Whale shark found dead near Mangrol

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AHMEDABAD: The coastal dwellers of Mangrolin Porbandar district woke to a strange sight. The carcass of a huge whale shark, that weigh 10 tonnes and was about 47 feet long, had been washed up on the shores of Mangrol on Sunday.

As the news spread, people living in nearby villages rushed to the coast to see the big shark which was lying on the shore. The forest department and the local police had a tough time controlling the endless stream of visitors that went close to the shark to touch it and even took photographs, posing before the dead shark.

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Officials of the forest department said that the full grown whale shark was examined to find if it had died due to some fishing boat or any other factor. But, post mortem examination revealed that the whale shark had died due to natural causes. The forest department buried the shark close to the spot where it was found, after the medical examination.

A senior official said that this would be among the few full grown sharks that have been found dead on the shore. This, once again, reveals that the sharks are found in the Indian water and come here during the monsoons.

The state government in association with the Wildlife Trust of India has also tagged few sharks for satellite tracking. “Tags are put on the sharks to get information about the path that they take to come to Gujarat coast and also to get the details as to where do they actually come from,” said an official.

The whale shark was listed under Schedule I of the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act in 2001, according to the highest level of protection. It is this Mangrol, a small fishing town situated along the Gujarat coast, that has a mascot – the whale shark. The adoption was declared during the Whale Shark Day celebrations to mark the successful Whale Shark Campaign.

News Link:http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/ahmedabad/Whale-shark-found-dead-near-Mangrol/articleshow/15382527.cms?intenttarget=no


Swan is clubbed to death Bird lured with bread … and then killed

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COPS were yesterday hunting a gang of sick thugs who bludgeoned a swan to death using a club studded with nails.

A horrified passer-by saw the yobs lure the swan from a stretch of water using bread before beating it and hurling it into the back of a van.

It is the third attack on a swan in Lincoln in the last six months.

Charlotte Childs, of the local RSPCA, said: “The only thing we can think of is they’re being killed to be eaten, but it could have been just an attack for fun. It’s horrific.”

She added: “Swans mate for life so there will be another out there pining for its mate.”

Lincolnshire police are trying to trace a black van with a registration number that starts FS06.

Elephant calf Mee Chok in Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES – YouTube

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Mee Chok (Blessed) was just 20 months old when BLES successfully rescued him. Previously known as Pheung Yai (Bumble Bee), this baby elephant had known nothing but the inside of the filthy shack he was chained and shackled in. He was snatched away from his birth mother when he was just a few months old, so that the owners could start breaking him in. He was put with another adult female who showed no interest in him and he was never allowed out of the broken down stable. Chained, shackled, and highly distressed, Mee Chok had wounds on his face and ears, was dehydrated, and thin. He was lashing out all over the place, angry and confused by being confined and restricted.

Sanctuary elephants: http://www.blesele.org/what_we_do/sanctuary_elephants

via Elephant calf Mee Chok in Boon Lott’s Elephant Sanctuary – BLES – YouTube.

“It is scenes like this that make it bearable to go on trying to help those less fortunate…:)”

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