Sentencing Delayed For Man Who Killed His Dog With A Bat

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“I know I said I wasn’t going to write extra or edit posts etc.; enabling me to get more posts out…but in some cases I just can’t keep quiet & this is one of them!”

“This is absolutely ridiculous…stop wasting taxpayers money & throw the sick bxxxxxd in jail for a very long time. We’re talking about an alcoholic druggy, bashing the head of a dog in with a baseball bat…then throwing the dog in a dumpster to die! Yet that isn’t the issue!! He did it alright, but it’s to be proved if Whitlock caused “undue pain & suffering”…erm der…if anyone has any doubt on whether that dog suffered, then that person should get someone to whack them over the head with a baseball bat several times; then say otherwise!

“How the hell can anyone say; that poor dog didn’t suffer?? If Whitlock wanted to kill Captain (dog) because he thought he was suffering, why didn’t he kill him; instead of dumping the dogs body in a dumpster???” 

” Whitlock has been diagnosed with psychosis and has showed signs of paranoia and schizophrenia, exacerbated by alcohol and marijuana. WTF…never heard anything so stupid in all my life…of course the dog bloody suffered…terribly in agony!! But not only that…the streets would be a lot safer, with this pathetic excuse on 2 legs; being slammed up in jail!!” R.I.P Captain x

A 26-year-old Vancouver man who admitted that he killed his German shepherd with a baseball bat last July will have to wait awhile longer before finding out his sentence.

Provincial Court Judge David St. Pierre reserved his sentencing decision on Tuesday for Brian E. Whitlock, who has pleaded guilty to causing undue pain and suffering to an animal. No new court date was set, but St. Pierre said he hoped to conclude the case as early as next week.

During Tuesday’s sentencing hearing, Crown counsel Jordan Hauschildt said Whitlock should receive a sentence of four to six months in jail, less time served. Whitlock has already spent 45 days in jail.

The court was told that Whitlock admitted hitting his dog Captain in the head with a baseball bat four or five times as hard as he could. Hauschildt said Whitlock did not account for several puncture wounds on the dog’s body. “That is an abhorrent way for an animal to die,” Hauschildt said.

Hauschildt told the court that the case has generated significant media coverage, as well as two online petitions that have generated more than 130,000 signatures calling for justice for Captain. Another petition circulated by the Animal Advocates Society of B.C. garnered 750 signatures calling on the court to give Whitlock the maximum sentence of five years in jail. Hauschildt said Whitlock has also received death threats.

Several women in the courtroom cried openly during Hauschildt’s description of Captain’s death.

“I can’t believe the following quote from the trial…”

During the hearing, St. Pierre said the issue was not whether Whitlock had the right under the law to euthanize his dog. He did. Instead, it must be decided whether he caused undue pain and suffering when he killed Captain. Whitlock has also pleaded guilty to other charges of mischief and assault. “How stupid, it’s a no brainer; of course he caused pain & suffering!”

Brian Whitlock, 26, threw Captain the dog into a dumpster & left him to die!!

The court was told that Whitlock believed Captain was poisoned after eating something, which caused him to behave erratically. “Its more likely that Whitlock was behaving erratically from booze & drugs; perhaps the dog was acting in self defence from Whitlock…does anyone know what state Whitlock was in on the night it happened??”

He said he kept Captain in a separate room because he did not feel safe being with the dog. “This beautiful angel was not taken in as a police dog; because he was too friendly!!”

He decided to kill Captain because he felt the dog was his responsibility. He did not take him to the SPCA because he couldn’t afford it and because he was afraid of what Captain might do to other people.

Defence lawyer Tony Paisana said Whitlock has been diagnosed with psychosis and has showed signs of paranoia and schizophrenia, exacerbated by alcohol and marijuana.

Paisana said Whitlock loved Captain and slept with Captain every night. After he hit Captain with a baseball bat, he placed the dog – still alive – in a dumpster, wrapped in the blanket they slept in together.

“He believed his dog was suffering and that it was up to him to put Captain out of his misery,” Paisana said. “But he didn’t put him out of his misery did he?? He left him to suffer, a slow agonising death!”

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Graphic Image: Animal Cruelty Charges Filed Against Owner Of German Shepherd Found In Kitsilano Dumpster

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“Well done for catching this spineless bxxxxxd, Brian Whitlock…I hope Captain is looking down & can now rest easy, knowing his abuser was caught! I remember this case vividly, such a beautiful dog thrown out like trash; just heartbreaking!”

VANCOUVER – Animal cruelty charges have been laid against the owner of Captain, the two-year-old German shepherd left for dead in a dumpster this summer.

Brian Whitlock, 26, threw Captain the dog into a dumpster & left him to die!!

The dog’s owner was charged under the Criminal Code and faces a maximum penalty of five years in prison, a lifetime ban on owning animals and a $75,000 fine. “I bet he gets 12 suspended sentence, maybe a ban on owning animals & a small fine…for all I wish that these maximum charges could be brought…they never are!”

After hearing its cries coming from the 1400-block of Maple Street on July 18, Kitsilano residents discovered the malnourished dog wrapped in a bloody towel, covered in cuts and bruises to his head and body. The dog was alive but unresponsive and, despite receiving veterinary care, died the next day.

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals received an outpouring of emotion and outrage following Captain’s death. A vigil was held in his honour and more than $70,000 was donated in online campaign to raise money for the SPCA investigation.

“We deal with thousands of cases every year and deal with heartbreaking cases every day, but I think this particular case — the image of this dog, critically ill, lying in a dumpster — really touched people’s hearts,” said Lorrie Chortyk, SPCA community relations manager.

Captain had once been a police dog candidate but was deemed too friendly, the SPCA said this summer.

Since the matter is now before the courts, Chortyk could not reveal further details about the investigation.

Brian Whitlock, 26, was charged with wilfully causing suffering to an animal and will make his first court appearance on Friday.

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Young Woman Misses Church To Save Puppy Discarded In Dumpster

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Kate Baumgartner, 22, was walking to church in Glen Carbon, IL, on Sunday when she heard a noise coming from a dumpster. She decided to investigate the barking noise, climbing into the dumpster in her Sunday’s best. Inside, Kate found an 8-week-old puppy inside a trash bag.

“I did cry,” said Kate, a student at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville. “I didn’t know what I was in for when I got in a dumpster, and there was a living animal, but I was in for a surprise!”

Her mother’s neighbour is a veterinarian, so Kate took the puppy for a short check up on Sunday morning. “I made it to the vet but didn’t make it to church,” Kate said.

Kate believes the puppy is a Shepherd-Boxer mix and plans to take her in for a full veterinarian check up and shots, but from the puppy’s first assessment by the neighbour  more medical care may be required. The neighbour suspects that the puppy has bruised ribs and a tail that has been broken at least once.

Regardless of what condition the puppy is in, Kate is ready to provide whatever care the puppy, named Layla, may need.

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“I would suggest if anyone know’s of a litter looking similar to the above, or know’s of someone else having one, to inform police! Some BxxxxxD put the puppy in a trash bag alive, after hurting it, then without a care tossed it out with the trash! They must be found & punished, doesn’t take a massive effort; if everybody just thinks about whether they have seen others like the puppy above!

The address the pups came from may be the same. Either the owner dumped it as a runt, or after it was injured or someone else purchased it, then realised they didn’t want it so tossed it out. It’s the address of where those puppies came from, that may give police a link as to who so carelessly hurt the wee thing then threw it out with the trash!!”

“I can’t believe it doesn’t say to contact local police in the article!!!”

Public’s help sought in cat cruelty probe

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Spokane County animal protection offers are asking for the public’s help as they investigate a horrendous case of animal cruelty.

A cat had to be euthanized on Monday after SCRAPS officers found it shot in the head in a dumpster at the Viewpoint Villa Apartments, 5911 E. Woodlawn Ave., in Spokane Valley.

A woman had reported a cat screaming from the dumpster, and the apartment manager found the bleeding, injured feline inside a garbage bag wrapped in a blanket.

The cat was taken to a veterinarian and euthanized. Investigators say the cat also sustained traumatic injuries to its body.

Anyone who may have seen or heard something is asked to call (509) 477-2532 immediately. Your name and contact information will remain confidential with SCRAPS.

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Viewers outraged by abused kittens – Viewer makes generous

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ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – A tortured kitten‘s story captured a lot of hearts and turned a lot of stomachs after it was found in a dumpster with paint in its eyes.

Now, in a first for the animal shelter, someone has stepped forward, offering to pay for the kitten to see an eye specialist.

News 13 told you about Tuffy earlier this month .

Someone poured paint in the kitten’s eyes and threw him in a dumpster near Coors and Central with his littermate. A neighbor heard his cries, and when officers found him, he was clinging to his dead sibling.

Vets did what they could, but he is partially blind in one eye.

“Unfortunately we haven’t found out who did this. We haven’t had anybody call in to give us any some help,” Westside Animal Shelter Vet, Dr. Nicole Vigil, said.

Authorities continue to hunt for the abuser.

The story outraged viewers.

Viewers called the abusers “lowlife scum” and said they hope it haunts the abuser for life.

A viewer wrote on they hope the person is “run over by a semi”.

But there has also been an outpouring of love. Dozens have said they will open their home to the kitten; and then a viewer sent Reporter Alex Tomlin a surprise offer last night.

“That is a first,” Dr. Vigil said of the offer from a viewer to pay for Tuffy to see an eye specialist. “We’ve had lots of interested people, but we haven’t yet seen this amazing generosity.”

The donor didn’t want to be identified but said the offer is no strings attached.

She said she just wants to help Tuffy and she’s hoping more people donate so other rescue animals can see specialists.

“We would love to have him looked at by an eye specialist that means so much to us, because there is only so much a shelter can do we have limited funds limited ability,” said Dr. Vigil.

Tuffy should be up for adoption in about two weeks.

Vets are waiting until he gains a little more weight and strength so they can sterilize him.

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Abused kitten found in dumpster ready for adoption

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A kitten found near death in an Albuquerque city dumpster is ready to be adopted by a welcoming family.

Tuffy” was found more than a week ago in a dumpster near 63rd and Central, covered in a white paint-like material, police said. He was unable to open his eyes.

Another kitten was also thrown in the dumpster, but it did not survive.

Donna Smith has been nursing Tuffy back to health.

“He’s a miracle kitten. He’s active. He has a voracious appetite. He gets along great with my dog,” Smith said.

If anyone is interested in adopting Tuffy, call the Westside Animal Shelter at (505) 768-1975

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