It has often been said animals in circus are treated badly.  It has been recently revealed that a hippopotamus has died at Gemini Circus in Kerala.

The incident and other related incidents has led the federation of Indian animal protection organisations (FIAPO) to urge the animal welfare board of India and the ministry of environment and forests (MoEF) to make changes so that exploitation done to animals can be stopped.

The FIAPO has made urgent appeal to authorities concerned that protection should be extended to these animals under the Prevention to Cruelty to Animals Act.  It is alleged the hippopotamus has died due to negligent attitude in the circus.

It has already been ruled out by India’s Supreme Court in 1990 that wild animals are banned in circuses.  It has been done so as a number of animals like lions, bears and panthers were facing neglect.

The ban has a positive effect on the animals and it is said that a number of lives were saved due to the same.

“We have urged the authorities to take immediate action against Gemini circus for causing the death of the hippopotamus due to their negligence”, said a spokesperson from the FIAPO.

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