Dog ‘tortured’ in Limerick given new home in the UK

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“There are some evil sadistic people on this planet, that should not be able to breathe the same air as decent folk. I certainly hope they are found & get what they deserve!”

By Donal O’Regan Published 23/01/2015

A PUPPY ‘tortured’ in Limerick has found a new home in England.

The public have raised over €3,400 for George, a five-month-old Terrier, to pay for veterinary operations. He was rescued by Limerick Animal Welfare (LAW) after being thrown over a wall in Southill.

George had a broken pelvis, an untreated eye injury, both hips broken, ear tips cut off, burns to his stomach and his whiskers singed off.

LAW’s Kilfinane sanctuary manager, Marie Quirke said he had been “tortured so badly that he is terrified of people.” In the past three weeks he has been nursed back to health by LAW staff.

“George came home on Saturday from Noah Veterinary Clinic in Baldoyle where orthopaedic surgeon Billy McCartney performed an operation on both his hips to stabilise them using pins. He will need to be on strictly confined rest for four weeks to allow the healing process to work. He is on antibiotics and pain relief. Little George will need to have check-ups with John O’Dwyer, a vet in Henry Street to make sure everything is going well,” said Marie, who wished to thank Mr McCartney, all at Noah, Mr O’Dwyer and everyone who contributed to George’s veterinary care fund on their Facebook page.

“Any money over and above the cost of George’s treatment will go towards two other dogs in our care who also need expensive operations to injuries sustained in road traffic accidents,” said Marie.

After a terrible start to life for George is going to live in the lap of luxury for the rest of his days in England.

Animal lover, Coral Plunkett, got in touch with LAW.

“Having read the cruelty this little man suffered and the battle to recover which faced him I didn’t think twice. I contacted LAW and offered him a home with Matt, Connie and Hannah, also adopted from LAW.

“After speaking with Marie there was no hesitation on my part in naming him George, after St George. Unfortunately George is one of many, you could say he is one of the lucky ones.

The work undertaken by LAW is just amazing and they are totally reliant on the generosity of people, so to have raised over €3,000 for George is just fantastic. Offering your heart and your home to a rescue animal is one of the best investments you will ever make, it will be repaid with love, loyalty and commitment,” said Coral.

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PETITION: Please Help Protect Guide Dogs For The Blind

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“Posting for & on behalf of a Twitter friend roger debman ‏@printer8 I can relate to this being disabled & wheelchair bound myself; It’s not funny or clever to mock the afflicted, one never knows when it might be your turn…disabled people rely heavily on all manner of items & of course dogs; to make their life as normal as possible. If that item it taken away, it can be devastating for the person who relied on it!! So please, spare a minute of your time & sign this important petition…Thanks!”

PETITION: protect guide dogs for the blind

Injuries to animals such as guide dogs must be treated as a aggravated attack as a attack on a guide dog has a serious impact on the disabled persons quality of life.

Dog Attacks

Dog attacks are of great concern to Guide Dogs and to guide dog owners. The number of guide dog owners who are reporting dog attacks on their dogs is increasing. Our latest research shows the number of reported attacks on guide dogs has risen from three a month to over eight dog attacks a month within a 24 month period from June 2010 to May 2012.

In most cases the cause of the attack was unprovoked, and the aggressor dog was uncontrolled and off the lead.

Guide Dogs backs compulsory microchipping, but wants proposals to go further. Read our reaction to the Government’s proposals about microchipping.

The impact on guide dog owners and guide dogs

Dog attacks can have a devastating impact on both the people and dogs involved. Three guide dogs have been permanently withdrawn, and two others are currently being assessed to see if they are able to continue working.

The other major impact is that blind and partially sighted people are left without a guide dog, their mobility aid, and become housebound until they can be matched with a suitable dog.

Some guide dog owners have been left too frightened to go out as a result of an attack. One guide dog owner wanted to move house due to the response of the owners of the attacking dog, who in some cases used verbal abuse against blind and partially sighted people.

Some appeared to be under the influence of drink or drugs, and in one case, the owner of an aggressive dog laughed at a guide dog owner during an attack on his guide dog.

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Teenager’s guide dog savaged in fourth dog attack in a month in Liverpool park

Jayne Massey with Witney, her guide dog

Jayne Massey with Witney, her guide dog

A TEENAGER was left devastated after her guide dog was attacked in a Liverpool park.

Partially sighted Jayne Massey, 14, from Walton, has had two-year-old Witney since April but the black labrador/ retriever cross was left needing stitches to her ear and antibiotics after another dog “pounced” on her last week.

Jayne, who only has one eye and extremely limited vision, was away on a school trip last Wednesday when mum Marie, 56, dad George, 63, and their grandaughter Ava, 4, took the dog for a walk in Walton Hall Park at about 1pm.

As they left the park a brown and white Staffordshire bull terrier-type dog, who was with a group of teenagers, attacked Witney, biting her ear.

This is the fourth time an attack by a brown and white dog has been reported around the Walton area in the past month.

Marie said: “It was terrifying. As we went by the dog it just pounced on Witney from behind.

“When I told Jayne what had happened she was absolutely devastated and sobbed all night.”

Jayne said: “I was heartbroken when my mum told me Witney had been attacked.

“I just didn’t expect it to happen to her because she’s such a lovely dog.

“Now I’m just worried about how she’ll recover and whether she’ll be able to come into school with me in a couple of weeks. I’m thinking about her all the time and I just hope she’ll be ok.”

Jayne is one of the youngest people in the country to have a guide dog.

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Please sign the petition on behalf of all those who need their guide dogs

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Pit Bull Shot By Deputies; Pot Plants Found In Backyard Near Molino

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“Another pit bull shot – after it attacked & killed a neighbours dog! The police knew it was vicious, but had it contained; waiting for animal control to come.  So what happened, to make that dog attempt to charge at the officers; prompting them to kill it? It all sounds a little fishy to me!”

Marijuana plants discoved Friday morning in the backyard of a home in the 10000 block of Highway 29, near the Camp of the Pines.

An animal complaint north of Molino led to deputies shooting a pit bull and the discovery of pot plants in a backyard this morning.

Escambia County deputies responded to a complaint about an aggressive put bull about 9 a.m. at a residence in on Highway 29 near Cotton Lake Road. The dog was loose in the victim’s yard and had attacked and killed her dog.

Deputies kept the pit bull contained in the yard and notified Escambia County Animal Control. But before animal control arrived, the pit bull attempted to attack two officers who then utilized a shotgun to stop the dog, according to Melissa Rawson, spokesperson for the Sheriff’s Office.

When deputies attempted to contact the owner of the dog at a nearby home on Highway 29 across from the Camp Of the Pines, animal control located several other pit bulls in varying stages of distress. Escambia County Animal Control officers took possession of the dogs for further investigation.

During the investigation, deputies discovered four marijuana plants being cultivated in the backyard of the home. The Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division responded and took over that part of the investigation. Rawson said charges are pending against the residents at this time.

Code Enforcement also responded and opened a separate investigation for various code violations.

Pictured: Marijuana plants discoved Friday morning in the backyard of a home in the 10000 block of Highway 29, near the Camp of the Pines. Courtesy photos for,

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Pit bulls sought after dog killed in Surrey park

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Dog owner Yoshiko said two of her pets were attacked Wednesday in Tynehead Regional Park in Surrey. One of them did not survive. (CTV)

Animal control officers are searching for two pitbulls and their owner after a vicious attack that killed one dog and maimed another Wednesday in Surrey.

The owner of the attacked dogs, who asked to be identified only as Yoshiko, said she was walking her three pets through Tynehead Regional Park when she saw a woman in her 40s struggling to control a pair of leashed pitbulls.

As the two dog owners were passing each other, one of the pitbulls attacked Yoshiko’s Yorkshire terrier.

“Her pitbull, one of them, grabbed her and she tossed her into the air,” Yoshiko said.

The small dog made off with an injured leg and a puncture wound on its back, but Yoshiko’s five-year-old Shetland sheepdog, Buddy, wasn’t so fortunate.

Both of the pitbulls attacked the dog, and the owner was unable to pull them away.

“The lady’s trying to help me, trying to pull the dog away but she couldn’t,” Yoshiko said.

The frightened owner grabbed her injured pet and ran, leaving Buddy behind as she called 911. The dog was killed, and by the time Animal Control Officers arrived at the area, the pitbulls and their owner were gone.

They are now searching for two dogs, one white and the other white and brown, and a woman with bleached blond hair.

“The person who was in care and control of those attacking dogs has simply abrogate their responsibility and fled the scene,” said animal control manager Kim Marosevich. “What I would suggest at this point in time is: do the right thing, contact our office.”

Marosevich said authorities suspect they may know the pitbulls they’re dealing with. They visited a property associated with two such dogs, but found no one home.

Yoshiko said she doesn’t blame the breed – she thinks the owner should be held responsible.

With a report from CTV British Columbia’s Lisa Rossington

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Why would anyone do this? Cruel owner jailed for sickening attack on her own dog who suffered 30 slash wounds at her hands

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“OMG…20 weeks in jail, a bloody shop lifter would get more…it’s disgusting! I personally think the maximum term of 51 weeks in jail of  ‘The Animal Welfare Act’  (below) needs to be amended from weeks to years. Why didn’t this bxxxh get 51 weeks? why wasn’t she fined? She purposefully took a knife & slashed her dogs…she has been identified as a very dangerous lady…who will be back on the streets very soon…disgraceful…see below for examples I found!”

Animal Welfare Act – Imprisonment or fine section 4

(1) A person guilty of an offence under any of sections 4, 5, 6(1) and (2), 7 and 8 shall be liable on summary conviction to—

(a) imprisonment for a term not exceeding 51 weeks, or

(b) a fine not exceeding £20,000,

or to both. 

Shoplifting Act – Theft:-

Date Updated: January 2012
Title: Theft from shop
Offence: Theft – other
Legislation: S1 Theft Act 1968
Mode of Trial: Either way
Statutory Limitations & Maximum Penalty:  7 years

  • Kim Edmonds was jailed for 20 weeks and was banned from keeping animals
  • She slashed her two Springer Spaniels and one sustained 31 horrific injuries
  • After the attack she called police claiming an intruder had attacked her dogs
  • Investigators later discovered her injuries were all self-inflicted

Blood oozes from deep gashes that criss-cross his head and nose. His eyes look vacant and tired.

This shocking image reveals the extent of the horrific injuries suffered by springer spaniel Stig after owner Kim Edmonds’ sickening attack.

Edmonds, was yesterday jailed for 20 weeks as the judged described the on her own pet as ‘one of the worst cases of animal cruelty’ he had witnessed.

The 21-year-old had initially blamed an ‘intruder’ for the savage attack in which her pet’s head, nose and body were sliced 31 times.

However, Edmonds from Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, was found guilty of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog at Stoke-on-Trent magistrates court last week.


Shocking: This image shows the horrific injuries suffered by springer spaniel Stig during a brutal attack by owner Kim Edmonds

She has also been given a lifetime disqualification of all animals and cannot apply for the ban to be lifted.

The court had heard that Edmonds, who had been taking medication for depression, had slashed her 14-year-old dog Stig and her other dog Dan to a lesser extent, in her back garden in September last year.

Stig had 31 separate lacerations and burn wounds on his head, nose and body, and has since been treated and rehomed after the horrific attack. It is not known what weapon was used to attack the dog.

The court heard that the nature of Stig’s injuries suggested he had been held down during the prolonged attack.

The RSPCA said Edmonds had claimed that an balaclava-wearing intruder had broken into her back garden and attacked the dog and her.

She made a 999 call to Staffordshire police on September 7 last year – but her minor wounds were found to be self-inflicted and the police referred the case to the RSPCA.

According to This is Staffordshire , detective constable Gary Madeley from Burslem Police Station said: ‘It was like an abattoir. There was blood all over the living room and the kitchen.

‘Edmonds’ demeanour, considering the report and her dog had been mutilated, was calm.’

Veterinary surgeon Carole Bain, who also attended the scene said: ‘I was shocked by what I saw. ‘I told her (Edmonds) Stig would need a lengthy operation and she asked if he would need a skin graft and demonstrated by pinching the skin on his head.

‘It was unusual as I have never known an owner show such calmness.’

Shocking mutilation: The RSPCA deputy chief inspector Jayne Bashford said the injuries sustained by the dogs were ‘totally horrendous’. Stig needed a four hour operation and a week’s recovery in a vet clinic (pictured)

Judge Taylor said: ‘It’s a serious offence that needs the right course of action.

Edmonds was convicted of one charge of the Section 4 Animal Welfare Act 2006.

The medical costs of the dogs has cost the RSPCA thousands of pounds. Both dogs have now been re-homed together. 

Held down dogs: The court heard that the attack done by Edmonds (pictured with husband Brian and injured dog Dan) would have been lengthy and it was suggested that the dogs were held down during the attack

RSPCA Deputy chief inspector Jayne Bashford said: ‘Kim is a very dangerous lady and the injuries suffered by the dogs were totally horrendous.

‘In terms of injuries deliberately inflicted – this is the most traumatic incident I’ve seen. ‘Every person involved has been severely affected by what they saw. ‘It’s caused people a lot of distress.

‘The dog -Stig – was at the vets for a week and had a four hour operation. It will cost the RSPCA thousands of pounds.’

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Owner surrenders pit bull that kills dog, attacks elderly man

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Groton — The owner of the pit bull that attacked a 74-year-old Groton man and killed the dog he was trying to protect has given up any rights to the animal, police said Friday.

Detective Cmdr. Lt. John W. Varone said the dog has been surrendered. The pit bull is being kept at the animal control facility.

Ralph Conwell took his silky terrier, Lacy, out for a walk at the Calvin Burrows Field Tuesday morning and was returning to his South Road home when a neighbour’s pit bull broke free from its chain and attacked them.

Conwell sustained severe injuries to his arms, while Lacy died of her injuries later that day.

Conwell was taken to Lawrence & Memorial Hospital, where he is listed Friday morning in good condition.

Varone said the incident is still under investigation and declined to identify the pit bull’s owner.

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Waco man high on K-2 kills dog in “zombie-style” attack

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WACO — A 22-year-old Waco man was arrested after killing a dog in a “zombie-style” attack.

On Monday, Waco police took into custody Michael Terron Daniel for cruelty to an animal after he ripped flesh from a dog with his teeth and killed it. Daniel was arrested at his job without incident.

At around 6:30 pm, officers were called to a disturbance on the 4600 block of Athens Avenue. A caller told authorities a person was “going crazy” and that police were needed immediately.

Michael Daniel is believed to have attacked several people at the home, telling them he was on a bad K-2 trip and it was killing him. Mr. Daniel then ran into the yard and got on his hands and knees, then chased a neighbor while barking and growling like a dog.

Mr. Daniel then took a medium sized black dog onto the front porch where he began to hit the dog, strangle the dog and began to bite into the dog, ripping pieces of flesh away from the animal. The dog died at the scene.

When officers arrived on scene, they found Daniel sitting on the front porch with a dog, dead in his lap. The dog was found to have significant injuries and Michael Daniel had blood and fur on his hands, clothing and face. Mr. Daniel was initially incoherent and unresponsive to officers.

Medical officials were notified for Mr. Daniel due to his incoherent condition. While waiting their arrival, Mr. Daniels started asking officers to tase or fight him to help get him off his bad trip. He was not tased, but taken to a local hospital where he was left in their care due to his medical condition.

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12 yr old Hero Saves Dog From Attack By Other Kids

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“What a great kid, shame more don’t have his morals. If their too young to face normal prison, they should be put in a young offenders institute, frighten the hell out of them, they won’t be so quick to do it again! However with kids this age, their is always a ring leader, the bully of the group, the one that say’s if you don’t do this…bla bla!! Those bullies need a sharp shock, get it wrong at this age, face their wrath later in life!”

The Wellington SPCA says it intends to honor a 12 year old boy with a bravery award for coming to the rescue of a dog that was being attacked by a group of schoolyard bullies. Damon Boyer-Marwood, 12, was walking home from Brandon Intermediate School in Cannons Creek on Thursday when he heard an animal cry. Moving closer to the sound, he found a group of children holding down a small female dog and taking turns kicking it. They also took turns beating it with a cricket bat.

Infuriated by what he saw, the brave child stepped in and told the group of boys to leave the dog alone and go away. At first they resisted, but his conviction was such that after a brief standoff, they released the dog and fled.

“They stood there for a bit, then they ran inside,” he said.

Damon took the battered dog to a friend’s house before calling the SPCA to try to identify an owner. A microchip scan turned up a name and address, and the dog was returned to owner Sosefina Leota yesterday. She insisted on meeting the hero who saved her dog, saying “I want to thank him from my heart, I want to know his face.”

Damon’s grandmother, Jenny Marwood, is proud, and says the kind-hearted boy saved the dog’s life. “It makes you wonder what would have happened if he didn’t step in.”

In a written statement, Wellington SPCA inspector Kaycee Polkinghorne said an investigation is underway. “Because of the ages, there’s not a lot we can do prosecution-wise, but it does reinforce the importance of having education in schools about things like this. You just have to to wonder what’s going on to make them think this is acceptable behavior.” “They are old enough to know right from wrong at that age, a slap on the wrist will mean diddly squat…do something to scare the little buggers into not doing anything like this again.  Doing nothing will mean that at least one of them, will carry on abusing animals, then who know’s what or who is next!”

Polkinghorne praised Damon for his moral fortitude, and said that he hopes others will follow his example.  “I just hope there are more kids out there who are willing to stand up for what’s right and not be afraid to say it.”

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Dog owner facing jail after his Rhodesian Ridgeback jumped over garden fence and savaged boy’s face

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  • Rhodesian Ridgeback leaves six-year-old schoolboy with serious facial injuries
  • South African breed has been used to hunt lions, but is unrestricted in this country
  • Young victim has plastic surgery, but family fear he will never get back to normal

The owner of a Rhodesian Ridgeback called Tyson is facing jail after the dog savaged a six-year-old schoolboy.

Horror: Six-year-old Erfan Ali after he was savaged by an out of control dog

Erfan Ali was scarred for life when the neighbour’s pet jumped a four foot high wooden fence into his family’s garden.

The Cardiff schoolboy was helping his mother, Monowara Ali, and sister Masudah, 12, bring the washing in when the dog landed and pounced on him.

Mrs Ali, 37, fled into the house with her son but was unable to stop the dog forcing its way into the kitchen and continuing the attack.

The six-year-old suffered deep cuts to both sides of his face and the attack continued until dog owner Kevin Large, 27, managed to drag the animal away.

Large, 27, from Gabalfa, Cardiff admitted failing to control the animal at Cardiff Crown Court and will be sentenced next month.

Erfan’s dad, Dilwar, 38, said: ‘The dog was really attacking my boy badly – it bit his right and left cheeks and his left hand has been damaged as well. ‘There was blood everywhere.’

After the incident in September last year Erfan was taken to University Hospital, Cardiff and then transferred to a special unit in Swansea.

Mr Dilwar, a restaurant owner, said: ‘The plastic surgeons took the decisions to operate as soon as possible. ‘My son will be scarred on his face and will need future operations.

‘The scars are not just physical – Erfan cries at night, he doesn’t want to sleep alone and he feels safer in school because there are big gates and other children around him.

Recovery: The six-years-old has needed plastic surgery to try and fix the scarring to his face.

‘He is extremely scared of dogs and doesn’t trust any animals. I don’t want this to happen to other children.’

Since the attack the Ali family have moved to a new part of the city in a bid to put the incident behind them.  Speaking at the time of the attack Large said: ‘I am just feeling really bad, I am just devastated over the situation.

‘I climbed over the fence because I could hear screaming and I could see the dog in next door’s hallway. ‘He was barking so I just quickly grabbed him. I didn’t know what had happened. I saw the little boy and the blood on his face. ‘You can imagine what I thought then – it was just panic.’

Tyson has been put down since the attack. The dog was a Rhodesian Ridgeback, a South African breed of dog known for its bravery. They are also known as African Lion Hounds as they have been used to hunt lions, but are not banned in the UK.

Large who insisted Tyson had been ‘a lovely dog’ admitted the charge under the dangerous dogs act. The hearing was told Erfan’s parents will address to court during sentencing to describe the impact of the attack.

Judge Huw Davies released Large on bail but warned he could face custody. He told him: ‘All options remain open’.

Dog: Rhodesian Ridgebacks are also known as African Lion Hounds


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