Madurai civic body draws flak from People For Animals for dog cruelty

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MADURAI: The city health officer has assured that the contract given to a private party for sterilization of dogs would be cancelled with immediate effect after the People For Animals(PFA) charged the Madurai Corporation with cruelty to street dogs that were captured for the purpose of neutering and vaccination.

S Sivakumar, secretary, People for Animals, says the Madurai Corporation’s Animal Birth Control and Anti-Rabies Vaccination (ABCARV) centre in Sellur drew his attention following reports that the dogs brought here were being neglected and left to die by the authorities. Many of them were more interested in the number game of showing they had achieved their target by catching the animals rather than performing the task itself.

“I came to the centre on Friday morning and found three dogs dead and about four more in their last stage and contacted the Madurai district collector, who immediately asked the corporation to take action,” he said.

Sivakumar says that the neutering of animals has to be done by qualified doctors of the Animal Husbandry department in the presence of animal welfare associations. “The Madurai Corporation has instead given this job to a contractor Murugesan, who lives across the centre, without any knowledge on animal welfare,” he said.

This private contractor has employed three local dog catchers, including Jayamurugan and Jayakumar. He pays them Rs 50 for each dog captured, when the government pays Rs 445 for the neutering and vaccination of a single animal.

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Compassion in World Farming – Overwhelming response to Red Sea crisis

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Compassion in World Farming is saying a huge thank you to its amazing supporters, who sent 40,000 emails in 40 hours to the Brazilian and Egyptian authorities and the World Animal Health Organisation, the OIE, in response to a live transport crisis on the Red Sea.

The terrible news of a stranded ship, the Gracia del Mar, with thousands of dead and dying cattle onboard, came through to us on Friday March 2nd. We were told the ship, which had around 2,750 dead cattle onboard, had been refused permission to unload at its Egyptian destination and had failed to find a port willing to take her.

Compassion launched an immediate investigation and raised the alarm with the authorities in Brazil, where the ship had come from, and Egypt, urging them to adhere to and live up to their responsibilities under the OIE regulations for animals in transport and sort the situation out quickly.

Compassion also alerted its committed supporters, who sprung into action lobbying the two governments and the OIE.

We now have a fuller picture of what happened on this tragic voyage that caused the needless death and suffering of thousands of animals.

We are told the Gracia Del Mar, carrying 5,600 cattle, was hit by a freezing snowstorm off the coast of Algeria and thousands of the animals succumbed to the cold. The ship continued to Egypt where it was refused permission to unload in Egypt and spent several days in the Red Sea, with the dead cattle still onboard, unable to find anywhere to dock.

We’ve since been told the remaining live cattle were transferred from the ship and taken to land. We are still trying to ascertain exactly where they were taken.

Of course, we believe that the root cause is long distance live transport itself. This archaic trade should not exist. That is why will will continue to fight to end it. With our amazing supporters, we are confident we can win – like the transporters themselves, we are in this for the long haul.

Take action:

Join thousands of supporters who have urged the OIE to take action to ensure this sort of situation cannot happen again >>

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Campaigning for farm animal welfare – Compassion in World Farming

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Dying cattle are stranded at sea; more than 2750 are already dead. We must take urgent action now to end this welfare disaster.

The Gracia Del Mar set out from Brazil, bound for Egypt with thousands of cattle on board. It is currently in the Red Sea area, near Eritrea. The ship has had an engine failure which has led to a failure in the ventilation system.

Reports suggest that more than 2,750 cattle are already dead, and the situation is worsening with every hour that passes. The ship has attempted to dock at a number of ports, including

its destination port in Egypt, but has been turned away due to the number of dead and dying cattle. Reports suggest conditions on board are desperate.

The Brazilian and Egyptian authorities must take urgent action today to end this major welfare disaster. Not only is it their responsibility to do so, but they have the resources to provide the support and veterinary expertise so urgently needed.

Please send the email below to the Brazilian and Egyptian Agriculture Ministers calling on them to fulfil their responsibilities. They need to get the ship docked, get treatment to any surviving animals and bring this disaster to a close.

via Campaigning for farm animal welfare – Compassion in World Farming.

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