Couple Pleads Not Guilty to 17 Counts of Animal Abuse – Not First Run In With Animal Control

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“If you love your pets, you don’t clear off on holiday & leave the poor things alone! If they don’t get a serious sentence & all the dogs taken from them, they will carry on abusing!! Laws have to change to stop this type of thing happening again…an Animal Abuse Registry could stop repeat offenders etc.”

By News Staff – Reporting by Kainani Stevens –

An Exeter couple appeared in court Wednesday facing 17 counts of animal abuse.

Accused of 17 Counts Of Animal Abuse & Neglect – Kathleen and Donald Perkins

Police say the couple went on a two-week vacation, leaving their dogs locked up at home, alone, without enough food or water. This is not the first run-in the pair have had with animal control.

Both Kathleen and Donald Perkins plead not guilty in court, accused of the 17 counts of abuse and neglect.  The Perkins’ operate Celie Kennels out of their Ten Rod Road home, breeding golden retrievers for over a decade, according to their website.

Last week, 10 golden retrievers, six papillons, and one cat were removed from the Exeter home after State Police received a call from a concerned neighbor. Animal Control responded and found the dogs in “unsafe” conditions.

“The dogs were in crates barely big enough for them, standing in urine and feces. Their paws were raw and they had little or no water,” said Sgt. David Bassignani of the Rhode Island State Police.

All the dogs and the cat are being housed at several shelters across the state and will remain there until the judge rules on the case. Several neighbors of the Perkins’ have contacted animal control in the past.

“We have in the past had calls made by concerned citizens about the living conditions of the animals,” said Dr. E. J. Finocchio, Director of the RISPCA. The pair are due back in court on January 13th.

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Building Owner’s Senior Golden Retriever Shot And Klled By Police

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“I don’t know how the owner of this deceased dog can be so calm about it! Has anyone ever seen a Golden Retriever act aggressively? I certainly haven’t, in England this breed are like big puppies, whatever their age…Jesus….don’t the police have lights within the sight of their gun targets?? Had it been an aggressive pit-bull charging at them, looking like it was attempting to really harm them; the police may have had concerns about their own well-being & been forced to protect themselves. Having said that, a dog can’t kill with one bite; (unless it’s rabid or bit an artery) the police would have had enough time to act, had it been a vicious dog, whatever the breed! But this poor dog would more likely have just walked up to lick the policeman’s hand, had it been given the chance! It seems to me that the police in America are slightly trigger happy; when it come to confrontation with dogs…but that’s my personal view!!”

A tragic case of mistaken identity has left the dog who belongs to the owner of a former Veterans building in Vallejo, Calif., dead, reported Wednesday’s Mercury News.

A senior golden retriever was shot and killed/NOT TigerT. Preston

The dog, a senior golden retriever, belonged to 83-year-old Ed Boydston, who just bought the building which is located on Alabama Street.

Boydston, a Korean War veteran, was at the newly purchased building in the early evening last Friday; while there, someone phoned the police to report suspicious activity.

Responding police entered the building and called out to announce their presence; Boydston did not hear them, but his dog, “Tiger,” did, and when he approached, he was shot one time.

Boydston told Mercury News what he said to the officer:

I said, ‘Don’t shoot my dog, and I heard very clearly, ‘I just did,’

I kind of feel like the dog tripped a shot for me. It could have been me that was shot. I was 10-12 feet away.”

The officer’s shot to Tiger proved to be fatal; Tiger, described as “sweet,” had been Boydston’s companion for the last eight years.

Following the death of his companion, Boydston said:

I guess they were justified in doing it,

I don’t know about the law, but I guess they had justified rights. Someone reported a burglary.”

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Charlie Sheen Pays For Injured Girl’s Therapy Dog

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“Another incredible story, relating to dogs…animals truly are our best friends!!”

Magazines and news headlines are frequently overrun with Charlie Sheen’s unsavoury escapades, but this time there’s a good reason for him to be in the media – he recently donated $10,000 so 15-year-old Teagan Marti could receive a therapy dog.

“I think he’s a very kind person for helping me and my family, and very generous,” Teagan Marti said.

In July of 2010, the Marti family drove from their home in Parkland, Florida to Extreme World in Wisconsin Dells after Teagan had seen theTerminal Velocityfree fall ride on the Travel Channel.

Charlie Sheen

“I figured that it would be safe and be fine to do. … I watched several people before her. … I saw several times that it was being done and it looked like everything was organized and done well,” said father Alex Marti.

“Except in this case, the platform went up and never reached the top, and we were waiting for it to go to the top, and they were trying to lift the net below and before – the net was still on the ground, and all of a sudden, she’s released from the bucket.  And she falls 100 feet directly to the ground.  To me, it’s just impossible to imagine that something like that could happen.”

Teagan, just moments before her tragic fall.

The then 12-year-old girl suffered injuries to her skull and pelvis, and 10 fractures in her spine.

“She was basically unconscious, not moving and laying flat on her back with blood coming out of her ears and nose,” Alex explained.  “Just a horrible, horrible scene.  At the moment she fell and I heard that loud thud, I just assumed she was dead.”

Alex, a radiologist, performed CPR on his daughter and brought her back to life.  She was hospitalized for three months, and with physical therapy, is able to walk with a walker.

Teagan’s mother Julie said they are in financial trouble because of medical bills and her recent divorce.  Their home is being foreclosed upon and their insurance is no longer covering Teagan’s physical therapy.  The idea of a therapy dog seemed to be out of the question.

“I’m in such disbelief,” Julie said.  “I was crying. … What a guy.  What a guy.”

Lucia Wilgus became friends with the Martis after learning about their daughter’s injury.  She organized fundraising, found a golden retriever puppy and arranged for training.  She sent a letter to a family friend who is Sheen’s godfather.

The dog is being trained to turn on lights, pick up objects and to just be a good companion to Teagan.  Wilgus estimated the training and related costs to be about $6,000.  Sheen said the request had a “personal vibe” since it came through his grandfather, and he decided to send extra money.

“If there’s a need for more I told them to call me,” he said.

“I like to pay it forward,” Sheen said.  “People come into your orbit for a reason.  You don’t always know what that is ahead of time, but if I ignore these requests then I don’t have any opportunity to see where these things lead us, or lead me.”

Sheen said he doesn’t like to broadcast his donations, but wanted to make this one public to inspire others to donate.

Teagan will receive the dog on her birthday in September.  She hasn’t yet picked a name out for it.

“I think they should name the dog Charlie,” Sheen said jokingly

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Forest Grove Man Indicted For Aggravated Animal Abuse: Killed Family Dog

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“He looks a heartless bastard doesn’t he? well they all do; if you’ve taken any notice!! I hope this cruel pig gets jail time for killing the family dog in such a heinous way, just because it defecated on the carpet!! Why did the family not report the incident until after 2 days had passed, I bet there was domestic abuse too!”

A Washington County man Friday was in court charged with animal abuse for killing the family dog.

On December 1, 2012, Washington County Sheriff’s Deputies were called to 1107 Nichols Lane in Forest Grove. It was reported that two days earlier Michael Burns, 45, killed the family’s Golden Retriever.

Investigators learned that Burns had an altercation with the dog inside the house and cut the dog’s throat with a knife.

A family member contacted the Sheriff’s Office to report the incident. Deputies began collecting evidence and interviewing people with knowledge of the incident.

On December 8, 2012, deputies arrested Mr. Burns and charged him with First Degree Aggravated Animal Abuse.

Today, a Washington County Grand Jury indicted Michael Burns on First Degree Aggravated Animal Abuse, First Degree Animal Abuse, and Second Degree Animal Neglect.

Burns will remain out of custody and has a pre-trial court date set for February 4, 2013. “I will keep you updated on this!”

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Bestiality: Vancouver Man Pleads Guilty, Handed Suspended Sentence… Your Comments???


“WTF….First off can I just say when I got this story (cos I’m still catching up), it started back in February  so I posted that story first, in date order…now this is the court appearance news”

So, let me get this right, this guy has had sex with 2 of his dogs for several years, video of  him committing these acts were found at his home…BUT HE GETS A SUSPENDED SENTENCE & 3 YEARS PROBATION??”

“Am I missing something here, I thought bestiality was a criminal act in Canada, yet this guy has had sex with his dogs, even video taped it…plus he’s been very vocal about bestiality & written articles about it; but his only court penalty is:- he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month???”  

” OK  I want some one else’s opinion & input here…so comments welcome…you might want to have a look at his face book page, lots of pictures of his dogs!!

A Vancouver man was handed a suspended sentence and three years probation after pleading guilty to one count of bestiality Monday

Brian Anthony Cutteridge, 38, a former employee at a veterinarian’s office, entered his plea during a brief appearance in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver.

The offence relates to seven to nine incidents over a seven-year period, from 1998 to 2005, in which he had sex with two female dogs, a Rottweiler and a Golden Retriever.

An SPCA investigation was launched in April 2010 after a complaint was filed by a veterinarian who was concerned that Cutteridge was a potential zoophile, a person who has sex with animals, that he owned dogs and that the animals had a history of urinary tract infections.

A second complaint by an anonymous person was filed in May 2010, prompting the SPCA to open a cruelty complaint file.

Brian Cutteridge, 38, of Vancouver has been charged with bestiality. Feb.

SPCA officers attended Cutteridge’s Vancouver home and he was advised of the bestiality allegations.

Three female dogs were inspected, two of which were found to have long nails.

Cutteridge denied committing bestiality but further investigation led to the seizure of video revealing him committing the acts for which he was eventually charged.

In a joint submission by Crown and defence, prosecutor David Simpkins noted there was no evidence that either of the two female dogs, named Diana and Kalle, was physically harmed by Cutteridge.

Jason Mann, the accused’s lawyer, told B.C. Supreme Court Justice Arne Silverman that his client had accepted responsibility for his conduct.

“Mr. Cutteridge wants to make it clear that he never had any intention of harming the animals involved,” he said.

The judge noted there was no need for general deterrence for crimes that would repulse the majority of Canadians.

Just one of many pictures taken From Cutteridges  Face Book page “Sickening”

He said a jail term would have been within the appropriate range of sentences, but he couldn’t say the joint submission he accepted was outside the range. “?? In English, what the hell does that mean?”

Cutteridge’s probation conditions include that he is to provide a list of all the animals he owns, that he not own any female dogs and that he allow the SPCA into his home for an inspection once a month.

There was little mention during the proceedings of Cutteridge’s Internet writings, which argue that laws against bestiality are logically incoherent and inherently unjust.

Outside court, Cutteridge said he would not be commenting.

“I’m just glad to get this done,” he told reporters.

Mann told reporters he and Cutteridge would not be speaking about his client’s prior writings on the subject of zoophilia.

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His Facebook page:-



Teenage Boy 14 yr Charged With Shooting dog With Arrow – Dog Euthanized.

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A teenage boy has been charged with aggravated animal cruelty for shooting a dog with a bow and arrow.  The dog had to be euthanized.

Investigators with the Sevier County Sheriff’s Office say the 14-year-old turned himself in.

Allie, a 6-year-old golden retriever mix, was found with the arrow through her body last week in Seymour.  She was taken to a vet, but they were not able to save her.  Her family was located a few days later, and were devastated at what happened to her.

The Sevier County Humane Society offered a reward to find the person who shot Allie, and with community donations, it was raised to $450.  Director Jayne Vaughn says she believes a tip led investigators to the boy, and that person should be entitled to the reward.

“It was a great relief to discover that an arrest had been made and that we can put this horrible tragedy to rest; for Allie (the victim) and her family. It is extremely disturbing that the perpetrator was a juvenile, however there are consequences for actions. The lesson to be learned from this tragic event is that bows and arrows are weapons. In this case, a deadly weapon. The same applies to pellet guns, and BB guns. They are not toys and should not be in the hands of children, period, – and certainly not without adult supervision,” said Vaughn.

Previous story

The Sevier County Humane Society is offering a reward for information about the person who shot a golden retriever mix with an arrow.  The dog had to be euthanized.

Allie was found with the arrow protruding from her side on September 28, on Maryville Highway in Seymour.  She was taken to a veterinarian, but because of her internal injuries, could not be saved.

The $250 reward will be paid to anyone who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible.

If you have any information contact Corporal King at 865-453-4688.

Donations to the “Allie Reward Fund” can be made by sending them to: The Sevier County Humane Society, P.O. Box 976, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868.

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Washington State Man Given Maximum Sentence In Dog Attack

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“For a brutal crime such as the one carried out on poor Kona; 6 months Jail is a piss in the park! But I’m glad he had to pay veterinary costs & also has to wear a tag, plus the bonus of never being able to own animals again! Although, how can they enforce the ‘no dog ban’ without some sort of animal abuse registry, I don’t know! Now if these prison sentences were changed to years, I bet everyone who loves & cares for any sentient being, would be happier!”

Kona as he appeared in March.

A Golden Retriever named Kona miraculously survived a merciless attack by a neighbor. Yesterday, his attacker was given the maximum sentence for his crime.

On March 20, neighbours heard a dog yelping and called animal control to investigate. What they found was shocking: 3 yr. old Kona was tied to a pole in a neighbor’s garage. His skull was crushed, jaw broken, numerous wounds on his body from a hatchet and wire embedded in his neck.

“If this had been a human being it would have amounted to torture,” prosecutor Dione Hauger said during Monday’s sentencing.

Because the dog was a defenseless victim and the crime was particularly brutal, Hauger said she asked for the maximum sentence. “It was based on the brutality of the actual crime. It was based on the thought and premeditation that went into it. And it was based on the fact that this was a fairly vulnerable victim,” Hauger said.

Ricky Lee Knowles was sentenced to 6 months in prison, restitution of veterinarian bills in the amount of $5000.00, must wear an electronic monitoring device for 6 months after his release, and is banned from ever owning pets.

“I wish it could have been more, but to see the guy in handcuffs and taken to jail, that was elating,” said Sam Hokanson, Kona’s owner.

Knowles says he is sorry for harming Kona. He has said he was suffering from stress . “I had no premeditation. I just couldn’t take the noise any longer,” he said. “He was barking and I just snapped. I can’t explain it.”

Kona pulled through his ordeal to make a full recovery. “He’s got his hair back. He’s energetic. It’s as if nothing ever happened,” Hokanson said. “But we can’t hide that.” Kona and his family have since moved to a new neighbourhood.

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Owner says he watched mail carrier deliberately run over his dog

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KENTON HILLS, Ky. – It couldn’t be an easy house call for Postal Service supervisor Terry Estrada to make.

“Let me express my greatest apologies,” she told 77-year-old Nelson Hamm in front of his house on Devou Woods Drive in Kenton Hills. “I’m so sorry that this happened.”

Thursday afternoon, Hamm said he watched as a mail carrier deliberately ran over his 3-year-old golden retriever, Nala.  

“He had the car parked out there,” he said. “She was out sniffing his tires.

Hamm said the carrier gunned the engine and ran over Nala’s neck.

It became instantly clear to Hamm that it was no accident.

He said the mail truck was struggling to drive over the dog.

“Three times over her neck before he got over her,” Hamm said. “The second time…smoke started coming from her.”

He said the carrier delivered another package and then sped out of the cul-de-sac, despite his cries for him to stop.

“I’ll bet he was doing 90 miles an hour,” he said.

Hamm said he was numb.

Then, suddenly, a flicker of hope, quickly extinguished.

“The dog got up,” he said. “I thought she was all right. I brought her in right here to the door. She fell in the door. I reached down and kissed her nose, and she licked my face and she just looked at me and went. She was dead.

Jack Stewart, 9, said the golden retriever came up the street every day to romp around.

“It makes me feel really bad,” he said.

The Postal Service is investigating the incident. 

What they are able to do if the allegations are true may be a bit muddy.

“We are a unionized environment,” said one postal service employee who apologized to Hamm and his daughter. “There’s procedures we have to follow but…we will follow through.”

But for Hamm, no amount of follow through will replace his beloved pet.

“She was a beautiful dog,” he said. ” R.I.P Nala, my deepest condolences to Mr Hamm, Its never easy losing a pet, but to see it happen is dreadful!”

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Police Need Your Help – Golden retriever killed

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JACKSONVILLE BEACH, Fla. — The death of Parker, a golden retriever from Jacksonville Beach, is now under investigation as animal cruelty.

Last month, police found Parker’s remains wrapped in a tarp and tied to cinder blocks on Nightfall Drive, which is two blocks from his home.

Parker disappeared from his backyard on Kings Court two weeks earlier.

The dog’s owners are devastated, according to police, and have no idea why someone would kill their dog.

Call Crime Stoppers at 1-866-845-TIPS if you have any information.

You will remain anonymous and could receive a cash reward of up to $1,000 if your tip leads to an arrest.




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Stray Dog Heals Homeless Dog’s Seizures

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When Tanner’s person died, the golden retriever’s health problems got much worse. Tanner was already blind; now he started having seizures. And he would lose control of his bladder and bowel when they happened, which meant needing a bath at any time of day or night. That didn’t help his adoption prospects at the Woodland West Animal Hospital in Tulsa, Okla. Veterinarian Dr. Mike Jones said he was seriously consideration euthanasia.

“His seizure disorder was really, really bad and nothing – no medications – seemed to be helping,” Jones said. “Anytime he seizes he expresses his bowels. It’s a nightmare anytime you have a 90-pound dog experiencing this nightly; it made living in a home very, very difficult.”

Then another dog arrived at the hospital.

Blair was a year-old black Labrador who was brought to the hospital after she’d been found, shot, on the street. After she’d recovered, she remained nervous and high-strung from her ordeal.

One day, when the two dogs happened to be in the yard together, something happened.

Blair the Labrador leads Tanner along on his walk

“They were exercising in a play yard together and they got together,” Jones said. “Blair all of a sudden seemed to realize that Tanner was blind and just started to help him around.”

The staff at the hospital started keeping the two dogs together. And then the miracle happened.

“After two or three weeks, we realized Tanner wasn’t seizing anymore,” Jones said. “He’s not completely seizure free but it’s not constant anymore.

Jones says it’s the first time he’s seen anything like this.

“They absolutely have to be adopted together,” he said. “But it’s going to take a special home with someone who understands their special relationship plus understands seizure disorder and is ready to take on the responsibility.”

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