Have you helped condemn an elephant to hell?

Thailand is the ultimate destination, sunny beaches, tranquil islands, and more REAL life experiences than you can poke a stick at. It seems every corner you turn there are Thai people waiting to sell you the adventure of a lifetime experience you have been dreaming of. Up close and personal encounters with Tigers, The flight of the Gibbon, Feeding the Monkeys of the Mangroves and the ultimate scene in any tourist brochure, riding on the back of an elephant!

What you didn’t know 

The process the traditional Thai people believe in to domesticate an elephant and still used to this day is a ceremony very few people outside of the traditional villages of Thailand have ever witnessed. It is for this reason the ritual needs to be exposed, and these people become educated.

Beating & torturing an elephant is called Phajaarn

The ceremony itself is called ‘The Breaking Ceremony’. A ritual in which they believe is necessary to domesticate any and every young elephant. The aim of the ritual is to do exactly as the title implies and break the spirit of the animal.

The Crush 

 The Crush is a holding pen made of logs and sticks that is only big enough for the elephant to get into.  Once in the crush the door is closed at the behind of the elephant, and the elephant can not move either way sideways, forward or backwards. In order to get the young elephant into the crush ropes are tied around the neck and feet of the animal by the men of the village sometimes with as many as 20 or so men pushing, pulling and beating the animal into the crush. The second that rope goes around the neck of the elephant to secure it into getting into the crush is when the phajaan begins.

Abused & Tortured

 Men with sticks, their fists, bamboo rods with nails attached at the end (Pointy end of the nail facing outwards) and the traditional ‘Goad’ or ‘Bull hook’ they beat the animal until it is securely in the crush. Once secured in the crush with no way to escape the ritual beatings begin. They stab, and hit the elephant while it cries with pleas of mercy. As the confused and petrified elephant tosses its head in protest a few of the men get their goad and bamboo knives and use them to stab the most sensitive part of the elephant-the inner ear. The animal shrieks as blood comes dripping down its face. A tear falls from the elephant’s eye..

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