Bear Fatally Shot After Being Injured by Car On Vanderbilt

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Police say they shot and killed a bear cub that was hit by a car as it tried to cross Vanderbilt Hill Road Wednesday morning.

The bear was still alive when police arrived on scene a little after 6:34 a.m. when the call came in, but it was “gravely injured,” said Lt. David Campbell, a spokesman for the Juneau Police Department.

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“If an animal is suffering, and it’s a wild animal, then in order to ease the suffering of the animal we’ll put it down,” Campbell said in a phone interview.

The bear was killed at about 7 a.m. An official from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game recovered the bear’s body a few minutes later.

It was not immediately known what type of vehicle hit the bear, or the cause of the accident. The crash was reported to police by the person driving the vehicle, and the motorist’s identity was not released.

Neil Barten, a Fish and Game Wildlife Management Coordinator who retrieved the bear’s body, said JPD did the right thing by killing the bear by gunshot.

Barten speculated the bear had broken its back or crushed its pelvis because it was unable to walk.

The poor thing was on the road, and it was trying to crawl,” he said.

Barten said it was a male black bear cub that was brownish in colour. He estimated it weighed 75 pounds and was less than a year old.

Fish and Game has received reports that a female black bear and her three cubs — two of which were black and one that was brown — have been in the area.

Barten speculated that the brown cub was straggling behind while following its mother and siblings crossing the street when it was hit by the car.

As Barten was loading the cub’s remains into the back of his pickup truck, he said the mother and her two remaining cubs re-crossed the street and scurried back toward the hillside above Twin Lakes.

“It’s just kind of unfortunate because they were getting so close to getting to bed for the winter,” Barton said, adding that bear sightings in town will drop off in the next two weeks as the bears begin to hibernate.

Barten said about four to five bears are hit on the road each year in Juneau.

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Whale shark found dead near Mangrol

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AHMEDABAD: The coastal dwellers of Mangrolin Porbandar district woke to a strange sight. The carcass of a huge whale shark, that weigh 10 tonnes and was about 47 feet long, had been washed up on the shores of Mangrol on Sunday.

As the news spread, people living in nearby villages rushed to the coast to see the big shark which was lying on the shore. The forest department and the local police had a tough time controlling the endless stream of visitors that went close to the shark to touch it and even took photographs, posing before the dead shark.

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Officials of the forest department said that the full grown whale shark was examined to find if it had died due to some fishing boat or any other factor. But, post mortem examination revealed that the whale shark had died due to natural causes. The forest department buried the shark close to the spot where it was found, after the medical examination.

A senior official said that this would be among the few full grown sharks that have been found dead on the shore. This, once again, reveals that the sharks are found in the Indian water and come here during the monsoons.

The state government in association with the Wildlife Trust of India has also tagged few sharks for satellite tracking. “Tags are put on the sharks to get information about the path that they take to come to Gujarat coast and also to get the details as to where do they actually come from,” said an official.

The whale shark was listed under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act in 2001, according to the highest level of protection. It is this Mangrol, a small fishing town situated along the Gujarat coast, that has a mascot – the whale shark. The adoption was declared during the Whale Shark Day celebrations to mark the successful Whale Shark Campaign.

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The Brutal Killing of Bluefin Tuna Exposed | Animal Equality Undercover Investigation

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Published on 2 Jun 2012 by 


Sign the petition to ban the killing of tuna

Each year, in Carloforte, Sardinia, hundreds of blue fin tunas are caught in traps while they migrate to their breeding ground and later slaughtered. Animal Equality, has documented both the natural behaviour of tunas underwater, and the plight of the blue fin tunas who are brutally killed. Blue fin tunas are able to feel pain and suffering like any other animal. This slaughter in Carloforte is a cruel practice that must stop immediately.


• Unnaturally high densities of tuna at the catching stage presented a significant stressor to individual animals.

• Fish were dragged from the ocean with giant sharp metal pick hooks and brought on-board ships.

• Extensive tissue damage was caused by the piercing, blunt hooks, and this is likely to have inflicted acute pain on the fish, who were still alive and conscious.

• The suspension of the tunas’ body weight caused the further tearing of tissues as a result of gravity working against the hook.

• The struggling, frantic movements of the tuna whilst suspended in the air indicated that the fish were in pain and stress.

• Fish were observed being repeatedly stabbed with knives in the thoracic (chest) region and major arteries, causing death via exsanguination.

• Animals were slaughtered in the presence of conspecifics which is likely to cause additional stress.

About us:

“Read the following, a very interesting PDF article by Mark Bekoff.  I have been honored to have Marc’s professional opinion, on certain animal issues I have dealt with & it’s basically what I’ve been feeling my whole life, but articulated beautifully and backed up by research; I have the utmost respect for him. He is also co-founder with Jane Goodall of Ethologists for the Ethical Treatment of Animals; along with many more titles & books.” 

Aquatic animals, cognitive ethology, and ethics: questions about sentience and other troubling issues that lurk in turbid water. Mark Bekoff

“Some people argue that ‘smart’ animals suffer more than do less intelligent beings and therefore it is easier to justify the use of invertebrates, fish, and various rodents rather than dogs, cats, or great apes, for example. However, intelligence and suffering are not necessarily correlated and clever animals do not suffer more than less clever individuals.”

Prof Marc Bekoff 2006a, 2007.

Here is an insightful video of the work Mark Bekoff does:-

Do Whales Eat Fish? – Interesting Educational Video

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“Just found this Brilliant new video about whales & fish, which puts things into perspective”.  It’s very educational, so a good one for older kids to watch, after all, they are the next generation of fishermen & the other’s (who hopefully in the future won’t be able to kill anymore whales under the guise of experiments etc.!” 


Published on 3 May 2012 by 

This video explains the facts behind the common myth that whales deplete fish stocks.

The Sawfish is a Great Slasher | Surprising Science

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“I’m posting this just because I thought it was pretty cool, I didn’t know they used that saw to catch fish, did you?”

At first glance, the sawfish looks like nature’s awkward version of a double-sided garden rake. This highly endangered species is a kind of ray. Previous observations of sawfish predatory behavior pinned them as slow-moving bottom-dwellers.

But a study this month in Current Biology shows that the freshwater sawfish is no rake-nosed dope. In fact, the sawfish uses its toothed rostrum (the saw) not only to detect its next meal, but also to attack and impale its prey, sometimes slashing at schooling fish or even cutting tissue out of whales. Their strikes can be strong enough to cut a fish in half.

The study shows that the saw is used both to detect prey and to attack it. Other fish in the shovel-nose family can’t do both—and previously, researchers thought the sawfish followed suit. Unlike other jawed fish whose snouts are used for one or the other purpose, the sawfish has thousands of electroreceptors that enable them to detect the electromagnetic field produced by other animals, and they have tiny canals on their skin that register water movement in their three-dimensional hunting environment.

This new reputation may lead to changes in fishing practices allowed in sawfish territory—their saws often become entangled in fishing gear, contributing to their swift decline.

via The Sawfish is a Great Slasher | Surprising Science.

Justice for the Slain Mountain Lion! – Take Action Today @ The Animal Rescue Site

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One would think the head of a wildlife preservation agency would be dedicated to the protection of all animals. But evidently that’s not how Dan Richards, California’s Fish and Game Commission president feels, because during a hunting expedition in Idaho Richards hunted and killed a mountain lion.

Mountain lion poaching is illegal in Richards’s state of California, so it’s no wonder why he traveled to Idaho where it’s legal to hunt the beautiful animals. When asked about the killing, Richards responded, “I’m glad it’s legal in Idaho.”Justice for the Slain Mountain Lion!

Richards’s actions are highly hypocritical — not to mention irresponsible — for someone who is supposed to actively promote the conservation of nature and species.

We should be able to trust our agency executives to do the jobs they are hired to do. Call on the California Fish and Game Commission to make an example out of Richards and to replace him as agency president immediately.

Sign Petition via Justice for the Slain Mountain Lion! – Take Action Today @ The Animal Rescue Site.

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