few posts all being about pit bulls has been purely coincidence, it’s just how they came in!!”

“This is so very tragic, my deepest sympathies to the mother & the family of the baby girl. But why oh why, did the mother put the baby down on the floor, why didn’t the owner warn her of the dog? So many questions…any breed of dog could have done the same if that way inclined”

“However, read the following which goes into more detail about the incident & the general problems with pit bulls in Detroit; see it from another perspective! Below is a snippet, but read the full article!”

Detroit police said the dog was not vicious toward the officers as it was being taken away. The family also claimed the dog was not vicious and that there are other children in the house.

The dog owners believe the Pit Bull smelled the baby formula on the infant’s clothes, according to reports. The dog mauled the infant’s face.

The owners stated that the dog, who was just fed scraps out the back door, somehow got into the house and attacked the baby while her mother had her back turned, according to the report.

News Link:-http://www.opposingviews.com/i/society/animal-rights/pit-bull-kills-baby-detroit-it-owner-s-fault-or-dogs


BURN Webclip – “Did You Get My Dog Out?”

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“This may have happened a while back but it still deserves to be told. Then go to the Detroit website & see what they are fighting against. I have so much respect for anyone who puts their life on the line; to save others!”


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Spray-Painted Dog Detroit: Pit Bull Found Dead With Rope Around Neck (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

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The Michigan Humane Society is investigating the death of a dog discovered Saturday covered with spray paint markings including the letters “P B S” — and a rope tied tightly around her neck.

A neighbor called MHS after finding the black pit bull terrier, estimated at 2 or 3 years old, on St. Marys near 7 Mile Rd. in northwest Detroit. MHS spokesman Kevin Hatman said the dog had no discernible injuries and that the cause of death has not yet been determined.

“Unfortunately, the breed does have a significant history of being exploited,” Hatman said.

At the no-kill shelter Detroit Dog Rescue, founder Daniel “Hush” Carlisle estimates pit bulls make up 80 percent of their rescues.

While this incident of dog spray painting may seem like a particularly disturbing example of animal cruelty, Carlisle believes it is not unusual in the city of Detroit. In fact, he’s seen it before. In an email, Carlisle sent a photograph of a dog with spray paint markings found dead by his organization to The Huffington Post.

“It happens all the time. This isn’t anything new,” he said.

MHS investigators have not determined an explanation behind the markings on the dog, but Carlisle guessed they were graffiti tags.

All the dogs that get graffiti tagged are just random acts of animal cruelty,” he said. “No one catches graffiti writers. There’s graffiti all over this city — a dead dog is like a brick wall. It’s a mound of spare tires, it’s an abandoned house.”

“Unfortunately, a dead dog is part of the aesthetic of the city,” he added.

The city of Detroit has a homeless dog population that has been estimated in the thousands (though others have made the case for that number being inflated). Many are pit bulls, which Carlisle calls the “Detroit dog.”

MHS is offering a $2,500 reward for information about the incident leading to the arrest and conviction of responsible parties. Confidential tips can be reported to the MHS Cruelty Hotline at (313) 872-3401.

Video &News Link:-http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/25/spray-painted-dog-detroit-pit-bull-dead_n_1703890.html#slide=1281080


Pooch Found In Trash Bag Adopted

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“It was a classic tale of love at first sight Thursday as a Livonia woman finally got to meet her newly adopted pet at the Michigan Humane Society in Detroit.

The Michigan Humane Society is currently caring for Gladys, a 2-year-old female Beagle who was dumped in a trash bag on the east side of Detroit. Anyone with information is asked to please call (313) 872-3401. There is a $2,500 reward and your anonymity will be respected

As Stephanie Elliott, 27, hugged Gladys, the recently abandoned beagle whose sad story touched the hearts of many, she vowed to provide her with a good home and lots of tender loving care.

The 2-year-old beagle was discovered in a sealed trash bag in an industrial area on Detroit’s east side earlier this month. More than 100 people offered to adopt her. She has been recuperating at the Humane Society.” – freep

Authorities believe the pooch had been abandoned for several days, and she may have suffered physical abuse because the poor thing was in severe pain when the Humane Society picked her up.

It’s takes as much time and energy to drop an unwanted animal at an animal shelter, as it does to drive to an industrial area and dump it in a garbage bag.

There is simply no excuse or rational explanation for animal cruelty; I hope someone will respond to the $2,500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for abandoning the beagle, named Gladys.

I’ve adopted two dogs from the Humane Society, and they have provided me with years of love and companionship. One of my mutts has passed away, and I wouldn’t sell the other one for a million bucks. The monster who threw away Gladys like so much garbage, doesn’t realize that he threw away the kind of love and loyalty that you can’t buy with all the money in the world.

This is a story with a happy ending, Stephanie Elliott who adopted Gladys has a lot of experience raising dogs, and she has already fallen in love with the pooch.

There are many puppies and adult dogs in animal shelters, and they are also waiting for a happy ending. Visit an animal shelter today, and adopt a pooch who will provide you with years of entertainment, love, loyalty and companionship.

News Link:-http://newsblaze.com/story/20120526174236reye.nb/topstory.html

Michigan Humane Society offers $2,500 reward for info on dog abandoned in a bag – Video

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The Michigan Humane Society is offering a $2,500 reward for information about the person who abandoned a female beagle in a trash bag in a Detroit industrial area.

A worker from a business near Charlevoix and Mt. Elliott discovered the 2-year-old dog in the 2000 block of Bellevue on Wednesday, sealed inside the bag but alive, Humane Society spokesman Kevin Hatman said Thursday.

The inside of the bag was soaked with urine, indicating the dog may have been abandoned days ago. Investigators said they believe she may have suffered some form of trauma because she was in severe pain when the Humane Society picked her up.

The beagle, called Gladys by rescuers, is on the mend now.

“She’s doing a lot better today,” Hatman said. “She’s up and active and wagging her tail.”

Humane Society veterinarians treating the dog at the society’s facility in Detroit are guarded about her prognosis but said she is responding well to treatment.

The person who left the animal in the bag could be charged with animal neglect or animal cruelty, a four-year felony. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Michigan Humane Society’s Cruelty Hotline at 313-872-3401.


News Link:-http://www.freep.com/article/20120504/NEWS01/205040468/Michigan-Humane-Society-offers-36-2-500-reward-for-info-on-dog-abandoned-in-a-bag?odyssey=nav%7Chead

Boy, 14, ‘was leader of brutal dog fighting ring that left three animals dead’

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A 14-year-old boy is the alleged leader of a vicious dog fighting ring which left three canines so badly tortured that they had to be euthanized.

Tortured: A 14-year-old boy is the alleged leader of a dog fighting ring where a Labrador, used as a 'bait dog', suffered such bad injuries it could not stand

Acting on a tip off, authorities seized nine dogs and two puppies from two houses in Flint, Michigan, last week and took the teenager into police custody. The boy’s mother was arrested on unrelated charges.At least three of the animals were found with multiple injuries typical of dog fighting, although some hurt was sustained from human torture.

Two of the dogs had such severe injuries, including fractured bones and open lacerations, that they could not stand up.

But despite a ‘gory report’ by the Genesee county veterinarian detailing the wounds of some of the dogs four of the animals will be returned to their owners after authorities say they don’t have enough evidence to hold them.

Brutal: Authorities rescued nine dogs and two puppies from two homes in Michigan - at least three of the dogs were found with both fresh and old wounds

Many of the injuries the dogs received are typically associated with dog fighting, according to Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell.

‘Dog fight injuries typically occur on the front legs and face from sparring,’ Pickell told M Live.

Authorities initially found a ‘bait dog’, a chocolate brown Labrador retriever, in the home’s driveway whose injuries were described as ‘just brutal’The Labrador and two pit bull dogs had to be put down.

The ‘bait dog’, typically used to test other dogs fighting instinct, had bite wounds all over its body, with deep, severe wounds on its front legs.

It had a deep laceration along its shoulder, which was bleeding, and a fractured bone.

The base of the Labrador’s tail had multiple fractures likely to have been inflicted by the other dogs biting and pulling it, according to Pickell.

Another injury, inflicted by a human, revealed that the animal was likely the victim of blunt force trauma when a foreign object was inserted into its rectum.

A tan and white pit bull had fresh bite wounds on its ears as well as deep bite marks into its mouth, Pickell said.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The animal also had three fractured ribs –  evidence that it had been tortured and kicked by humans.

The second pit bull had a fractured bone left untreated that had occurred more than three days ago.

While four of the dogs look likely to be returned to their owners the others, including two puppies, will be put up for adoption after they get a clean bill of health.

The exposure of the dog fighting ring has led State Representative Harvey Santana, D-Detroit, to proposing two bills that would crack down on animal abuse and neglect, according to NBC 25.

The bills suggest harsher fines and the creation of an animal abuse registry where offenders would register for five years and pay an annual fine of $50 dollars.

‘What happens when someone is convicted of animal abuse? Nothing. He doesn’t get put on a registry and he can go back out and adopt another pet,’ Rep. Harvey told NBC25.

“Finally someone is seeing sense regards an Animal Abuse Registry”

An investigation continues and police say arrest warrants should be issued imminently.

News Link:- Dailymail.co.uk

Multiple people at local boarding facility charged with animal cruelty

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Six people have been charged with various levels of animal cruelty in connection with sick and dying horses at the Double Diamond boarding facility in Salem Township.

Two dead and 18 malnourished horses were removed from Double Diamond in Salem Township last December after a tip was called in to the Humane Society of Huron Valley investigation team. The HSHV discovered that some of the 60 horses at the facility looked malnourished and unkept.

Anthony Crummie, 32, and Joe LeFlore, 58, both of Detroit were charged with animal cruelty of one animal, which carries a 93 day misdemeanor. Sarah Hundley, 43, of Detroit, Durrell Montgomery, 27 of Westland, Isaac Brown, 46 of Southfield, and Dietrich Brown, 45 of Northville, were charged with animal cruelty of two to three animals, which is a one year misdemeanor charge.

LeFlore and Hundley pleaded guilty and have been sentenced to probation, according to Jonathan Emmons, Washtenaw County assistant prosecuting attorney. The other cases are still pending.

South Lyon resident Janine Asher, who drives by the facility daily, said the case has led to nightmares for her, when she remembers seeing the emaciated animals “on the verge of death.” She was one of the people to call in a tip to the Humane Society. She first called last summer, and said she was discouraged when investigators took until December to remove horses.

“I was among a lot of people who made phone calls to them,” Asher said.

She said she could see the horses from the road and they looked deathly malnourished. Asher also said she has mixed emotions about the criminal action taken against the six people.

“After the horses died, their bodies laid out there on the ground,” Asher said. “I wish this story could make a difference in the judicial system. If they had gone in there and looked, those horses wouldn’t have died.”

After the horses were taken from Double Diamond they were taken to Starry Skies Equine and Sanctuary in Scio Township. She said she believed many of those horses were returned to Double Diamond.

“There’s no words that can express the disappointment,” Asher said. “I went through night after night of not being able to sleep.”

The investigation is ongoing, Emmons said.

“There’s a lot of different forms of animal cruelty,” he said. “It comes in the form of failure to provide adequate care and that can take on any multiple forms such as not providing sufficient food, water, shelter or veterinary care.”

Double Diamond and the Humane Society were unavailable for comment.

Anyone interested in making a donation to Starry Skies can call (734) 904-5090 for more information.

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