Cruelty Behind the Mask of Jakarta’s Monkey – A Life Of Torture & Begging

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” These innocent sentient beings are taught through violence & fear; nothing but cruelty. We have no right to take an animal & make it do our bidding; they are not our slaves. Much of the documentation I found was copyright; so I’m showing their video. I could not help myself from crying, seeing the pitiful little faces, being for want of a better word…tortured…learning how to beg for money. If you see this type of activity whilst on vacation, please report it as directed below! I have added as much information as I can”

Please sign and share this petition to tell governor Fauzi Bowo and the people in Jakarta this is wrong!:-

Jakarta Animal Aid

Topeng Monyet is ILLEGAL NOW! 

Thanks to JAAN and JAAN supporters.
And the first DANCING MONKEY was legally confiscated on November 24, 2011. The end has started…
Read more about this great news in JAAN Newsletter.

If you are still seeing Topeng Monyet in action on the streets, being caged or being captured from the wild…please help to take the photo or video and email it to (AFJ)
and cc to (JAAN) with the note of  time and location the picture taken.
Thank you for your participation to help the animals in Indonesia.

Special Report: Cruelty Behind the Mask of Jakarta’s Monkey Circuses:-

Topeng Monyet Monkeys Able to Pass TB, Other Diseases to People:-

If you are in the USA– please send an email of protest to the Ambassador at the Embassy of Indonesia – go to Contacts .

Or directly to

Other countries– Please send emails of protest to the Embassy of Indonesia in your country.

The Online petition is now closed so we need your emails to be sent to the Indonesian Embassies and Consulates around the world

Embassies of Indonesia:-

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“Remember the following disgusting post…the soldiers who tortured monkeys…well the link below states they have been dealt with!”

Soldiers Torture Monkeys

Vietnam Soldier ‘Sacked Over Monkey Torture:- –

Not Only the Cows Are Mad

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“I found this very interesting & somewhat alarming, especially for those that eat meat! 

NOTE: The feeding of animal byproducts to livestock is explicitly prohibited in organics offering a significant margin of safety to organic consumers. This should be the safety standard for all meat and dairy production in the United States….

Our government must stop relying on an inadequate testing system and outlaw the feeding of cow blood, fat, and protein to cattle.

The Department of Agriculture determined in April that a cow from California died from an always-fatal disease that triggers dementia and can be transmitted to people. The chilling news about the latest mad cow case was no surprise for me. I’ve been trying for two decades to stop the cattle feeding practices that transmit bovine spongiform encephalopathy, commonly called mad cow disease.

After the nation’s first proven case in 2003, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore all stopped buying U.S. beef. That prompted pledges from the U.S. government to ban the types of cattle feed linked to mad cow, and the trading resumed. The latest case has many countries re-examining U.S. safety standards, as well they should.

Mad cow disease is spread by infectious proteins called prions. When cows eat products derived from infected slaughtered cattle, it spreads. And when humans eat infected beef or byproducts, they can contract a human version of this disease. In all species that suffer similar diseases — people, cattle, sheep, deer — the disease is very hard to detect. The inevitable dementia and death occur only if the victim lives long enough to show symptoms. This process takes many years in cattle and can take decades in humans.

Indeed, once mad cow outbreaks move into human populations, all bets are off as to what could happen next.

The most recent case, a dairy cow in California’s Tulare County, developed an “atypical” form of the disease. The USDA says the case is unconnected to feeding practices, but that’s wishful thinking. No one knows how the case arose. Given our lax feeding standards, we can’t rule out that this animal consumed infected cattle products.

Despite four confirmed cases in less than a decade, U.S. cows, including dairy calves, are still taken from their mothers and fed the blood and fat of dead cattle. This risky feeding practice isn’t the only commonplace one. American cattle are still given feed containing cattle fat with traces of cattle protein.

Read more:-

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