In the village, the size of the snake is irrelevant to its capacity to kill but that fact is mostly ignored when one suddenly bumps into a snake. Again, in the village, the snake is so feared that it is never mentioned by its name at night; it is called a string, for, talk of the devil and he will appear.

There is a subject that has been chewing chunks from this villager’s heart and conscience for too long, and it is men’s obsession with aphrodisiacs.

Back in the village, in the land of milk, honey and dust or Guruve if you like, men spend most of their free time bragging about their manhood and their various abilities to use it.

This villager knows that this is quite a pre-occupation for the many men from the pot-bellied to the pencil-slim, from the tall to the short ones and indeed from the ugly to the most handsome, every one brags about his ability and no one accepts inability.

The pre-occupation with bedroom antics have of late, led to the near extinction of the rhino, whose horn is, unfortunately, believed to be some strong aphrodisiac.

But the village soothsayer, the ageless autochthon of wisdom and knowledge insists men are a silly lot, killing an entire five tone rhino to find a supposed solution to their sexual inefficiencies.

Some people, urbanites and villagers included, believe that the rhino horn has medicinal or even magical properties and this is the sole reason the rhino has been poached to near extinction.

According to the village soothsayer, scientific tests done locally and the developed world yonder, have proved this to be a mere myth. Rhino horn is in fact, composed of the same material as fingernails and toenails.

It has no medicinal properties. Taking rhino horn powder is no more effective than chewing your fingernails.

It is hoped that if this message is able to filter through to end users it will have the power to reduce the demand for rhino horn and hopefully men can look at other means of enhancing their manhood.

Unless concerted and collaborative efforts are made to salvage endangered animals from the current onslaught, the beautiful animals may become extinct

via allAfrica.com: Zimbabwe: Of Rhino Horn, Manhood, Fingernails and Toenails.