WASHINGTON (VOR)– An undercover video revealing rampant animal abuse at a cheese farm is pushing one the world’s largest food producers to turn tail.

Digiorno’s, part of Nestlé, is announcing it is severing ties with the Wisconsin farm at the center of yet another factory farm animal abuse scandal. 

VOR correspondent Molly Seder spoke with one of the investigators behind the revelations. She filed this report:
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Nestle is recovering from a PR nightmare.

The Animal Rights Group Mercy for Animals has leaked a disturbing video documenting animal abuse at a farm that contracts with DiGiorno‘s pizza.
In the clip you can hear a worker grunting as he whips an unresponsive cow.

Matt Rice is the Director of Investigations at Mercy for Animals, the group that put together the video. He told VOR the footage reveals grave abuse.

“Our investigator documented workers viciously kicking, beating, whipping cows in their faces and bodies, and dragging them by their fragile legs and necks using chains attached to a tractor.”
Nestle has responded to the story by announcing it will no longer buy milk or cheese from Wiese Brothers Farm in Brown County, Wisconsin

Rice says there are no federal laws regulating animal treatment on farms. 

Unlike domestic pets, farm animals have few if any legal protections. Here’s Matt Rice, who says it’s a really big problem:
And most states specifically exclude farmed animals from legal protection. Meaning that these farmers are often able to get away with treating thousands or even millions of animals in ways that would warrant felony cruelty charges if even one cat or dog were the victim instead.”
Still, “Mercy for Animals” is taking legal action that they’re hopeful will lead to arrests. Wisconsin – unlike many other states – does have some laws protecting its dairy cows. Law enforcement officials are investigating the case. 

But still, it won’t necessarily have a big impact. 

The group’s only option is to target the low wage workers carrying the whips. They can’t take aim at the farm’s owners or at the multinational corporations the Weise Brothers contract with, like Nestlé.

Gene Baur, President of Farm Sanctuary, says that workers are usually under heavy pressure to do their job. 
“Often times in these places the workers are pushed just like the animals are pushed. And the workers become frustrated and they resort to cruel treatment of animals. And that’s what we see in this video very plainly.” 

And what does Nestlé have to say about the treatment of its work animals? Apparently nothing, as they did not respond to repeated requests from VOR.

So it looks like for now, this might remain the status quo for many factory farms across the country.

By Molly Seder

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Graphic Video; Viewer Discretion Advised

Published on 10 Dec 2013

Horrific undercover video taken by a Mercy For Animals investigator reveals disgusting animal cruelty at a DiGiorno dairy supplier. Workers kick, beat, and stab cows and drag them by their fragile legs and necks using chains attached to tractors. 

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