Sow stalls are cruel and inhumane. Yet, across Europe, millions of pigs spend around 300 days a year inside these metal cages – right from the start of each pregnancy up until the week before they give birth.

A complete ban on the use of sow stalls is long overdue. And, in the EU, from 1st January 2013 it will be illegal to use them except for the first 4 weeks of pregnancy. This is a massive step forward for pig welfare.

But this momentous law is in grave danger.

The Polish Government recently revealed that they believe over 2,000 of their pig farms will not comply on time, leaving thousands of pigs suffering illegally inside cages. We simply cannot allow this to happen.

We are now asking supporters to write to the main farming organisations in Poland urging them to ensure their members are aware of the ban and are taking action accordingly. Poland looks set to have more than twice the number of non-compliant farms than any other EU nation, so please take action to help turn this shocking situation around.

Please complete your details below and send your plea to Poland’s farmers today:

*Please note that we have translated this message in to Polish. As such we are unable to offer an editable version of this letter.