Cruelty Behind the Mask of Jakarta’s Monkey – A Life Of Torture & Begging

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” These innocent sentient beings are taught through violence & fear; nothing but cruelty. We have no right to take an animal & make it do our bidding; they are not our slaves. Much of the documentation I found was copyright; so I’m showing their video. I could not help myself from crying, seeing the pitiful little faces, being for want of a better word…tortured…learning how to beg for money. If you see this type of activity whilst on vacation, please report it as directed below! I have added as much information as I can”

Please sign and share this petition to tell governor Fauzi Bowo and the people in Jakarta this is wrong!:-

Jakarta Animal Aid

Topeng Monyet is ILLEGAL NOW! 

Thanks to JAAN and JAAN supporters.
And the first DANCING MONKEY was legally confiscated on November 24, 2011. The end has started…
Read more about this great news in JAAN Newsletter.

If you are still seeing Topeng Monyet in action on the streets, being caged or being captured from the wild…please help to take the photo or video and email it to (AFJ)
and cc to (JAAN) with the note of  time and location the picture taken.
Thank you for your participation to help the animals in Indonesia.

Special Report: Cruelty Behind the Mask of Jakarta’s Monkey Circuses:-

Topeng Monyet Monkeys Able to Pass TB, Other Diseases to People:-

If you are in the USA– please send an email of protest to the Ambassador at the Embassy of Indonesia – go to Contacts .

Or directly to

Other countries– Please send emails of protest to the Embassy of Indonesia in your country.

The Online petition is now closed so we need your emails to be sent to the Indonesian Embassies and Consulates around the world

Embassies of Indonesia:-

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“Remember the following disgusting post…the soldiers who tortured monkeys…well the link below states they have been dealt with!”

Soldiers Torture Monkeys

Vietnam Soldier ‘Sacked Over Monkey Torture:- –



A seven year old elephant at the Pinnewala Elephant ‘Orphanage’ in Sri Lanka has recently been seen with multiple wounds to her legs and head, believed to be caused by a brutal training regime. The young female Mihiri was born at the facility in 2005, and has always lived there. Photos taken on Wednesday 29th February show deep open wounds on her legs which appear to have been caused by chaining or use of a sharp tool such as an ankus (known in Sri Lanka as a Henduwa). She also has fresh wounds on the face and head which appear to have been caused by a similar implement.Pinnewala elephant campaign

Elephants at the Pinnewala centre are habituated to people and trained to a basic level required for management at the site. However they are not routinely trained in the traditional mahout system or to the same degree of control as a typical ‘domesticated’ elephant. It is believed that Mihiri is undergoing this kind of intensive training, possibly in preparation for transfer to another site either in Sri Lanka or overseas.

This treatment is clearly causing Mihiri significant pain and distress. It is not an acceptable way for any elephant care facility to treat its animals– let alone one which describes itself as an orphanage or sanctuary.

Please help us to save poor Mihiri from this terrible ordeal.
Pinnewala is owned and run by the Government of Sri Lanka, under the same management as the national zoo. Please write politely to the Director of the zoo to express your concern and ask for his assurance that this treatment of Mihiri will stop immediately and the facility will publicly pledge not to attempt such practices on any other animal in their care. Please send a copy of your letter or email to the Ministry for Economic Development (which is responsible for Pinnewala and the zoo).

Read more via Mihiri campaign.

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