GATESVILLE (April 20, 2012)–A Coryell County couple set to go to trial Monday in a case that involved the mistreatment of dozens of animals will have to wait a little longer for a day in court after Judge Trent Farrell agreed Friday to continue the case until September.

Curtis and Racine Moore are each charged with 10 counts of cruelty to livestock animals, two counts of illegal dumping and an additional 64 counts of cruelty to non-livestock animals.

Both are free on bonds totaling $101,000 each.

The Moores were arrested on Jan. 31, 2011 after authorities executed search and seizure warrants on their ranch and home on Marriott Road in southwestern Coryell County.

The original warrant was for the seizure of horses, but investigators encountered more than they expected as they searched the property.

As a result, the 39 horses were delivered to a Gatesville veterinarian and a second seizure warrant was obtained for another 230 dogs, 13 rodents, 18 cats, a primate, a deer, a raccoon, a monitor lizard, two Bengal tigers and two mountain lions.

The Houston office of the SPCA took custody of all of the animals except for the horses, which remain in the care of the vet in Gatesville.

A Coryell County jury in May 2011 ordered the couple to pay a $60,000 judgment to a woman who was employed by the Moore’s and sued them because their dog bit her.

Dina Maze also was awarded medical damages to cover the cost of her treatment after a Rottweiler that was owned by Curtis and Racine Moore bit her in 2008.

A second defendant in the suit, Gary Friedel, owner of the Topsey Wildlife Ranch, was judged to not be responsible for any of Maze’s injuries.

Friedel had no connection to the event other than he was the landowner who leased land to the Moores.

Maze claims that while she worked for the Moores at their animal ranch in 2008, a Rottweiler dog she was charged with feeding bit her.

At the time the Moores were leasing property from Friedel adjacent to his Topsey Wildlife Ranch.

Maze’s lawyers, from the Carlson firm, claimed Maze was bitten while trying to feed a female Rottweiler after entering the dog’s cage.

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