“I initially only added the last video, as it was very informative about rhino numbers etc. But then I found the first one from the KARIEGA Game Reserve, these incidents happened this year! Both videos are disturbing & I warn viewers to watch at their own discretion. However, to stop this war on rhino’s, I think it’s important that people see what is happening & be knowledgeable in the fact that the rhino horn is no more medicinal than my own finger nails. Knowledge is a great thing, so I ask that you share this information far & wide…we have to make those who demand rhino horn, see that it is worthless to anyone; except the rhino.”

The female rhino was killed in Bagori range of the Park and its horns taken away by the poachers, Park Director Sanjiv Bora said.

Patrolling forest guards found the fully mature rhino and some cartridges near the dead animal.

Eight people suspected to be involved in the killing have been picked up for interrogation.

This is the eleventh rhino killed in the Park by poachers during the current year.

News Link:http://www.business-standard.com/generalnews/news/rhino-killed-by-poachers-in-kaziranga/57045/

Petition to sign:http://www.stoprhinopoaching.com/register.aspx

Petition to sign:- http://www.avaaz.org/en/save_rhinos/?rc=fb&pv=65

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We are releasing the first of several video‘s taken by the team on the ground ,starting with this one taken at KARIEGA GAME RESERVE on Friday 2 March 2012.
Although this footage is quite shocking, we believe that the unbelievable courage shown in the fight for survival of our two Rhino’s Themba and Thandi must be shown to the world!

Furthermore, we will be shortly releasing a video message made by our ranger team on the ground titled UNITED WE STAND showing their utter horror to this scourge plaguing our country, and how extremely dedicated they all are to the continued survival of Thandi and Themba!


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As a whole, the world’s five species of rhinos make up the most endangered large animal group on the planet. This is due to relentless and vicious illegal poaching of rhino for their horns for use in Traditional Asian Medicine. Melinda MacInnis has made this video in the hopes of raising awareness about this global crisis. Please share this video widely and join the fight to halt rhino extinction.

Written and Produced by Melinda MacInnis
Edited by James Aikman
Director of Photography in Africa – John Mans