“WTF…well I’ve seen it all now! How stupid, if this is how he treats his horses then he doesn’t deserve to have them; he obviously knows sod all about horse management. I hope WHW are keeping an eye on this idiot!”

Two horses have been found tied to the wheels of parked cars in London. World Horse Welfare Field Officer Nick White thought he had seen everything in this job, but describes this was his most “bizarre welfare concern” yet.

He was called on 11 April to check on “two horses kept in a tiny concrete area” in Southall, west London. He arrived to find a 16hh Friesian type and 15hh Welsh cob tied to the wheel of a car on the front drive of a house, next to a busy main road.

The cob’s rope was stuck under the engine, preventing him from lifting his head, while the Friesian was foraging from flowerpots.

After untangling the cob, I woke the owner up and discovered he was planning to leave the horses there for two more days, hoping to build a wooden shelter for them on the drive,” said Nick, who issued a time limit by when the horses had to be moved.

“Much to my relief, the owner took my advice of finding pastures green within the time limit. I watched with the rest of the street as both horses were ridden off into the sunset towards Heathrow airport.”

A warning has been issued to the owner, stating that they must not return the horses to the site.

Originally published on horseandhound.co.uk 24th April 2013

News Link:- http://www.horseandhound.co.uk/news/horses-found-tied-to-wheels-of-parked-cars/#rkF0v5oLTWRyXQi5.99