Dog Owner Charged in Animal Sodomy Case – Your Comments On This??


“SICK BITCH (what else can I call her?)…Something is not quite right here, there is more to tell on this story! There is only one way a dog or any animals suffers from wounds like that.. SOMEBODY PURPOSEFULLY SODOMISED the poor animal. Remember this face & the name because this bitch has a lot to answer for! SHE MAKES ME FEEL PHYSICALLY SICK! “

Waterbury police arrested Dawn Dempsey, after her dog had to be put to sleep from injuries believed to be caused by sodomy.

Waterbury police have arrested a woman whose beagle was put to sleep earlier this week from injuries that police said appeared to have been caused by sodomy.

Police said Dawn Dempsey, 38, of Royal Oak Drive, brought her dog, Riley, to Mattatuck Animal Hospital on Monday and brought it home the same day, police said.

She told an animal control officer that the female dog appeared to be dead, police said.

The dog was alive, but suffered from severe injuries that appeared to have been caused by sodomy and had to be euthanized the same day, according to police.

Dempsey told the animal control officer that Riley was a stray she found it wondering nearby, police said, but the story neighbours told contradicted that.

They said Dempsey had the dog for several years and she later admitted to owning Riley for at least a year, according to police.

More arrests are expected.

According to police, Dempsey knew of the abuse and did nothing to stop it.

She was arrested on Monday and charged with cruelty to animals. Bond was set at $2,500 and she was released from custodyaccording to court records

Dempsey is due in court on Oct. 31.

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Owner charged in dog abuse

WATERBURY — Police say they arrested the owner of a dog that was euthanized Monday for severe internal injuries that appeared to have been the result of sodomy.

Dawn Dempsey, 38, of 59-B Royal Oak Drive, was charged with cruelty to animals after police investigated how her female beagle named Riley suffered serious injuries and dehydration.

Police say that Dempsey brought Riley to the Mattatuck Animal Hospital Monday, but brought the dog home that same day.

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Man Forced To Shoot His Own Dog After Seal Attack In Scotland

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A CALL for a seal cull in one of Scotland’s nature reserves was made last night after a dog mauled by a seal had to be ­destroyed.

Matthew Will had to shoot his dog after it was attacked by a seal

• Dog owner forced to shoot pet after it was attacked by seal

Matthew Will said he had to shoot his black labrador, Fly, after it was severely injured by a bull seal in a stream on the Ythan estuary in Aberdeenshire.

Wild fowler Mr Will was shooting ducks when his three-year-old labrador ran into the water to retrieve a downed bird. Fly was dragged under the water and bitten by a seal more than twice the dog’s size.

It was the latest in a series of seal attacks on dogs at the estuary, which borders the Forvie National Nature Reserve, owned by Scottish Natural Heritage and home to more than 1,000 grey and common seals.

Last night, Audrey Forbes-Clarke, the fishery manager for the local Udny Trust, called for a licensed cull at the estuary to combat an “explosion” in seal numbers.

She warned it was only a matter of time before humans were attacked, declaring: “Children are paddling there in the ­summer and they will be fair game for the seals as well.”

Mr Will, 21, of Inverugie, ­Peterhead, had earlier spoken of his terror when his pet was attacked last Friday after it entered the Tarty Burn.

He said: “There was a sudden and terrific thrashing and howling in the water.

This huge seal – more than twice the size of the dog – was flinging Fly around and pulling him under the water. I was horrified. The seal was enormous. It was terrible.”

Mr Will finally succeeded in driving off the seal and dragged his badly mutilated pet to the bank.

“Fly was horribly injured. Both his hind legs were completely crushed and mangled, his rib-cage smashed and his left eye torn out. He was pouring with blood and in spasms of agony,” said Mr Will.

Grief-stricken, Mr Will decided to shoot Fly rather than prolong his suffering.

Mrs Forbes-Clarke said that she had put up warning signs about the risk of seal attacks earlier this year after a Labrador owned by a local hotelier was bitten by a seal. Another seal attacked two dogs owned by a local woman.

Mrs Forbes-Clarke said: “What worries me most is the human factor. One of our regular fishermen was chased out of the water by a seal earlier this year and he said he has never been so terrified in all his life.

She added that there had been an “explosion” in common and grey seal numbers in the ­estuary since the local coastal netting fishery, which had a license to shoot seals marauding their nets, was bought out.

“Every year the numbers are escalating because they are breeding and there is nothing and no-one to control them, and we desperately need a cull to control their numbers,” she said.

Callan Duck, a senior research scientist at the Sea Mammal Research Unit at St Andrews University, said it was a “particularly unusual” incident.

He added: “Normally seals are not aggressive. I have never heard of anything like that at all. If I had a dog, I wouldn’t be worried about letting it go into the water if there were seals around. I would be more concerned about the dog scaring the seals.

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Lonely Old Dog Has His Final Wish Fulfilled – Here Is His Story

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“This is a beautiful example of how humans can give compassion & empathy to a dear old dog, who only wished one thing…to be loved & feel love…towards the end, his wishes came true!…God bless the guy’s who gave Ol Boy, the love he so wanted & deserved. Gone but never forgotten x R.I.P  Ol Boy….Get your Kleenex ready! 

We are posting this story in tribute to Ol Boy. His story shows us there are some truly great humans out there! We highly recommend grabbing a box of kleenex before hitting play. Thank you to Beth Zimmerman from Pets for Patriots for sharing this touching story with us.


Published on 23 Aug 2012 by…

Assistance by

Ol boy was born on the streets. Like many street dogs, he had a number of health problems – ticks, wasting, infections and possible cancer.

When a rescue team took Ol Boy in for treatment, they found him laying in his own filth and unable to move. His weakness, however, wasn’t an accident.

Even after treatment, Ol Boy was in a lot of discomfort and had little time left. He did, however, want to die naturally and feel the love and warmth of a home for the first time. So the rescue team granted his wish and let Ol Boy experience something he never had before – love.

Members of the team stuck by his side, giving Ol Boy the care and companionship he had longed for. He had to be given water, as he was too weak to get himself up to drink. The team stood vigil for him, along with some of the other dogs in the home.

R.I.P old boy – You may have gone, but your will never be forgotten!

By 2am, Ol Boy sat up and had a drink of water for the final time. He finally passed away peacefully at 4am.

Before he died, Ol Boy had shown a beach to his communicator. Upon his passing, the team Ol Boy worked to fulfill his final wish. Ol Boy was cremated and spread his ashes along the beach – where he could finally run free.

A big thank you to the rescue team who allowed Ol Boy the chance to experience the love and understanding that all dogs deserve, even strays.

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Police Appeal following act of animal cruelty – Little Bondi

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“Come on guy’s think…did anyone see anything or has anyone said anything?? These killers must be caught before more animals or humans are hurt”!

Police are appealing for information after the death of a baby cow in an act of cruelty in the state’s north last week.

About 4.40pm on Thursday 15 June, a group of males were seen to throw rocks at a calf that was standing on the banks of the Macintyre River at Little Bondi near Boggabilla.

The calf collapsed before police were called to the scene.

Police found the animal suffering extensive injuries to most of its body and it was euthanised

A search was conducted for the group of males involved but they could not be found.

Witnesses told police the group had been swimming in the river when the incident occurred.

The group, who are described as being of Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander appearance and aged in their early 20s, left the scene in a white Holden Commodore.

Police from Barwon Local Area Command are investigating the incident and are appealing for anyone who can identify those involved to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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New Milford juvenile is linked to death of his dog

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“I hope he gets a sever punishment, I have a Yorkshire Terrier, they are  small breed, usually timid & shy, like mine in the picture…bless her”Molly my Yorkshire Terrier

His dog weighed only 5lb’s so the kid was hardly in any danger of being bitten to death. Something tells me this kid did it on purpose, his pitiful excuse for no injury, ‘he was wearing an oven glove’ what for? certainly not to fend off a tiny 5lb dog.  He was old enough to commit the crime so is old enough to pay for it!!” 

Police are investigating a New Milford juvenile in connection with the death of his 5-pound dog who sustained injuries so severe that it had to be put down.

Police said the teen called 9-1-1 when the dog began having a seizure. Responding officers found the dog’s right eye bleeding and bulging from the socket.

Officer George Herrero and Lt. Kevin Kiene were sent to the home around 3:15 p.m. on Saturday, May 5, after police received the report of an injured animal.

When the officers arrived, they were met by the teen who took police to the second-floor master bedroom where the dog was found suffering a seizure, according to reports.

Herrero took the dog, a 5-pound Yorkshire terrier, to Oradell Animal Hospital in Paramus, but was told the dog had to be put down because of the injuries it suffered, police said.

When Herrero went back to the animal hospital to take photographs of the dog, the doctor met with him and told him that the dog’s skull had been fractured from being struck and that “these strikes carried tremendous force,” police said.

While officers were investigating the incident, the boy told police he kicked the dog after he was bitten by it.

According to reports, the boy had no visible marks on him, and when asked about it told officers he was wearing an oven mitt at the time the dog bit him.

The juvenile later admitted to police that that he struck the dog with a Kendo stick, according to reports.

Police said the Kendo stick was taken into evidence.

The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Officer SPCA Division sent out an officer for a follow up, police said. The prosecutor’s office will be handling charging the juvenile, according to reports.

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B.C. vet sentenced to probation for animal cruelty – Horse forced to pull car from ditch

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A former B.C. veterinarian who used a horse to pull his car out of a ditch has been sentenced to 24 months of probation.

A horse is rescued after being used to pull a car out of a ditch in Langley in this file image from 2008. (CTV)

Mark Marohn was found guilty in March on two animal cruelty charges for forcing a horse named Buddy to tow a vehicle stuck in a Langley ditch on Dec. 10, 2008. He was sentenced in Surrey provincial court on Friday, and was also banned from owning animals for three years.

Marcie Moriarty of the BC SPCA called the ban “ridiculous,” pointing out that Crown prosecutors had asked for a lifetime prohibition.

“We’re exceptionally disappointed in the outcome of this trial. It’s a slap in the face,” she told CTV News.

“This is an individual who has spent years training on how to treat animals and yet he couldn’t even look after the six horses that were in his custody.”

Seven-year-old Buddy was rescued by emergency crews after they worked for several hours, but he had to be put down because he was deemed too thin and weak to survive.

Both Buddy and the car were owned by Marohn and his then-wife and fellow vet Carol Schoyen-Marohn. When police attended the family farm later that day, photos were taken of five other horses that appeared to be malnourished and the SPCA seized the animals.

One horse died four days after the rescue, while the surviving four were adopted by new owners after months of rehabilitation.

Mark Marohn walks outside Surrey provincial court, where he was found guilty on animal cruelty charges. March 28, 2012. (CTV)

Schoyen-Marohn is also accused in the Buddy case, but proceedings against her were postponed after she suffered a stroke in 2010. Her trial is set to begin in October

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Pearland children could face animal cruelty charges after maiming turtle

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PEARLAND, Texas—Police are investigating a case of animal cruelty involving five children in Pearland.

Witnesses say four boys and a girl injured the turtle so badly, it had to be put down.

A grand jury will decide if the kids, ages 11 to 13, should face animal cruelty charges.

Zachary Soto, 15, was walking through the apartments near Highway 288 and FM 518 late Sunday afternoon when he spotted a disturbing scene.

“I see one of the kids just throw a rock at the turtle and I see him stomping on it, pick it up and throwing it on the ground. I said ‘Yo! Chill. Stop,'” said the 8th grader

They stopped until he walked away.

“It was like a game to them, like playing hacky sack with a turtle,” Zachary said.

Darla Goolishian also lives at the complex. Pointing to the turtle’s blood in the parking lot, she shuddered saying, “It’s nasty.” She was stunned by what they saw.

“The shell was cracked both on bottom and top, the membrane had been split apart so the upper and lower shell was not connected,” said Goolishian.

The turtle had likely come from a neighboring pond.

Another neighbor had chased off the kids.

“At that age they’re doing things like this. If they don’t get some counseling or help it makes me wonder what could happen later on,” Goolishian said.”I think it would be a parent’s nightmare.”

A relative of one of the children blamed peer pressure.

Others are haunted by what they remember about the kids. Zach remembers the children were “laughing the whole time.”

The neighbors took the turtle to the SPCA Wildlife center in Houston where it had to be put down. A necropsy is being performed and the remains are being kept in case they’re needed for the criminal investigation. Animal cruelty is a state jail felony.

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