Dog owner, 27, starved her German Shepherd puppy in tiny cage with no food or water for SEVEN MONTHS (but she’s avoided jail)

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“This case resulted me to tears & outraged me, when I first read about it, (see the attached link). I was fxxxxxg furious, I just couldn’t believe how lightly the boyfriend got off, 20 weeks…for letting an animal die, a cruel, excruciating & agonisingly slow death.” 

“Now I read, the girlfriend got off scot free, apart from a suspended sentence which means Jack Shit…& some unpaid work …what sort of fxxxxxg punishment is that? Quote…”She may have been bullied if sent to jail”… tough…sorry, I have no sympathy… she deserved jail! Imagine the pitiful cries that must have come from that crate…cries of help; they heard those cries & did F-All about it! That poor dogs life was obviously worthless, it meant nothing to them!”

This couple have a baby too…yeah, it was probably crawling around on the floor, listening to the agonising whimpers from the dog! Now, in my mind if you can’t care for an animal, in no way, should you be having babies…I would be very interested to know if child services were involved.”

 “What is interesting, is this is another case where Animal Welfare were aware of the puppy, for some reason, & advised the couple on training the dog ..& at one point; wanted them to hand the pup over…why?… they must have had good reason…yet sadly, it was forgotten about, until the day it was found…dead…still in the puppy crate it was kept in, the one also seen by animal welfare!!”

 “Take a good look at that poor dog, 20 weeks prison for the boyfriend…F-All for the girlfriend…does that sound right to you, because I think it bloody stinks! Animal control can’t say it was one of the cruellest cases they have ever seen; & be happy with the justice that was served…I’m bloody not!!”


  • Kent woman Stacey Lockhurst got suspended jail term
  • Kept puppy Jack in cage surrounded by his own waste
  • RSPCA said it’s one of ‘worst cruelty cases ever seen’

A dog owner who starved her pet to death in a tiny cage surrounded by his own waste has avoided jail but been banned from keeping animals for life.

Cruelty: Lockhurst, 27, of Dartford, Kent, was given a 20-week prison sentence – suspended for a year – by magistrates in court on Friday

Stacey Lockhurst, 27, of Dartford, Kent, kept her German Shepherd puppy in a squalid cage with no food and water for an astonishing seven months.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals described it as one of the worst cases of animal cruelty its officers had ever seen.

Cruel: Stacey Lockhurst kept her German shepherd puppy Jack in a squalid cage with no food and water for seven months

Lockhurst was given a 20-week prison sentence – suspended for a year – by magistrates on Friday for her treatment of the dog, named Jack.

RSPCA investigators first visited her former home in Erith, south east London, in October 2010 – when the dog was just 16 weeks old.

They offered advice on training and suggested the pair hand over the puppy, but he was found dead seven months later, covered with a curtain.

His container was infested with maggots and flies and a water bowl was full of excrement. A post mortem examination found Jack was emaciated.

Disgusting: Jack had no fat and probably died of starvation, with the examining vet saying he ‘suffered greatly and unnecessarily for a great period of time’

He had no fat and probably died of starvation, with the examining vet saying he ‘suffered greatly and unnecessarily for a great period of time’.

 ‘She regrets what she did. I don’t think she set out with that in mind. She’s a very vulnerable lady’ Wayne Crowhurst, defending

Lockhurst was found guilty at Dartford Magistrates’ Court of causing unnecessary suffering to the dog and not addressing his rapid weight loss.

District Judge Michael Kelly said the case was ‘particularly bad’ – but Lockhurst, who has learning difficulties, had been ‘influenced to an extent’.

He added while passing sentence in court that ‘there may have been some lack of appreciation of what was happening’ to the dog.

Her partner Paul Brunsden, 25, was jailed for 20 weeks and also banned for life from keeping animals when he appeared in court last month.

Behind bars: Her partner Paul Brunsden, 25, was jailed for 20 weeks and also banned for life from keeping animals when he appeared in court last month

Lockhurst was also ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work and pay £200 court costs. Her defence lawyer said she would have been bullied in prison had she been jailed.

Banner-waving animal rights campaigners were outside court to protest along with members of a Facebook group formed in memory of Jack.

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Update on John – not out of the woods, but battling for life and making progress

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“This poor dog actually had human owners, he must have done, dogs don’t put their own collars on…can you believe that? How anyone could sleep at night, knowing that they tossed a member of their family out with the trash, to fend for his self, it’s beyond my thought capabilities as a caring human.  Johns owners didn’t give a sxxt about him obviously; I wouldn’t pxxs on them if they were on fire! What a shame the police can’t get DNA from the collar he was wearing! Bless him, he didn’t even have the strength to stand whilst his pitifully thin body, was washed to rid him of the caked on faeces etc.”

John is fighting for his life

John was found on Thursday, August 30, laying behind a parked car on a New York street. He was emaciated and at death’s door when he was brought to Brooklyn ACC.

John getting his first bath to remove the dirt and feces which covered his entire body. Credit: Sean Casey Animal Rescue Facebook page

I spoke with Sean Casey on Friday. He described this 18-month-old pit bull, who weighed only 18 pounds – instead of a normal weight of 60 pounds for a dog his size – as being so lifeless that euthanasia was initially considered to end his suffering.

Unable to move except to blink, he managed to wag his tail which was taken as a sign that he was ready to fight. And this man and his rescue made the decision to stand beside him, and give him the chance to do just that.

He had his first bath to remove all the faeces caked on his entire body. He looks and probably feels much better. What a difference a day made for a dog so emaciated, dehydrated, and close to death. To see him starting to rebound might bring you to tears.

This morning I spoke with Dr. Jill Caruso, who has been treating John. She said it was heartbreaking for everyone to see him when he was brought in, but that he is doing “fantastic” today considering his condition. He weighs 21 pounds now, and is eating small portions of food every 1 1/2 hours. She attributes the weight gain to that and being hydrated. He is on IV fluids, vitamins, dewormers, and his fecal samples came back showing no parasites. His blood work showed that he had a slightly low white blood cell count, but they are amazed that he suffered no organ failure.

She mentioned that along with the gash on his neck, which she states could be from his collar rubbing, he has some bruising and puncture wounds on his legs and body, possibly from another dog. These are just being treated since he would not be able to undergo anesthesia at this time.

He attempted to lift his head but he is still too weak, but his ears perk up when he is spoken to by the compassionate people who surround him. Because he is not blinking as he should, they are applying an eye lubricant for dryness.

John will receive love, kindness, and the best of care from Doctor Caruso and staff at Pet Haven Animal Hospital, who often come in on their own time to be with him. She says he is not out of the woods yet, and has a long road to recovery, but they are hopeful and very happy with his progress thus far. She shared a picture of him that she had just taken for your enjoyment.

John is not micro-chipped so unfortunately, we may never know who did this to him or how he came to be in this horrendous condition.

Continued prayers and positive thoughts are still needed for John as he battles his way back to good health. Here is the link to his chip-in if you would like to donate.

We will continue to report on his progress, and will be thrilled to share the news when he is strong enough to go into foster care and his forever home.

Thank you to Sean Casey and Dr. Caruso for taking the time to speak with me, providing us with this update to share with our readers, and for not giving up on John. We know he is in good hands and stands a chance thanks to you.

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Magistrate ‘sickened’ by starved dog

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A man who allowed his dog to starve to death through neglect has been fined $2000 and disqualified from being in charge of a pet for five years.

Melbourne Magistrates Court today heard Troy Simpson, 30, failed to provide sufficient food for his six-year-old Staffordshire pit bull terrier-cross, Missy, over two weeks in September and October last year.

The court heard an ambulance officer from Lort Smith Animal Hospital attended Simpson’s home, in the Melbourne‘s northern suburbs, on October 11 and found the dog dead in a kennel in the backyard.

The officer described the dog as being in a “shocking condition” and in an “extremely emaciated” state, the court heard.

Inspector Jason Nichols, for the RSPCA, told the court Simpson’s offence was at the serious end of the scale of animal cruelty.

Simpson pleaded guilty to one count of inflicting aggravated cruelty on an animal.

Magistrate Ian Watkins told the court he was sickened by photographs of the dead dog and that Simpson had no excuse for neglecting the animal.

“I couldn’t imagine the pain and suffering that animal went through as it suffered from malnutrition,” he said.

“There is no excuse for neglecting that animal in the way you did.”

Simpson’s defence counsel, who refused to give her first name when approached by The Age and asked that she be referred to as Miss Fischer, conceded in court that Missy died in “nasty circumstances”.

She told the court Simpson had left Missy in his backyard when he moved out of his property and began living with his ill sister, and only checked on the dog at nights.

“He knew she was getting skinnier but the light outside the back wasn’t good and he didn’t want to upset the neighbours,” she said. She told the court Simpson had fallen out with his neighbours.

Miss Fischer told the court Simpson had owned Missy since she was an eight-week-old pup and was worried about her condition, and had planned to buy some food once a Centrelink payment was made.

Simpson was on a pension for an intellectual disability, she said. But the court was told the dog was neglected for a long time.

Inspector Nichols said the veterinarian who examined Missy’s body at the animal hospital found the dog was “severely emaciated” with its bones visible, faecal staining consistent with diarrhoea and that her left eye was ulcerated.

“The veterinarian held the view anyone who would have seen the dog would have realised she needed urgent veterinary attention,” Inspector Nichols said.

Simpson was also ordered to pay $440 in court costs.

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Starving puppy fights for life at local vet – Video

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“I would like to know who the hell let that poor little guy get into such a bad state!! I can’t find out where he was found or who owned him…I will continue to look & pray for Rocky…the person/s who did this need to have the full force of the law thrown at them!”


A three month old Boxer puppy is now being nursed back to health at a local vet clinic after falling victim to animal cruelty.

It started over the weekend. A good Samaritan heard his whimper and responded to the call. The emaciated Boxer puppy, now named Rocky Balboa, continues to fight for his life at Southside Animal Clinic in Lake Charles.

He was almost dead whenever the good Samaritan that found him brought him in,” said veterinarian Dr. Matt Traylor.

Just two days later, Rocky is doing much better. But on Monday his future didn’t look bright.

“Poor little Rocky was found, he’s been grossly neglected,” said 4 Paws Society President Wanda Williams. “He was out in this heat, suffering terribly. He had been starved.”

In fact Dr. Traylor said it’s been a long time since rocky ate a meal.

“He’s about approximately three months old, probably for the last several weeks to a month to get in that condition,” said Dr. Traylor.

Rocky is also plagued with intestinal parasites and a skin infection. But Dr. Traylor says his emaciation captured the most attention.

“Whenever we look and assess dogs, as far as are they too skinny or too heavy, there’s a nice little chart,” said Dr. Traylor. “It’s on a scale of one to nine. Five is ideal, where you have a lot of muscling over the back but they’re not obese. One is very very thing or emaciated, and nine is the chunky monkey, the big obese dog. He was about a one on the scale to nine when he came in.”

Food is slowly being introduced to Rocky, because too much food at once can cause more problems.

“He’s doing better,” said Dr. Traylor. “He’s eating, but he’s still got a long way to go.”

For now, his prognosis is great. Dr. Traylor says Rocky is a fighter even though he’s not completely out of the woods. But Rocky serves as a face for many other animals neglected or mistreated daily.

“This is one of the things that a lot of people don’t understand, you really need to take care of your animals,” said Dr. Traylor. “This is a pretty classic example of somebody actually neglecting him.”

“Please spay and neuter your pets,” said Williams. “Take good care of them, especially in this heat, please don’t leave your dogs out.”

Rocky should be able to go to his foster home by the end of the week. He’ll stay there for at least a month before he can be adopted. For more information on adopting Rocky or any other dogs through 4 Paws Society visit the Links page.

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