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“Phew…close call, dread to think what would have happened had they not been able to get oxygen into the dog! I think this proves all fire engines should carry these life saving masks, made especially for dogs. Kudos to HALO for donating them. Perhaps people could visit their web site for ways to help them, so more of these dog masks can be given to the fire services. And LIKE their Facebook page, I have, just to show my gratitude for their life saving donation & their commitment to helping animals in need!!”

On June 25, 2013, Swansea Ill. firefighters responded to a house fire at 4069 Bassen Drive, just after 2 a.m. Auggie, a yellow Labrador retriever, was found unconscious on a bathroom floor, but luckily fire rescuers pulled him to safety and revived him.

Animal Hero’s

“We had to carry him out and he didn’t look like he was with us at all,” Swansea Fire Chief John McGuire toldBND. “He’s a big dog, between 80 and 100 pounds. One guy was dragging him and one was pushing him. We gave him some oxygen and dribbled some water into his mouth and called the vet.”

The home in which Auggie was trapped was a two-story home that quickly filled up with heavy smoke. Fire was visible on the first floor.

According to McGuire, the fire seemed suspicious. No one, other than Auggie locked in the bathroom was home at the time the blaze started, and the fire had multiple points of origin.

Auggie’s life was saved thanks to the fire department being equipped with pet oxygen masks. These had been donated by Helping Animals Find Loving Owners (HALO) back in 2009. Auggie is the first dog to benefit from the donated masks given to the Swansea Fire Department.

“The masks are designed for an animal’s face for a better seal,” said Roni Aguirre, president of HALO. “We donated the masks in the hopes that if they ever had the unfortunate need to use one, they would have it.”

Auggie was lifeless when pulled from the fire, but as soon as rescuers revived the pet, he was taken to theLashley Animal Hospital. When McGuire stopped by to check on Auggie around 9 a.m., he found an entirely different dog.

“I couldn’t believe it was the same dog from seven hours before,” McGuire said. “He was on a leash and he jumped all over me.”

If it wasn’t for the hero fire-fighters  their love to help everyone – included our four-legged friends, and the donated oxygen masks by HALO, Auggie wouldn’t be alive today.

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Rescue Steps Up To Help Bait Puppy Fight For Life

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Los Angeles, California – Mary Ann Lagana with Tails of the City Animal Rescue received an urgent call early on the morning of November 16th about a terribly injured puppy on 88th and Figueroa. Lagana felt compelled to help.

Puppy used as bait dog in dog fights

What Lagana found was a female “bait puppy” with deep, fresh wounds all over her little body. One of her legs was so badly bitten, that her bone had literally fractured. It is speculated that the puppy (now named Coco) was used at that night’s “event” and then thrown out in the street when they were done with her. Chela Landau, a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department and strong supporter of Tails of the City, describes it this way:

I know this area well. It is where Walter Citizen was arrested for cruelty to animals, having multiple dogs tied in his backyard who were used for fighting. Apart from the 22 dogs seized, most of whom were euthanized, there were untold numbers of victims like Coco, helpless little ones who were used as bait dogs because they could not defend themselves.

Dogs who were smaller, gentle dogs who could not be forced to fight no matter what, dogs whose mouths were wired shut, puppies, cats and other helpless animals are used as bait animals.

Bait dogs truly are the dark underbelly of the dog fighting world and Coco – a mere puppy – was one of its victims.

Upon arrival, Lagana could see Coco was in bad shape. Her abdomen was swollen and she had internal bleeding. Due to the extent of Coco’s injuries, she could not stand, she was shaking, in obvious shock, and her temperature was dangerously low.

Lagana and Landau rushed Coco to the vet, but the vet’s office was simply not equipped to give her the care she needed. In addition to the maladies from which she suffered as a bait puppy, she was very thin and anaemic. As such, they brought Coco to the emergency vet where it had the equipment and technology required to address critical care patients. There, Coco had to undergo a blood transfusion.

The good news is that the transfusion seemed to work a little. It is reported that Coco is “really sweet and licking and kissing everyone when they change her bandages.”

Tails of the City is currently dealing with a Compton hoarding case. Although not in a position to take on a critically injured puppy, Tails of the City did so with no hesitation. However, the vet bill is already at more than $2,500 and expected to climb significantly.

I often write articles when donations are needed to help rescue organizations – not for the likes of the HSUS or ASPCA – but, small, reputable, selfless rescues that are too often stretched so thin, they end up going into personal debt to help animals in need. As one ardent animal rescuer said, “This is truly a desperate situation where help is needed.”

If you can help defray some of the vet expenses, you can donate in the ways, specified below. No amount is too small.

  1. By PayPal to
  2. Call in your donation to VCA at (310) 657-7050 and say you want to contribute to the Coco Fund
  3. Send your donation by snail mail to: VCA, 8807 Melrose Ave., West Hollywood, CA 90069
  4. Send your donation by snail mail to: Tails of the City, 2539 7th Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90018

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Update on Xena The Warrior Puppy

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“WOW…what a transformation, I can’t believe how far she has come in such a short time. I donated a few dollars but honestly thought it would pay for another dog! How wrong we all were. It just show’s with the right love & attention, these throw away dogs can become the centre of someone’s family. To be loved, snuggled up to whilst watching TV, & making you laugh with their silly antics.”

“Her story has touched many people, probably because of her amazing spirit to live! Please don’t pass these dogs off as untouchables, they all have the biggest hearts & just want to share their love with someone…& ask very little in return!!”

“If you can afford to donate a few dollars, it all adds up, hopefully when the next case comes along, the fee’s will be there to literally pay for their lives. If you donate & see the transformation, it makes one feel a part of their healing, & is such a joy to behold, knowing that you helped save a life, is the best feeling in the world”

When we rescued Xena we had no idea if she would make it through the day.

We took her to the vet hoping that she may eventually pull through. We were shocked to see how quickly she responded and amazed by her will to live.

This girl’s story of survival has touched more people than we will ever know. In honor of Xena’s one month anniversary, we’d like to raise funds to help more shelter pets in need.

There are many animals in need at Dekalb County Animal Services every day. Xena is one of the lucky ones.

We hope that we can raise enough money to help/treat more animals that need our help

ChipIn Link to donate:-

“Take a look at Xena’s page below, see the pictures as she grew up into one of the cutest little things ever. God bless her & all those who worked so hard to save her!” 

Xena’s Face Book page:-

Stray Dog Now At Noah’s Ark Rescue – Has Entire Upper Jaw Missing

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“This poor little dog, battered or beaten, must have wandered around for quite some time; for his injuries to heal as they have. I find it amazing that he not only survived the trauma inflicted on him, but that he obviously managed to scrounge for food & fight off any infection he may have had…it truly is a miracle that he survived.”

“Any miracle, such as Henry, now deserves to be given the best possible medical care & attention, plus the best chance of finding a special loving forever home; they can get all that at Noah’s Ark Rescue with your help! Just take a look at the  rescue/adoption page below from Noah’s Ark, then you will have an idea about the kind of dogs they take in; they are all heartbreaking! God bless Noah’s Ark Rescue for opening their doors & their hearts to dogs like Henry, Otto, Freddy, Doodle Bug & so many more!!”

PIEDMONT, ALABAMA……Sweet Henry is a 5 year old Terrier Mix that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Etowah County Animal Shelter. 

 Everyone was shocked when they saw him.  His face was totally disfigured.  They did not have a clue what had happened to this wonderful little dog.

His entire upper jaw is missing and part of his nose.   They never in their wildest dreams thought anyone would step up to save him given the way he looked. We decided this sweet dog had been abandoned and something terrible had happened to him.   He did not deserve to be euthanized because of the way he looked.  Henry is as sweet as can be and loves everyone.

Right after we got him, we involved surgeons from all over the country to determine what they believe happened to him and what we could do (if anything) to repair the damage that had been done.  Henry has no upper jaw…none.  He has skin where there once was a jaw but it is totally gone.  His nasal cavity has been severely damaged and his nose is now on one side of his face.

After doing a cat scan and lots of surgical examinations, it was determined that Henry was not born this way and he was not shot.   He suffered a horrible trauma  to his face.  They believe someone either used a bat or a metal pipe and hit him with such force that it totally broke his upper jaw. 

In the process of this it created a fistula between the upper back of his throat and into his sinus cavity.   His jaw eventually rotted away and the bones fell out.  What remained is nothing but skin hanging down that has developed into an abnormal position with his nose pushed to the side of his face.  Henry sneezes a thousand times a day because  of the fistula he has. Anything that goes into his mouth, ends up in his sinuses.

We were hopeful we could rebuild his upper jaw.  The problem is that he has nothing we could attach another jaw to.  The only bones he has are vertical, not horizontal.  Rebuilding was not an option. Believe me, I have thought of everything possible.  The only thing we can do is rebuild his sinus area and repair the two inch fistula (hole) in the back of his upper jaw.

Once the first surgery is done and healed, we will then determine if moving his nose back adds anything medically or if it is just cosmetic.  If it is cosmetic only, then we will leave it where it is.  This boy has already been through enough and is happy just the way he is.

Henry is the most loving dog. How anyone could have done this to him is unimaginable.  He loves everyone and loves to play with other dogs.  He is a happy boy that couldn’t care less how he looks.  Once he has healed from his surgery, we will look for that special person that will love him the same way we do……..just the way he is.   He is a beautiful boy inside and out.

Please, help us, help him by donating. :-

We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. 

Contact is:

4084 Spring Island – Okatie, SC  29909

“Interested in adopting any of the dogs Noah’s Ark have saved? Click the link below then click on each picture to see their story. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent”

We have enclosed all of the links for the dogs that are available for Adoption at this moment.  Some are still in different stages of healing but we are taking applications for them now for when they are ready to be placed.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application below if you are interested in becoming part of the extended Noah’s Arks Rescue Family.

Noah’s Arks Rescue Adoption Process:–

Rescues for Adoption:-

Find your special dog:–

NAR is 100% funded by your donations.  Without you, we could not help all the animals we do.  We are the last ray of hope for the animals we rescue.  We take in those that society has forgotten.  All of your donations go to this cause.   We are volunteers and do not take any funds for our service. Our reward is seen in the eyes of the animals we help. Please, help us help them, by donating. All donations are tax deductible.

Some of the dogs stories featured from Noah s Ark Rescue

Remember Otto:

Remember doodle Bug:-

Remember Freddy:-

North Shore Animal League America – Help JJ Heal from Neglect

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he veterinary team at North Shore Animal League America has treated animals with serious illnesses and injuries of all kinds, but when they first saw JJ, they were shocked—and saddened.

Upon rescue of this young, gentle Pit Bull mix from a high-kill shelter, it was clear from his raw, red skin that JJ had been horribly neglected.

J suffers from a horrific and painful condition called Demodex mange, which had been left untreated for many months. In JJ’s case, this condition led to hair loss, inflamed and infected skin, and bloody lesions.

Many cases of Demodex can be resolved with little treatment, but JJ’s case is so advanced that he will require extensive and possibly lifelong medical care.

Will you help?

With proper care, JJ’s condition will improve dramatically. And, with his sweet disposition, he is sure to find a loving, permanent home.

Sadly, had the Animal League not rescued him, it is likely that JJ would have been euthanized due to the extent of his medical condition.

Your support of the Help Me Heal Program helps animals like JJ get the care they desperately needPlease donate today.

As the world’s largest no-kill rescue and adoption organization, we understand that a rescue isn’t complete until each animal is placed into a loving home. Our innovative programs provide education to reduce animal cruelty, and advance standards in animal welfare. Our staff and volunteers work tirelessly in the pursuit of our vision of a world where all companion animals find permanent homes to end euthanasia

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RESCUE OF RAMSES – Little Dog Found Limping Along Road

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“In support of my dear friend & fellow animal warrior, Carol, I am posting this link for anyone who can help in any way at all. The shelter does an awesome job of caring for animals, abandoned, distressed or in pain…the shelter will always speak for those who are voiceless! “




Page Link:-




We’re entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way.  Our Registered Charity number is: S-53007 British Columbia Certificate of incorporation
A Video about the Canadian Voices for Animals Shelter
This is The Canadian Voice for Animals´s sanctuary in Argentina.
Este es el santuario de The Canadian Voice for Animals en Argentina

Angie’s chance – Can You Help?

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Please, after you finish reading this post, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks… the case, as you will see, it’s critical

We will never know what Angie went through until she found us….

The moment I set my eyes on her I had to give a second look to appreciate the extent and gravity of her condition. Her skin is hard, covered in sores and scabs fall from every single inch of her body. There is no fur, and only a few scattered hairs hang on from the leathery skin.

There are few things that can torment a dog as much as a full infestation of sarcoptic mange. The dammed parasites dig into and through the skin, causing intense itching and the formation of crusts that usually become infected. I have seen dogs go totally crazy trying to chew the parts of their body infected by the mites. The condition aggravates when the animal has been starved, as it is obviously Angie’s case.

And just when you thought things couldn’t get any worst for Angie they did… a test this morning has confirmed she has parvo, a killer disease that unless treated inmediately could take her life in a matter of days..

We need to look at the matter with a broad vision, put her on treatment to alleviate the mite infestation as well as boost her very depressed inmune system so that she can fight the parvovirus. As you can see in the pictures she is currently on IV and has been isolated from the other dogs in the clinic to stop the spreading of the virus.

Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created. She is the dog with the contagious skin condition and the killer disease that can be fought only through dedication and the best veterinary care. Angie is the dog for whom Let’s Adopt! was created, because for animals like her we are the only chance of survival…

I give you my word we will do everything possible to turn her life around … Please, if you can, give us a hand and contribute to Angie’s treatment Chipin, she will make you proud..

Thank you..

P.S. If you cannot help, please, help us spread Angie’s plea by sharing it on your Social Networks..  And of course, you are more than welcome to leave us a note in our Facebook Page, Let’s Adopt! Global

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“I wanted to add the following pictures to prove, dogs like Angie can be pulled back to full health!”

“Look at these amazing pictures, this is what Lets Adopt can do….every donation helps!

This incredible transformation took place over a three month period….
This is the state in which Cesur was found. He barely had any hair in his body and his skin was leathery, hard and covered in sores….

And this is the after…
It is possible, you just need to want to do it…

Please if you can help – Click on the ChipIn Icon at the bottom of this link:-

Face Book Link:-

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