GRAPHIC Pictures: Abused dog found in Baltimore City

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There is another horrifying case of animal abuse in Baltimore City — a dog with severe injuries, left to die inside of an abandoned home.

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But the dog survived, and is now recovering with the help of the BARCS animal shelter.

Animal control officers brought her to the shelter on Thursday, where workers named her “Molly.”

“I walked out and saw her to do her intake and I just immediately started crying,” said Lisa Morabito of BARCS, who will serve as Molly’s foster caretaker.

Warning Graphic Picture Below – Do Not Scroll Down If You Don’t Wish To See It

“If anyone has any information that can help shed light on what happened, or who the dog belongs to; please contact the BARCS shelter”

There are fresh bite wounds on the animal’s face and paws, all of them deep and infected.

“She has wounds down here on her paws, he ear is ripped in half,” Morabito said.

There’s also skin missing on both of the dog’s sides, with infection causing those areas to bulge out.  Still, there’s a better than 50-percent chance that Molly will survive.

“Her main thing is the severity of the infection that has spread all throughout her body.  She is losing layers of skin that is just sloughing off right now,” Morabito said.

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The dog needs antibiotics, cream for her wounds — and rest.

“There’s kind of a lot of bite wounds and trauma around her eye, so we’re not sure whether she’ll be able to keep it or not but we’re going to try,” Morabito said.

The dog was found in an abandoned home in the 2400 block of Christian Street, not far from the West Side Shopping Center.

A contractor entered the home to begin rehabbing it and found the dog in the basement, tied up on a leash. They left her there in this condition,” Morabito said.

Animal Control is now trying to find out who left her there.  Morabito says it’s one of the worst cases of animal abuse she’s ever seen.

“I get upset thinking about it. It’s, you don’t know how anyone could do something like that to a dog,” Morabito said.

Is Molly the victim of a dog-fighting operation?

BARCS officials aren’t sure – it’s a possibility, but it could also be that she and another dog simply fought, and the owner decided to abandon her in that basement.

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Dog Forced To Fight In Animal Shelter Is Adopted

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Happy news has come to shelter dog Chopper – he’s been adoptedA family with six kids came to the Paws ‘n’ Claws Animal Shelter in Attica, Indiana, to pick out a family dog.

They had no idea they would be taking home one who had recently been a victim of a break-in and forced fight.


Last month, the Paws ‘n’ Claws Animal Shelter was broken into, where two cats were killed and three dogs injured.  The perpetrator(s) put two of the shelter’s largest dogs into a pen, and then tossed in a cat, who was mauled to death.  They also put a kitten into a pen with a mother dog and her litter of eleven.  Sadly, the kitten was also killed.

Shelter staff arrived the next morning to discover the dogs covered in gashes and blood.

Shelter co-founder Melynda Bryant said the dogs have never been aggressive.  She was deeply disturbed, and became emotional over the traumatic event.

“It’s because Chopper, we have had him over a year.  He is just a big baby,” she said.

Police are still investigating, and have several persons of interest to question and polygraph test.  It seems apparent that fighting was the sole motivation for the break-in, as nothing else was moved or stolen.

The community was reeling over this notion.  “A life is a life.  It doesn’t matter if it’s an animal or a human,” said Amy Morlan, Attica resident and pet owner.

There has been such a huge outpouring of community support that with the help of the Humane Society, over $4000 has been raised for information leading to the capture and conviction of the perpetrator(s).

Many have donated dog food and money for medical expenses, and one person even donated a much-needed security system to the shelter.

A month later, Chopper and his forced foe, Flynn, are healing up nicely, as is mother dog Winnie, who was also injured.  They have not seemed to show much post-traumatic stress.

“They have not interacted with any other dog in a negative way,” veterinarian Tracy Sudlow stated.  “They haven’t shown aggression toward any other dogs that they’ve interacted with here in the hospital, no people, anything. They’ve been completely their normal selves since they’ve been here.”

Chopper may be leaving Paws ‘n’ Claws in stitches, but he’ll be healing in the comfort of a new, loving family.

“We just feel like we’re giving him something and he’s going to give us something too,” said adoptive mom Jill.  “We really wanted to adopt a dog and do something for the community.”

Flynn is still looking for a family, but due to the stressful nature of the incident, it is recommended that he go to a one-pet home.

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Owner of the dog killed in Mishawaka park attack speaks out

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Wants to make park safer and defends the dogs who killed her pets

MISHAWAKA, Ind. – The owner of the Yorkie killed after a brutal dog attack at the Prickett Marina Dog Park on Tuesday shared her story with ABC57 to appeal to the community to make the park safer and to defend the three Greyhounds who attacked her pet.

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Eventually the dogs were separated.  Parker immediately rushed Tatum to the nearest animal hospital for emergency surgery.

“His one lung was deflated, his chest wall had multiple holes, had some shredding to it,” Parker, a Registered Nurse, described.  “His heart was bruised.”

Tatum died at the hospital later on Tuesday evening.  Parkers said the two Cairn Terriers that were also attacked suffered severe cuts, but are expected to survive.

Now Parker is determined to make the park safer, she is pushing for the City of Mishawaka to divide the park and separate small and large dogs.

“I just want to make sure things are corrected and I believe with this tragedy things will be corrected,” she explained.  “It would’ve been so simple to avoid this.”

She also explained that she’s sympathetic towards the Greyhounds that attacked Tatum.  According to the Mishawaka Police Department’s report on the attack the Greyhounds are named Butter Rum, Al Kiowa-Rocky and Bush.  ABC57 has found that they are all retired racing dogs who were adopted through Greyhound rescue agencies.  The Greyhound racing industry has received criticism for training dogs to race by teaching them to attack small animals.

“People have said, do you want those dogs put down?” Parker explained.  “Those dogs killed my dog, but I’m an animal lover and I do believe those dogs did only what they had been trained to do.

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