East Northport couple denies SPCA allegations; says agency stonewalled attempts to prove innocence.

The East Northport couple accused of starving their dog has hired an attorney to defend them against what they say are bogus charges from the Suffolk County SPCA.

“It’s a witch hunt,” Kathleen Jackman said on Monday. “[Charlie] was constantly fed and cared for. He was like a member of the family. It’s so upsetting to me, it’s consuming my life. Obviously whatever we had to say made no difference.”

Kathleen and her husband, Stephen, were issued a field summons for misdemeanor animal cruelty earlier this month, one year after an unnamed individual found their 10-year-old Greyhound rescue dog named “Charlie” roaming the streets in a thunderstorm, emaciated. Read our initial coverage here.

The Suffolk SPCA claims the investigation leading up to the charges was extensive, but the Jackmans maintain that the agency stonewalled their attempts to provide documentation and testimony supporting their side of the case.

“I told them to investigate, that they could do whatever they wanted to do — to interview friends, to talk to my neighbors — no matter what I said to the [investigator], he said ‘I cannot give you any information.’ We have much documentation in our favor and much documentation that was presented to the person that came to our house numerous times, unannounced. Lots of documentation which is not being brought to the forefront,” said Kathleen.

“I just assumed that the truth would come out, but it hasn’t.”

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