WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: California Man Intentionally Runs Over Pet Chihuahua

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“OMG…what a POS…this video is very upsetting, I’m crying as I write this! Not just because I own a Chihuahua, they are such tiny innocent little angels; but because I can’t believe he did this & just drove off. This MF has to go to jail for this, he intended to hit that dog & he did, swerving to do so! I wish I could tell him personally what I think of him; he doesn’t deserve to have a life any more, so he should go take a long walk off a short pier & do us all a favour. Evil sick bxxxxxd, it takes a certain type of person to be that cruel, or rather a psycho; he is also in the porn business & obviously loves himself judging by the picture below! PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION BELOW!

I have added the first picture so people don’t see the upsetting images below. Please note, there is another news link after this one, about the same incident which gives a little more information, so there are very upsetting images below as well as the video!

EVIL SICK PSYCHO, luvs himself….arrogant POS I would love to wipe that smile off his face!!


Michael David Parker, 45, was arrested Friday on suspicion of animal cruelty after little Cow Cow was found lifeless in a back alley in Hawthorne. Police released a disturbing surveillance video that they say shows Parker driving his sedan straight over the helpless pooch, and then zooming away.

Viewer Discretion Strongly Advised

A southern California man intentionally mowed down his pint-sized pet Chihuahua using his Nissan Maxima — and the heartless act was caught by two surveillance cameras, police said Monday.

Michael David Parker, 45, was arrested Friday on suspicion of felony animal cruelty after the precious pooch, named Cow Cow, was found lifeless in a back alley in Hawthorne, Calif.

Michael David Parker, 45, of Hawthorne, Calif., was arrested Friday on suspicion of animal cruelty after his pet Chihuahua, Cow Cow, was found dead in a back alley.

In the disturbing surveillance video released by police, Parker is seen driving his four-door sedan into the alley on Dec. 28, getting out of his vehicle, opening and closing the trunk and then climbing back into the car.

Seconds later, Cow Cow scurries out from behind the vehicle and darts in front of it.

Parker then backs up and points the car straight at the helpless hound. He guns the engine and zooms over the dog without stopping.

Video showing the back of the car shows 5-year-old Cow Cow writhing on the road until he turns motionless.

Police say Parker (pictured) admits he was in the alley that afternoon but claims he didn’t mean to harm Cow Cow.

‘It’s shocking,’ Hawthorne Police Lt. Scott Swain told the Daily News. ‘You never expect to see a little animal like that run over and left there to die.’

“It’s shocking. You never expect to see a little animal like that run over and left there to die without the driver even looking back,” Hawthorne Police Lt. Scott Swain told the Daily News.

EVIL Michael David Parker

“It wasn’t an accident. He purposefully did it.”

Lt. Swain said Parker admits he was in the alley that afternoon but claims he didn’t mean to harm the defenceless dog.

The dog had been staying with a neutral third-party after Parker and his wife recently split up, he said.

“There’s not indication it was tied to a domestic dispute,” Lt. Swain said Monday.

“We spoke to the wife, and she didn’t know it had happened. She didn’t give any indication it might have been payback.”

Parker posted $20,000 bail and was ordered back to court for arraignment on March 25.


News Link:-http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/graphic-video-man-intentionally-runs-chihuahua-police-article-1.1568152

Petition to sign:-http://www.thepetitionsite.com/416/514/467/demand-prosecution-for-man-who-ran-over-his-dog-as-divorce-payback/#next_action

Another link about the same incident:-

POSTED: 01/06/14, UPDATED: 2 DAYS AGO By Larry Altman -larry.altman@langnews.com @larryaltman on Twitter

In a disturbing crime caught entirely on video, a 45-year-old man purposely drove over his pet Chihuahua, speeding away as the bloodied dog convulsed and died in a Hawthorne alley, police said Monday.


Michael David Parker, 45, of Hawthorne was arrested Friday on suspicion of animal cruelty. He was released from jail after posting $20,000 bail, Hawthorne police Lt. Scott Swain said.

“It’s a little poor defenceless dog and the guy just runs right over it and leaves and doesn’t offer any help,” Swain said.

Parker admitted to police that he’s in the video, but told detectives it was an accident. The shocking video, however, seems to suggest otherwise.

“You can see him swerving toward the dog,” Swain said.

Parker, the facilities manager at the Hustler Casino in Gardena, did not return a message left at his office. A friend of Parker’s estranged wife, Olga Parker, told the Daily Breeze that the killing stemmed from a bitter divorce. The couple’s two dogs, Cow Cow and Lucky, lived at the couple’s otherwise vacant house on First Street in San Pedro. Olga Parker stopped by every day to feed them. Now that Cow Cow has been found dead, Olga Parker is concerned about Lucky, who is missing. 

“She is so distraught right now,” the friend said. “He knew that Olga loved these dogs desperately.”

Police and animal control officers began an investigation Thursday when a resident reported the dead animal in an alley off El Segundo Boulevard and Doty Avenue. The dog had been dead for several days, so someone had placed it in a plastic bag, Swain said.

The resident went to police after reviewing surveillance video focused on the alley. The video shows a man pulling into the alley on Dec. 28 and, after a couple of minutes, running over the dog, Swain said.

“The resident was shocked,” Swain said. “I went over there with a detective Friday morning. I watched it and you are horrified.”

The video shows the man get out of his car and open the trunk. He then gets back into his car. The male dog, 5-1/2-year-old Cow Cow, which had presumably been in the trunk, runs forward and stops in the center of the alley.

Parker backs his vehicle up, and then appears to accelerate rapidly, steering directly toward the dog,” Swain said. “Cow Cow is run completely over.”

 A second video shot from the rear of the car shows the dog writhing on the ground until it dies.

“It’s gruesome,” Swain said. “It starts bleeding, his little back leg twitching.”

Police said the motive for the crime was unknown, even though Parker and his wife are estranged.

“There’s no indication that’s it, ‘I’m angry at you. That’s why I’m doing that,’ ” Swain said. “It is both of their dogs. So we don’t have a motive. He was arrested and he didn’t want to go into details. He didn’t indicate why he did it.”

But Parker’s estranged wife’s friend, who asked to remain anonymous for his own protection, said Parker became irate Dec. 28 when she refused to sign their San Pedro house over to him.

“He made threats against her and her family,” the friend said. “He said, ‘You are going to sign these documents or else.’ ”

Olga Parker filed for divorce in the summer of 2011 following 16 years of marriage. The couple have three children — two boys ages 15 and 12, and a 6-year-old daughter. Parker has since had a child with a new girlfriend.

The divorce settlement has slowly been making its way through family court. The friend said cutbacks in the Superior Court system in Los Angeles County have slowed the process.

Parker and his estranged wife both moved out of their San Pedro residence, but Parker wants to take control of it, the wife’s friend said.

“This guy is just a piece of work,” the friend said. “He believes he is above the law because of his position with Larry Flynt.”

Flynt, a famous publisher of pornographic magazines, owns the Hustler Casino where Parker works.

The friend described the missing dog, Lucky, as a black mutt, with a white underside.

Olga Parker has told her children that the dogs are gone and that one was killed. One child told his mother he did not believe his father would do such a thing, the friend said.

Parker is scheduled for arraignment March 25 at the Airport courthouse in Del Aire.

“This has gone too far,” the friend said. “If this guy doesn’t go to jail for this, there is no justice.”

Another News Link:http://www.dailybreeze.com/general-news/20140106/police-video-shows-man-purposely-running-over-dog-in-hawthorne-alley

Graphic Image – Petitions To Sign Against Bestiality Or Whatever Name It Be Called

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“As one can see from the above image, bestiality by whatever form it is known or called has been around for a very long time. It is not a new phenomenon, nor is it as taboo a subject, although we still find it distasteful to talk about. However, the internet has now given these perpetrators a new & easy way to obtain whatever fetish they may have or like & the ability to discuss & share with other like-minded predators. So for the sake of our children & our generations to come, please sign the petitions below…we can not afford to turn a blind eye to this disturbing & sickening subject any longer!”

“I am of the opinion that all sexual activity between humans and animals is abusive, whether it involves physical injury or not. The anatomy of any female animal is by its structure only intended for the male of the species, therefore any other form of  penetration can do untold damage.  I believe some animals can be severely traumatized by any sexual act; when forced into submission by a human.” 

“Surely one can see that for any act of sexual pleasure, both parties have to verbally agree, if either party does not consent, then it could be construed in law as rape! An animal can not verbally give permission nor rejection. Also, animals do not see human beings as part of their natural or normal mating habits. Plus animals can pass untold infections to humans; think of the repercussions!”

” As such, I conclude any sexual contact with an animal is a form of rape; it should be given the same regard in law as it would if it were a human case of rape!”

“I would also add that most sexual acts are done behind the privacy of closed doors; so how can we be fully informed on the amount of cases that happen. I’m sure those that are caught did not intend to be…indeed had they not been caught, to what level would their sexual desire have taken them? Cruelty to animals, if accompanied by a sexual interest, must be seen as a high-risk factor for a future sex offender”

“As such I have long begged the question, why is there still no statute or legislation for National Animal Abuse Registries in every Country, State, & County; just as there is Abuse Registries for Pedophiles. The FBI have long known that the majority of  pedophiles, rapist & murderers, started young in life. Most by harming & or gaining pleasure from abusing animals. So I think it of paramount importance that these registries be put in place now, to protect further generations…if you have nothing to hide, why object to them?”


 http://www.change.org/petitions/eu-ban-bestiality (If you only sign one please let it be this, On date of 26 September, 2012 the EU has confirmed the official registration of this petition.)





I do hope I have got my point across in a way it can be understood, I am in a lot of pain today, so apologies for any mistakes or if it appears a little disjointed…blame the morphine…not me!!


Man Arrested In Abuse That Cost Puppy A Leg

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“WTF…Sick POS wants locking up & the key melted down…he is the epitome of evil in human form!”

Pinellas Parkpolice today arrested a 44-year-old St. Petersburg man and charged him with felony cruelty to animals in a case that cost a 5-month-old puppy his front left leg.

Beau suffered a broken leg in May,.Because it became infected it had to be amputated.

An arrest affidavit says that from May through June, Todd Walker inflicted multiple injuries on a dog named Beau.

The arrest report states Walker was observed drop-kicking the dog approximately 5 to 6 feet across the living room to where the dog hit the arm of a lounge chair.

On a second occasion, Walker was observed throwing the dog on to a couch and hitting the dog in the face, then punching the dog in the area of its hind legs with his fist, the report said.

Pinellas Park police Det. Mike Lynch also wrote that on at least two occasions Walker was seen throwing water bottles at the dog.

Beau suffered two broken bones to the left lower leg, along with a broken upper bone to the same leg, and a skull fracture.

Lynch added, “As a result of the injuries the dog’s left leg had to be amputated and the dog was observed to be in a state of fear when the defendant was present with the dog.”

Last week, SPCA Tampa Bay offered a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for abusing Beau.

Beau suffered a broken leg in May, and it became infected

The agency began its investigation in June when Kat Burke of Pinellas Park, the owner’s aunt, called the SPCA abuse hotline.

“It certainly looks like abuse from our perspective; it’s almost impossible for an animal to get that many injuries any other way,” SPCA Tampa Bay CEO Martha Boden said.

Burke claimed the dog suffered a broken left front leg in May. A month later on June 19, she says she got a panicked call from her niece, Rebecca Walker, telling her that “Beau’s leg was broke again, it was the same leg and she was on her way home.”

Burke rushed the dog to Haynes Road Animal Hospital, where they started treatment immediately.

In addition to the broken leg, Burke said Beau also suffered two skull fractures, a broken jaw bone and broken ribs.

“He was in shock,” Burke said.

According to Burke, Beau’s broken leg was badly infected and he suffered nerve damage.  Doctors decided to amputate.

Todd Walker

A week later, Rebecca Walker wrote in a request for an injunction for protection against domestic violence that her husband “Todd was watching my dog, Beau. Todd called me and said my dog was hurt.”

Todd Walker is a convicted felon. He has done time in the Florida state prisonsystem for felony battery and incest with a relative.

Now he faces another felony charge, cruelty to animals.

As for Beau, Burke said he continues to heal from his injuries. She has taken the dog in and hopes one day to work with and help inspire young children who have also lost limbs.

Video & News Link:http://www2.tbo.com/news/breaking-news/2012/aug/17/man-arrested-in-abuse-that-cost-puppy-a-leg-ar-467594/

Houston pair charged with torturing, killing puppy – For Money

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“OMG…These POS don’t deserve to breathe the same air as animals let alone humans. Sick & perverted pure evil scum, I hope everyone remembers their faces & what they did & don’t give them a minutes peace, once released from jail, where they better be for a very long time. While their in Jail I hope they come across lots of inmates who really love animals & hate animal abusers!!!”

Watch the Video at the link below

Ashley Nicole Richards, 22, and Brent Wayne Justice used a meat cleaver to slash a puppy’s neck, cut off its tail and slice its leg, according to court records. The pit bull pup died.

Charges were also filed against Richards this week in a 2010 animal abuse case. She allegedly killed a cat by slitting its throat and stomping its eye with her shoe heel.

The gruesome deaths were reportedly videotaped and posted online to make money, according to prosecutors. Sources say there were also gruesome videos of other puppies, kittens, mice, rabbits and other animals.

KHOU 11 News Reporter Jeff McShan found two open cans of cat food on the suspects’ property. One was in the driveway, and the other was on the side of the house. A window was propped open and it appeared it was used to lure animals inside.

Investigators said the videos are called crush videos. Crush videos show an animal being tortured, often crushed, to satisfy the viewer’s sexual appetite.

Police said Richards would sometimes perform the killings live and said Justice was the one that shot the videos and provided a knife to kill at least one of the animals.

The Houston Police Department said it has been briefed on crush videos in the past, but this is the first time, in recent history, that they’ve uncovered a case like this in Houston.

Richards was being held on a bond of $40,000 for the two animal cruelty cases. The bond for Justice was set at $20,000. “Why so bloody low?? These bastards should not be walking the streets let alone have access to a house, garage or anywhere they can carry out their sick filth!”

Richards was already in trouble for a Fourth of July riot in Waco. After the annual fireworks display in downtown Waco, a crowd of about 400 people refused to leave and became hostile. They threw large fireworks and rocks at officers, according to KWTX in Waco. The melee lasted about 90 minutes before police used an armored vehicle and tear gas to break up the crowd.

Richards was charged with punching a female cop and resisting arrest.

Video & News Link:-http://www.khou.com/news/crime/Houston-pair-charged-with-torturing-puppy-to-death–166584426.html


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