Local Woman Charged With Animal Cruelty

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A High Point woman has been charged with animal cruelty according to the Randolph County Health Department.

Mimi Cooper, public health director, confirmed that Donna Burkhart, of 1205 Blain St. in High Point, has been charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. She also faces a felony cruelty to animals charge from March.

Cooper said Burkhart housed her animals on Kimery Lane in Liberty and the animals were in poor conditions without food and water. “We started getting calls about these horses years ago,” Cooper said. “When we would go, the horses looked fine.

When we would contact Burkhart she would tell us that she fed and watered her  horses.” Cooper said in March that all changed. “One of our officers was there checking out a complaint and we found two donkeys in horrendous condition,” Cooper said.

One donkey had a halter that apparently was put on when he was young and had never been taken off. According to Cooper, he was not socialized and could not be touched by humans.

The other donkey had not had his feet trimmed in at least a year, according to Cooper.
“It’s very painful to have to walk on and it’s like walking on your fingernails,” she said.

According to Cooper, Burkhart surrendered both of the donkeys to the health department, a vet was called out, and the team sedated the donkey with the embedded collar.

“He was so stressed and in such poor condition that he died while we were giving him sedation,” Cooper said. “The other one we brought back to the shelter, had his feet fixed and found him an adoptive home.”

Cooper said that they continued to monitor the other horses that Burkhart had on the property. They received a call one day that the horses were without food and water.
After leaving a note and trying to call Burkhart, Cooper said she went to the Randolph County District Attorney and the Magistrate’s Office to get a warrant to seize the seven remaining horses on the property.

“Three of the horses are in very poor condition and the other three are in okay condition,” Cooper said.
She said that she does not know when Burkhart will go to court on the charges. Burkhart could not be reached for comment Thursday.

News Link:http://www.hpe.com/news/local/x1065839475/Local-woman-charged-with-animal-cruelty

Judge denies bond for man in donkey-dragging case

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A judge has denied bond for a Splendora man accused of dragging a donkey from the back of an SUV last October, severely injuring the animal, according to Montgomery County prosecutors.

Visiting state District Judge Suzanne Stovall denied bond Monday on a motion to revoke probation charge for , 30, who is being held on a $50,000 bail for a felony animal cruelty charge stemming from the Oct. 25, 2012, incident, said Rob Fryer, a Montgomery County assistant district attorney. Saunders is on probation for assaulting his wife in 2008.

“I’m very happy with Judge Stovall’s decision,” Fryer said. “It was obvious that the judge took her role very seriously. She listened to the evidence that the state presented and based her ruling on the horrendous natural nature (of the case) and brutal allegations as presented.”

The chain of events began when friends of Saunders told him that Susie Q, the jenny, had wandered around the corner and was secured on Acorn Hill Drive, northwest of New Caney, so that someone could retrieve her, investigators said.

Another friend offered to walk the donkey home, but Saunders insisted on driving, saying he would tie the animal to the trailer hitch on his Chevrolet Blazer and slowly lead her.

Saunders, accompanied by another man, found Susie Q, and they tied her to the vehicle with a rope, according to a news release from the Montgomery County Precinct 4 Constable‘s Office. The second man sat on the open tailgate of Saunders’ SUV and they took off with the donkey in tow.

The man continued to yell, but watched helplessly as the donkey was injured by the pavement. The man estimated that Saunders drove about 40 mph as he dragged Susie Q about one-quarter mile.

“The blood trail left by the donkey supported the witness’s story and showed that Saunders drove at least 10 to 15 feet farther after Susie Q fell on her side when the pavement had ground off her hooves between 1.5 and 2 inches, exposing raw flesh and bone,” the release states.

Meanwhile, Susie Q continues her long road to recovery at her New Caney home.

News Link:-http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/article/Judge-denies-bond-for-man-in-donkey-dragging-case-4193449.php


Two Chinese Kill Donkey For Meat

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“WTF…is no animal safe from Chinese plates? I’ve never heard of this before!”

Two Chinese men this week invaded Kutsimuleni community searching for donkeys to slaughter and eat. They paid  E400 per beast.

For ref. only

They scoured Kutsimleni under Mfangimbhekile Umphakatsi until they eventually got two donkeys from a Motsa homestead situated next to the chief’s compound. 

Residents became suspicious of the unfamiliar men in the area asking for donkeys and grilled them as to what exactly they wanted to do with the animals.

This is mainly because Chinese are also known to eat both dog and cat meat. The community members were also concerned that they  knew the Chinese had no fields in the area or anywhere nearby to use the animals for traction since they did not own any land. 

The residents also said they were suspicious because the Chinese appeared to be coming from far and therefore, could not drive the donkeys by themselves since they also did not come on a truck.
The Chinese had told the community that they wanted to carry the animals with them as soon as they paid for them.

To the surprise of the people, the men said they were badly craving for donkey meat and  they wanted to kill the animal and carry the carcasses to a butchery to be sliced.

In an interview with one of the donkey owners, who asked not to be named, said he was surprised when he saw the strange men walking to his home.  He said at first he thought they might have been kidnapped because he had never seen a Chinese national volunteer in the country.

“With their poor English, they explained their mission and I told them to forget it.
“I told them I would not sell any of my donkeys to them because they also said they would need my assistant in killing and skinning them.

Later on, they showed me a piece of paper with information about a certain community member who, I suppose, was where they were to buy the donkeys, but because maybe they were too hungry, they failed to follow the instruction and when they saw my donkeys, they decided to  pay me a visit,” he said.

Asked why he refused to sell the donkeys, the farmer said all he knew was that a donkey meat was inedible thus he regarded it a taboo when they came to his place. He said he was irked by the offer for each donkey, stressing that E400 was not enough because even a goat costs more than that. Nowadays goats cost at least E600 each.

The man, who eventually sold his donkeys for E800 (E400 each), on the other hand, said he needed the money and had enough donkeys to worry about giving away only two.
The old man, on crutches, refused to have his picture taken nor give his name, but we later learnt that he was a Motsa. 
“I do not want my pictures taken please respect me. I wonder what is wrong with selling my donkeys to people who want them. They said they were craving for the donkey meat and because I had enough I gave them my two donkeys,” he said. 
Efforts to get comments from the Chinese men proved futile because of their poor English.

Residents assist in skinning

Some brave community members assisted the Chinese men to kill and skin the donkeys they bought from the Motsa man.
They were given instructions on how to kill them while they (Chinese men) stood from a distance and watched with folded arms.


They first rode the animals to a nearby mini bush, where, one of them was tied to a big tree; the back of an axe was used to hit the back of its head. 
The animal was not moved by the first hit though it was very strong, but one could see it moving a bit while shaking its head probably in pain. However, the second hit was too strong for the animal to bear that it went down on its knees, its tail raised up and finally died. Curious community members had gathered at the scene to witness the killing, but were too scared to see the animal die.  

“Most of us closed our eyes with both hands. I have never seen an animal killed like this. some people said even pigs are killed this way, but I still do not believe it.
The Chinese men were not moved by the whole incident,” he said.
Observed during the skinning of the animal was that its intestines were larger than those of a cow and its meat more red than beef.

Agriculture ministry to investigate

The ministry of agriculture will launch investigations about the issue of the sold and killed donkeys.
Minister Clement Dlamini said he had since instructed veterinarians from the ministry to investigate the matter and visit the area where it happened.

“The challenge is that in this country, donkeys are not eaten and therefore there is no law regulating their use as food or how they are moved from one area to another. If they die we simply bury the carcass.
“Even then I think the people who bought the donkey should have got a carcass permit when transporting it,” he said.

He wondered where the donkey was sliced and stated that it was the first time he heard that some people eat donkeys. 
In an interview with one of the Chinese man, he said simply cut it himself with an axe.
He refused to give his name and threatened to cut the call.

According to information sourced from the internet, a few donkeys are milked or raised for meat in Italy, which has the highest consumption of equine meat in Europe and where donkey meat is the main ingredient of several regional dishes. Only about 1 000 donkeys were slaughtered in 2010, yielding approximately 100 tonnes of meat. “Only?”

Asses’ milk may command good prices: the average price in Italy in 2009 was €15 per litre, and a price of €6 per 100 ml was reported from Croatia in 2008; it is used for soaps and cosmetics as well as dietary purposes. “Ugh…I didn’t know that, but I do know I have never used any; well I bloody hope I haven’t, especially on vacations around Italy etc. I’m virtually vegan so don’t touch any animal products; if I know that is!”
The niche markets for both milk and meat are expanding. In the past, donkey skin was used in the production of parchment. “Didn’t know that either!”

News Link:-http://www.observer.org.sz/index.php?news=45686#.UPGPt-TZaSo

Farmhand arrested for ‘having sex with 21-month-old female miniature donkey named Doodle’

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“This miscegenation has been raping horses since his teens…meaning he has got away with it for 13 years! He is nothing more than a freak, an abomination who seeks sexual gratification from non-human species! We are talking about helpless, voiceless victims, not made for sexual encounters with humans and for whom there is usually intense pain & trauma. Sadly on many occasions, the  internal damage caused is just too great & they don’t make it. This has got to stop, some way somehow, if through signing petition after petition…WE must get protection for all sentient, innocent beings, where ever they may live!”

A Florida farm worker was arrested and charged with engaging in sexual activity involving an animal and animal cruelty after police say he had sex with a miniature female donkey.

Carlos Romero, 31, was taken into custody on Monday at the Ocala farm where he was employed after reportedly admitting to police that he becomes aroused seeing animals in heat and mating.

When interviewed on Friday by police, Romero described in graphic detail his sexual encounter with the 21-month-old donkey named Doodle, saying that he likes how the critter’s fur feels against his privates, according to the police report cited by The Smoking Gun. Take a good look at the face of a freak!

Suspect: Farmhand Carlos Romero, 31, was arrested for allegedly engaging in a sexual activity with a female donkey
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205203/Farmhand-arrested-having-sex-21-month-old-miniature-donkey-named-Doodle.html#ixzz2BPbHxi2g
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The 31-year-old went on to say that he ‘may have come in contact with the donkey’ by accident and left his DNA ‘by accident.’ Romero also admitted that he masturbated with Doodle the donkey five or six times, but said he did not have sex with the critter because ‘she’s blooming into maturity,’ The Ocala Star-Banner reported.

The alleged incident that landed Romero behind bars took place on August 15, when Gerald James, who rents the farm in the 9100 block of NW 60th Avenue arrived at around 9:30pm to deliver a horse.

James told police that all the farm buildings were shrouded in darkness, but there was light in the tac room.

Through the window, James said he saw Romero with his shirt off and his pants down ‘up against the rear of the donkey’ and apparently having sex with it.

The 31-year-old farmhand pulled away from the 21-month-old animal after he saw James looking at him. He then pushed Doodle out the room and closed the door behind it.

Animal abuse: Romero told police he masturbated with the 21-month-old donkey named Doodle (not pictured) up to six times, but did not have sex with it

James reported the incident to police on September 11, and three days later, officers came by the farm to question the suspect.

According to a police report, the 31-year-old told officers that Florida was ‘backwards’ because its residents ‘frown on zoophilia.’

Romero was sent to the Marion County Jail on $2,000 bond. His miniature donkey was taken away by animal control officials.

Since his arrest, Romero spoke out about the incident, demanding that Doodle – which he claims he paid $500 for – be returned to him. Jail officials said Romero was placed in protective custody ‘for his own protection.’

Marion County spokeswoman Elaine McClain said within 10 days, officials plan to file a petition with the court for custody of Doodle – something that Romero fiercely opposes.

If the court grants the custody request, the county may put the donkey up for adoption. Doodle appears to be in good health, McClain said, and there are ‘no outward signs of any physical abuse.’

At Romero’s first appearance via video from the jail, Judge Steven Rogers denied him a public defender. Romero entered a not guilty plea, and his next court appearance was scheduled for October 9.

In an earlier interview with the Star-Banner, Romero accused James of being a peeping tom and said he believes his privacy was invaded.

On his part, James said that if Romero is released from jail, he will not be welcomed back at the farm.

Romero said he has always been attracted to animals because their feelings ‘100 per cent honest.‘ He also admitted to having sex with horses multiple times since he was 18 years old, adding that he likes their ‘feminine shapebehaviour and raw power.

News Link:http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2205203/Farmhand-arrested-having-sex-21-month-old-miniature-donkey-named-Doodle.html

Splendora Man Arrested on Charge of Animal Cruelty – Dragging Donkey Behind SUV

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“I will keep an ear down for this dick head, lets hope he gets what he deserves; praying the little donkey makes!”

Precinct 4 Deputy Constable Dwayne Morrow arrested a Splendora man Thursday evening for dragging a friend’s donkey behind his SUVwith a rope and leaving it severely injured on the roadside.

Marc Richard Saunders, 30, of Splendora is charged with state jail felony Animal Cruelty.

Saunders went to visit a friend in New Caney around lunchtime and arrived around the time someone called saying they found the family’s pet donkey around the corner. Another friend of the family was already on location and the pair went to where “Suzy Q” was tied to a post on Pine Street.


The other man planned to walk the donkey home, but Saunders insisted on tying the donkey to his trailer hitch, saying he would drive slowly. The second man sat on the open tailgate of the SUV as they headed home. At first, the man said Saunders drove slowly and Suzy Q cooperated.

However, he sped up a little and the donkey sat down, stiffening her front legs to try and stop. The man on the tailgate said he yelled and pleaded with Saunders to stop, but Saunders sped up a bit more and the donkey fell over.

The man continued to yell and try to stop Saunders who drove approximately 10 to 15 feet more before stopping. Saunders walked to the rear of the vehicle and saw the bloody donkey, whose hooves were ground 1.5 to 2 inches, exposing flesh and bone.

He unhooked the rope and fled.

Someone later reported seeing the donkey on the side of the road, believing she was struck by a vehicle. Deputy Morrow’s investigation soon revealed the truth and he found Saunders and took him into custody.

A veterinarian went to the scene and treated the injured donkey that was dragged home on a makeshift sled, unable to walk. The vet could not immediately say whether she would recover from the injuries.

News Link:http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/Splendora-Man-Arrested-on-Charge-of-Animal-Cruelty-175917151.html

No more animals for Fremont donkey abuser

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“WTF…Why no prison? did she plead she was mentally ill, to to get off so lightly, a bit of Alzheimers?  Sod her age, if she can drive a tractor at 76, she is fitter than most, so 60 days in jail, wouldn’t hurt her. Please, she couldn’t argue that it wasn’t with intent, she knew she was bloody dragging Henry for a mile! FF’s Sake…she deserved more punishment…Age shouldn’t be an issue, abuse is abuse, & this women was known for her lack of care or treatment of animals. At the very least she could have paid her fine & been banned for life from keeping animals…especially when she is known to the Human Society!”

“She was already known to the Humane Society, so what does that tell you?? That she didn’t give a shit about the animals…suppose if the donkey had died…she might have had to pay the fine…it’s a bloody joke, seriously, why bother going to court? It’s just a waste of tax payers money!! Animals obviously mean sod all to some judges, bloody knob heads… You can tell the judges that love animals & those that go bow, fish or wildlife hunting on a weekend!”

A 76-year-old woman who dragged a donkey behind a tractor for a mile pleaded no contest to a single count of animal cruelty this week.


Virginia Secrist, who lives in Fremont, was found guilty of the charge and was ordered to surrender ownership of the 14 animals she once had on her Napoleon Road farm.

She also was barred from owning any farm animals for 10 years. “WOW, impressed…NOT”

A 60-day jail sentence and $500 fine were suspended, assuming she complies with terms of probation, according to Woodville Sandusky County Court records.

Humane society officers charged Secrist for the July incident, after working with her for about a month to take better care of her farm animals, which appeared to be malnourished.

But Sandusky County animal cruelty investigator Kelley Askins got a tip on July 26 that the donkey had been dragged.

When she went to Secrist’s farm to check out the tip, it was obvious that the donkey, called Henry, had been dragged and Secrist readily admitted that she had towed him for about a mile after he fell while he was hooked up to the back of her tractor.

The donkey had suffered severe injuries, road rash that left severe abrasions and flesh wounds, including a 3-inch hole in his head that left his skull exposed.

Human society officers seized all 14 animals from Secrist and placed them in foster care. Besides Henry, Secrist had five other donkeys, three horses, one sheep and four goats.

Henry and a few of the other animals have officially been adopted, and Askins is waiting for official word from the other foster families as to whether they want to keep the rest of the animals permanently or not.

As for Secrist’s sentence, Askins feels that justice truly was served. “Oh, please, well if that’s what they think is justice, God help the rest of the animals that live in that town!” 

People have been telling me she just got a slap on the wrist. But if you lived with animals your entire life, and suddenly you can’t have them any more  that is the most severe punishment we could have dealt to her,” Askins said. “Are they having a laugh? this isn’t severe…it’s just changed to a slap on the legs, not the hands…it’s pathetic that the poor wee donkey, obviously means so little.

As part of Secrist’s sentence, she also was ordered to repay the Sandusky County Humane Society for the vet bills for the donkey, which totalled $203.

Another animal cruelty case out of Sandusky County, stemming from an August 2011 discovery that Susan Baker, 69, had 38 dogs in her Washington Township home, is still pending in the Woodville court.

Baker was charged with 38 counts of animal cruelty after police her lying unresponsive in a recliner in her home and dozens of feces covered dogs. (Not sure what the above means, could be ‘police found her lying’)

Her case is scheduled for another hearing in November.

Askins hopes it’s the last pretrial hearing on the case. Prosecutors and Baker seem to have reached a standstill in plea negotiations.

“I’ve said this a million times, but hopefully this is the last one. She’s going to have to plead out, or she’s going to have to go to trial,” Askins said. “What is it with all this plea bargaining etc. there shouldn’t be any bargaining going on with any case of cruelty to animals, what’s done is done, animal abuse can’t be bargained!”

News Link:http://www.sanduskyregister.com/article/2686616

8 killed, 20 injured in Orakzai blast

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A bomb strapped to a donkey killed at least eight people and wounded twenty others in Central Orakzai Agency Thursday, Geo News reported.

According to initial reports, a remote-controlled bomb strapped to a donkey blew up as the animal entered a small bazaar of Hassan Zai Darra, killing at least eight people and injuring 20 others, a senior local administration official said.

Another local official confirmed the incident and casualties.

The injured were rushed to Kalaya Head quarter Hospital while the severely injured were shifted to Kohat and Peshawar hospitals.

 Security forces have kicked off the search operation after the blast.

News Link:-http://www.thenews.com.pk/article-71066-8-killed,-20-injured-in-Orakzai-blast

Donkey sex gets thumbs-up from censors

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“I find this sickening & not in the slightest bit funny…please sign the petition below”!

Film depicting bestiality gets a surprising pass from classification board.

A donkey in costume in a still from the film Donkey Love

Gay sex is more likely to offend standards of morality and decency than men having sex with donkeys, as far as Australia‘s censors are concerned.

A film depicting sex acts between men and donkeys was screened at a Sydney film festival last week after an exemption from classification was granted to the festival by the Classification Board.

The federal government agency responsible for classifying films, the Classification Board, did not ask to view Donkey Love before granting permission for it to screen at the Melbourne Underground Film Festival and Sydney Underground Film Festival.

No film can be publicly screened in Australia without first being rated by the Classification Board, which may refuse a classification if it offends standards of morality and decency. However, it may permit a festival to screen films that have not been rated.

In contrast, the Classification Board banned L.A. Zombie, which features a zombie character having homosexual sex with dead bodies, from being screened at the Melbourne International Film Festival in 2010.

The director of the Classification Board, Donald McDonald, told The Age he refused to grant the film an exemption from classification to screen at the festival because “the film, if classified, would be classified X18+ or RC and, in this circumstance, the law requires the [Classification Board] director to refuse an exemption”.

A director of SUFF, Stefan Popescu, said he was surprised the Classification Board had not asked for more information about Donkey Love or to view it before granting the festival permission to screen it. “I was almost certain they would ask for that film but they didn’t,” Popescu said.

Donkey Love, which purports to be a documentary about a tradition of Colombian men having sexual relations with donkeys, won best documentary at the MUFF.

“I was very nervous about awarding it,” said Richard Wolstencroft, the director of MUFF. “It’s a controversial film but [jury head] Gene [Gregorits] was very insistent it should win.”

One scene in Donkey Love shows the filmmakers laughing as they film a man committing acts of bestiality on the side of a road.

The director of Donkey Love, Daryl Stoneage, said the film had divided audiences but had not been banned overseas.

“You make half the room never want to talk to you again and the other half come up to you and tell you what a pair of balls you must have to make a film like this,” he said.

“I think when people actually see the film, they get desensitised to the act pretty fast and are able to watch a funny and informative documentary about a cultural practice that most people don’t know anything about.”

However, he said the whole film had made him feel uncomfortableStoneage was unapologetic about treating the cultural practice of bestiality, which many people would find abhorrent, and illegal, with humour.

“I’m guessing those same people would have a hard time wrapping their heads around a country full of bestiality,” he said. “It’s too bad, there should be more funny documentaries.

“I know I think about that every time I watch the 20th documentary about 9/11 being an inside job or some documentary narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon telling me what’s melting or that I should recycle more.”

“If you don’t think a country full of people having sex with donkeys is funny then maybe there’s something wrong with you.”

The film does not have an Australian distributor yet, but Tyler Chandler, from the film’s production company, said he would be happy to screen the film at other film festivals.

“We don’t have any specific policies on bestiality because it is illegal in Australia,” said a spokeswoman for RSPCA Australia, Elise Meakin. “But from our perspective it is unacceptable in any form.”

News Link:-:http://www.watoday.com.au/entertainment/movies/donkey-sex-gets-thumbsup-from-censors-20120914-25×24.html


Moments from death: Horse is rescued after three-hour ordeal in a pond

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“OMG…the poor horse owner must have been in bits…I would have been going crazy in her position… for 27 years old…the horse looks stunning…which is all down to his owners love & devotion for him. Even Misty the donkey looks so good, one could mistake him for a small pony at first glance!”

Thankfully, fire-fighters and the RSPCA were able to pull one ton Jeremy, a 27-year-old gelding, free.

Up to his neck in it: Jeremy the horse submerged in water

Submerged up to its neck and struggling to breathe, this horse was just moments from death after getting stuck for three hours in a pond.

Thankfullyfire-fighters and the RSPCA were able to pull one ton Jeremy, a 27-year-old gelding, free.

His best friend, a donkey called Misty, would not leave his side.

Heave-ho: Jeremy is freed

Owner Jenny Renshaw said: “I stood back as I couldn’t handle seeing him being moved around. Misty was standing over there with him.

Reunited: Healthy Jeremy with Misty and owner Jenny

“I think she had to turn away at times too. They’re best buddies.”

Vets at the farm in Radcliffe, Greater Manchester, said Jeremy had hypothermia but has recovered.

News Link:-http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/horse-is-rescued-after-three-hour-ordeal-1290534

Wolf attacks reported on farms near Mayerthorpe

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Farmers near Mayerthorpe are on high alert after wolves attacked animals in two separate incidents over the past two weeks.

Three cows were slaughtered in one case; a mare and donkey were attacked in the other.

The latter incident occurred earlier this month on Merle Arthur’s horse and mule farm near Mayerthorpe. The attack shocked him because donkeys usually keep wolves at bay.

“If you or I were to run up and grab him by the hind leg, we wouldn’t wake up for about a week — if we woke up,” Arthur said.

“So he would have put up an awful fight. It would have been more than one wolf. It would have been a pack of wolves that did this.”

Arthur had to shoot the donkey because it was so badly injured.

Cattle farmers can get compensation, but Arthur won’t be able to claim anything for his donkey.

“They’re not considered a specific meat-producing animal,” said local wildlife officer Greg Gilbertson. “So the program doesn’t cover those types of animals.”

Arthur says the loss of his donkey will be a financial set-back as it was the only male he owned for breeding.

“This is my living,” he said. “This is what I do and them wolves took a good part of it away.”

News Link:-http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/edmonton/story/2012/07/04/edmonton-wolf-attacks-mayerthorpe.html

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