Video: Sick Bxxxxxd Throws Dog Into Sewer Then Walks Away

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WTF…I can’t believe the blatant way this sicko just puts his dog in the drain; it’s like he is just throwing out the trash. Please if anyone knows who this is or even has an idea, please contact local authorities. This bastard has to be found & justice prevailed. God only knows how that dog may have suffered before this final act of cruelty. I can’t believe his cry’s were heard, he was rescued, but then ran off; I just pray he didn’t go back to his masters house!! I haven’t been able to find out much more than what is posted below; but I will certainly keep my eyes open & update asap!”

Organization for animal rights and protection from Krusevac “ORPAK” sent an appeal to all citizens of Krusevac to help them find the person who threw a dog in the sewer in this town in central Serbia.

Man who without reason, while nobody was watching, threw a dog in an open sewer calmly went on his way. However, thanks to security cameras, it may be possible to determine who is the person in the video.

The organization ”ORPAK” is asking everyone to report the person if they recognize him via phone number +381(63)8822412 or to immediately call the police.

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This is not pleasant to watch, but if people don’t, this guy will never be caught unless he brags about it & someone blows the whistle on him.

Sick Bastard Drops Dog Down Drain – Please help find him

Published on 4 May 2013 Animal protection services have been contacted by worried citizens that they hear barking and squealing from the sewer. The team dispatched managed to rescue a young dog which immediately ran to the nearby park and tried to clean itself by rolling in grass.

It ran away from rescuers after that. Citizens are asked to help in the investigation by contacting animal protection society or police. The event horrified local population and media.

Chihuahua Recovering After Owner’s Grandson Beat It Then Stuffed It In A 350-degree Oven

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“Thank God, this sick bxxxxxd’s brother came back & found Kudo in time; I dread to think what would have happened, had he not! This is just another reason, why we need Animal Abuse Registers, he already confessed to having anger issues; so why wait until he hurts somebody else? Once his case has been dealt with, his name will slip into the abyss; along with all the other animal abusers! So for the protection of the public & their pets, these maniacs need to be kept track off…just like paedophiles are!!”

A 20-year-old Oregon man has admitted to stuffing his grandmother’s tiny Chihuahua in a 350-degree oven after repeatedly punching it in the head because it nipped him.

Kevin Dean Parrish said he may have cooked the dog alive on Friday, but his brother came home and interrupted the horrific animal abuse

Little Kudo, a Chihuahua-pincher mix, suffered cuts and bruises from the beating, as well as singed hair and burns on his paws that were so severe he had trouble standing.

Kudo, prior to current abuse case Credits: Marion County Sheriff Press Release

Veterinarians say the six-year-old dog is expected to make a full recovery after Parrish’s family nursed it back to health.

Parrish, who says he has ‘anger issues,’ lives with his grandmother in Lyons, Oregon, and was caring for her dog while she is out of state.

He told police that he was pre-heating the oven to cook enchiladas for his lunch on Friday when he went to check on Kudo in his cage.

Parrish, who is 5-foot-11 and weighs 200 pounds, said he became enraged when the little dog nipped his hand. 

‘Anger problems’: Kevin Dean Parrish, 20, admitted to abusing the dog

He took Kudo out of his cage and punched the nine-pound dog in the head several times. 

He also admitted to police that he choked the dog. 

After battering the animal, he said, he decided to stuff it in the oven, which was heated to 350 degrees. 

It is unknown exactly how long the dog was inside before Parrish’s brother came home and saw what was happening.

The suspect’s brother took the dog to a veterinarian and his father called police.

Parrish faces felony aggravated animal abuse charges.

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See Video on Huffington Post-Parrish’s bail has been set at $10,000. :

Women Who Rubber-Banded Pup’s Snout: Convicted

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Please Note:”I couldn’t attach video, so it will be posted separately to Facebook & Twitter

“What a rotten, cold hearted bitch…she “didn’t notice it”…that’s cos she too busy looking after herself. I can only thank God that the SPCA learned of the case & saved the poor wee soul!! Take a good look at her face, see the coldness in her eye’s…all abusers have that same look, void of sympathy, compassion, empathy, love & simple kindness!! From now on (if I remember) abusers names will be in this colour, red the colour of blood…cos all these MF’s have it on their hands!!

In December of 2011, a nine-month-old Yorkie-poodle mix named Sox was discovered locked in a bathroom with a rubber band around his muzzle.  He was starving, covered in fleas and surrounded by faeces.

The SPCA learned of the dog and his condition after being contacted by a teacher who was told by two students that their dog was “dying slowly in the bathroom.”

The rubber band was so tight that it had begun cutting into the dog’s skin and jawbone.  It caused an infection that opened a hole on top of the snout that Sox could breathe through.  He was surrendered to the SPCA the next day after owner Tieesha Cogdell refused to take him to a veterinarian.

The Largo, Florida woman claimed she didn’t know that her dog’s snout had been clamped shut with a rubber band, and only noticed when Sox started having trouble breathing.  His fur was so long that it hid the rubber band.

Tieesha Cogdell

But it is doubtful that she was clueless to his condition considering the dog had also been trapped in the bathroom for weeks.  Also, wouldn’t she have noticed that he wasn’t eating?  That is, if she bothered to feed him in the first place. “Erm..didn’t she ever take a shower or a piss?? Didn’t notice my ass, lazy good for nothing SOB!”

The judge didn’t buy her story, and sentenced Cogdell to six months in jail for animal cruelty.  This may not seem like nearly long enough, but she will also receive one year of probation following her jail sentence, as well as a lifetime ban from ever owning dogs again.  In addition, she has been ordered to pay the $2,000 medical treatment for Sox.

Sox has since been adopted by a woman named Lori Chambers.

“The fact that there’s a human being out there that would do something like that to an animal makes me sad,” Chambers said.  “He wants to be loved.  He shows us that every day.”

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Tragic Update:R.I.P Tidus – The Dog Purposely Set On Fire By Local Youths Has Died

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“R.I.P Tidus, you are now pain free & will find peace over Rainbow Bridge… you will be missed by so many; even though they never met you, you were an inspiration!! I prayed so hard that you would be well; but I guess God needed another angel by his side xxx”

“To the cowardly bastard’s that set poor Tidus the dog on fire, just for a laugh:-The innocent life that you inflicted such pain upon, for fun…for your own selfish gratification, is now in heaven! I hope you realise that what you did was something that can never be forgiven or forgotten…God will not forgive you; you will have to live with the death of Tidus, forever! I hope his agonised soul & painful cries, torture your every living moment… until the day you rot in hell!!”

Tidus, the hero, Tidus, the beautiful, Tidus, the dog that inspired the world and showed us all the true value of life passed away; yesterday in the loving arms of her owner and surrounded by us that came to love him.

His sweetness, courage, and strength in the face of a fate that many a human would consider worst than death gained him the support and admiration of millions, not only in Spain, but around the world. At a time when people strive to find signs of humanity around them and don’t find it, Tidus plea provided us both hope and it made us reflect about who we really are, and where we are going, as individuals and a society.


Through his battle for life, his small daily conquests and his ultimate loss, Tidus has given us all a lesson we shall never forget, and the lesson is this:

Every life is priceless…. every life.

Tidus was not just a dog. He was SOMEONE. He knew what he liked, and disliked, he had preferences, and wishes, and he didn’t wish to die after providing a few minutes of fun to a heartless gang of thugs.


He enjoyed playing with this friends at the park and chase after cats. He preferred the bed to the sofa, and above all, he loved people, and children. He was kind, calm and carried his suffering with a dignity that no one that met him or heard of his please will will ever forget. Yesterday, whilst he exhaled his last breath, his vets broke up in tears, and then, he was gone, and there was silence. 

And what of his killers? They remain on the loose. And they have burned three other dogs in the past weeks.

And what of the police? The police is busy, placing parking tickets and pretending nothing has happened. A pretend that will continue until someone, maybe a kid, maybe an elderly person, surely someone weak and helpless, incapable of defending himself will appear charred to the bone, as Tidus was. The day it happens, Police will be slapped on the face with the fact that they allowed serial killers to live among us.

Goodbye Tidus. It was a pleasure to meet you. Look out for us, could you?

Victor Larkhill


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Couple Had Sex With Dog: Admits To Violations Of Probation: Judge Re-Sentenced Probabtion

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“I can’t fxxxxxg believe this…regards previous post, just found this…although wish I hadn’t…the pervs just got another 30 months probation…WTF…they already proved they can’t be trusted, yet this Judge gives them another ‘Pass Jail go Free’ charge!! I don’t think this is the last we will hear of this pair, I just pray to God no sentient being is hurt in the process!”

“It’s almost like the Judges can’t be bothered, well I hope to God this pair keep their hands to themselves…if they don’t…I think this Judge has some explaining to do…I.E…Why the hell did Judge David Lupas, not give them a jail sentence or a total ban on keeping animals… but nope, all they got was a ‘please don’t go on the internet & look at porn, please don’t be around kids or animals etc.’…how the hell can those actions be monitored or supposed to deter them??”

“We all know this kind of sick perverted behaviour goes on behind closed door’s, so tell me, just how are this couple supposed to be monitored…or am I missing something? A man & wife can’t just forget their sexual preferences, probation has proved it doesn’t stop them, yet all they get for breaking the rules is more probation, a slap on the wrist! Well I hope people spread their names far & wide, shame I don’t have pictures…people have a right to know that their neighbours are not only child perverts, they also like sex with dogs…THEY ARE SICK VULGAR ABOMINATIONS THAT CAN NOT BE TRUSTED TO BE AROUND NORMAL PEOPLE OR ANIMALS!! “

WILKES-BARRE – A man and woman sentenced earlier this year on charges they sexually abused a teen boy admitted to several probation violations Friday, including that they had inappropriate contact with their dog, and were re-sentenced by a county judge.

James Antonelli, 68, and his wife, Jennie Marie Moore, 48, both of Sugarloaf Township, appeared before Judge David Lupas, who re-sentenced the couple to begin a sentence of 30 months probation Friday. “WTF…I give up, what’s the point when Judges just hand out more probation?”

The couple were originally sentenced in February to 30 months probation in a case in which prosecutors say the boy, now 17, was abused by Antonelli and Moore beginning in April 2007.

In September, the couple’s probation officer filed a violation report, detailing that during the summer on two different occasions Moore admitted she and Antonelli were having sex with their golden retriever, that the probation officer found pornography on a computer and that the two went to Knoebel’s Amusement Park in Elysburg. “What more proof would warrant a jail sentence for these two immoral perverted creatures?”  

The couple’s attorney, James Scallion, said Friday his clients admitted to the violations in an agreement was made with prosecutors.

Assistant District Attorney Maureen Collins said she was agreeable to the sentence as long as the couple stayed away from the Internet, agreed to have no pets or animals on their property, had no unsupervised contact with minors and stayed away from places minors frequent, including amusement parks. “IS this women stupid or what…this couple have already proved they can’t be trusted, but you let them loose again!!”

Antonelli and Moore must also undergo sexual offender treatment and counselling. “All they have to do, is try to persuade the councillors that they are sorry & it’s a case of ‘ oh, ok, be good now’…I’m so fxxxxxg angry I just broke my favourite pen!!” 

Lupas told Antonelli and Moore they must abide by the probation terms, and if they appear before him again on a violation, he could impose jail time. “Ooo…bet their real scared…NOT”

“I hope this is the last we see of each of you,” Lupas said.”Well it won’t be & on your head be it”

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Breaking: Dog killer Michael Vick has a new dog

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“Why don’t they just give him the fighting ring back too…FxxxxxG Nob Heads…what does this say to others? It’s wrong, he should have been banned from having any animals for life”

Michael Vick, who served 18 months in federal prison on dogfighting charges but claims to have seen the error of his ways, is once again a dog ownerABC News reports.


Vick, who became an outspoken critic ofanimal cruelty following his release five years ago, said in a statement to ESPN:

I understand the strong emotions by some people about our family’s decision to care for a pet. As a father, it is important to make sure my children develop a healthy relationship with animals. I want to ensure that my children establish a loving bond and treat all of God‘s creatures with kindness and respect. Our pet is well cared for and loved as a member of our family.

This is an opportunity to break the cycle. To that end, I will continue to honor my commitment to animal welfare and be an instrument of positive change.

Vick, who was convicted in April of 2007 of running an illegal interstate dogfighting ring for over five years, was at the time quarterback of the Atlanta Falcons. Despite petitions urging the National Football League to banish Vick, he was never drummed out of the league. He was released however by the Falcons in 2008, losing his NFL salary and endorsement deals. But the following year he was signed by the Philadelphia Eagles and in July of 2011 signed a lucrative endorsement contract with sports gear maker Nike.

Not everyone accepted Vick’s professed contrition, and many now will be outraged by his return to the status of dog owner. The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has expressed reservations, claiming Vick has never publicly shown remorse for killing dogs. In a statement, the ASPCA writes:

Because of this, we have serious concerns about Vick’s ability to be a responsible pet owner. We can only hope that he will set the right example for his children by teaching them to foster humane habits and a lifelong bond with their family pet.

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Dog dies after being intentionally burned by teenagers – Video

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“R.I.P Princess, I’m lost for words…& disturbed at how often this is happening!”

Deondra Peterson says there are few words to describe the teenagers who doused her dog, Princess, with lighter fluid and burned her last Saturday. The five month old husky/chow mix survived the attack, but died Monday afternoon after her injuries got worse.

“It’s evil. That’s sick .That’s very sick,” said Peterson.

Florence police say witnesses saw five or six teenagers pour lighter fluid on Princess near Iola Jones Park on Oakland Avenue.

Peterson says her dog ran into the home right after the attack, but she didn’t even realize it was Princess.

“I smell something burning so I’m checking around my house cause I’m thinking something outside might be on fire. A little boy walks by and was like oh yea, your dog was just on fire in the projects.”

Peterson says she can’t understand who would be so cruel to do that to her dog.

“You know how hot it was that day. I don’t understand what made yall want to set a dog on fire in a 104 degrees like you don’t think she was hot enough and then she was a chow and husky. She had a bunch of hair and you going to set her on fire and everybody take a turn squiring lighter fluid on a dog.”

Audrey Yon didn’t witness the attack, but was driving to work when she saw Princess on fire.

“I was on my way going to work and I see this dog was on fire. I say oh my God and I didn’t see a police in sight. I say Lord who done that,” said Yon.

Peterson says she cleaned Princess to take her to a veterinarian, but she ran under the house and stayed there until Monday.

Peterson crawled under the home and got Princess, but by then it was too late.

“I crawled under the house to get my dog. Like, I don’t know too many people’s, anybody else would have let their dog just die. I couldn’t do it. I didn’t want her to suffer. She smelled like her inside was just rotten. She smelled like a dead dog already but she was still alive,” Peterson explained.

She called the Florence City Animal Control to come get Princess and she died hours later.

“If you’ll set a dog on fire, imagine what they’ll do to another human. I don’t feel like people like that need to walk around.”

Officers say they have good leads on the teenagers believed to be involved. When arrested, they will be charged with Animal Cruelty.

If you have any information on this  crime, you’re asked to call the Florence Police Department at (843) 665-3191.

Petition to sign:

Dog dies after being intentionally burned by teenagers

Published on 3 Jul 2012 by 

Deondra Peterson says there are few words to describe the teenagers who doused her dog, Princess, with lighter fluid and burned her last Saturday.

Man charged with 50 counts of animal cruelty in Burke County

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MORGANTON, N.C. — The man who owned the 105 dogs Burke County Animal Control seized Monday afternoon now faces 50 counts of misdemeanor animal cruelty.

Larry Steverson Buff, 58, of 4431 Bill Epley Ave. was charged Monday night and Tuesday morning. His bond was set at $75,000.

“I just want them loved,” Buff said of the dogs. “There was some – I love them more than anything in the world but I was trying, wanting to get rid of some of ‘em.

“And I’m hurt because I lost them, but I hope the get a good home. I hope God gives them a good home.”

Things had gotten out of hand and he had too many dogs, Buff said. He was trying to help other people by taking in some of the dogs.

Buff acknowledged that he had more dogs than he could properly care for, but said he didn’t mistreat the dogs.

“One person can’t keep too many,” Buff said. “It’s just not good. I think I done well with what I had. I fed them every day, and I watered them. And I tried to keep them put up so they wouldn’t get run over or hurt.

“I love pets more maybe than I should. Maybe I shouldn’t love ‘em as much as I did.”

The animals are being held at the Burke County Animal Control shelter and Burke County Friends for Animals is checking on the dogs throughout the week to determine if they can be socialized and adopted.

BCFFA Director Toni Davis said unfortunately, some of the animals have medical conditions and will be euthanized.

The dogs range in age up to four to five years. Officers also took 25 puppies that were less than six weeks old.

The dogs were kept in a “compound” like area, said Teddi Stamey, BCFFA assistant director. They were kept in pens or leashed, but many had never seen grass or sunlight.

Burke County sheriff’s deputies went to Buff’s home Monday to post a notice regarding his noncompliance with rabies tags, Sheriff Steve Whisenant said. While there, the officers found out Buff had a warrant out for his arrest.

When officers served the warrant, for assault by pointing a gun, they noticed the “inhumane” conditions in which the dogs were housed, Whisenant said.

Officers returned with a warrant and took the dogs with the help of Caldwell, Morganton and Valdese animal control agencies and BCFFA.

As for seeing his dogs again, Buff said, “If I go to heaven, if I make it to heaven, I hope I get to walk the streets of heaven with some of my pets that I tried my best to care for.”

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