Last week the Cypriot parliament voted to amend their Animal Welfare Law in favour of a total ban on the use of all animals (wild and domestic) in circuses.
Roughly translated from Greek, the amendment reads: “The installation and operation of circuses that include in their programme any species of animal, whether to perform, parade, or simply appear before the public, is prohibited.”
This dramatic move by the government follows many discussions, both political and non-political, in recent years and has received widespread support from European animal welfare organisations. This measure means Cyprus joins Greece, which implemented a total ban of animal performances in April 2012, as the only two countries in Europe to have a complete ban on the use of all animals in circuses.
Born Free welcomes the news and congratulates the Cypriot Government, and the organisations that have worked tirelessly to end the use of animals in circuses in Cyprus. The use of animals in circuses misrepresents the true nature and attributes of the animals; require the animals to be subjected to an unnatural and often abusive lifestyle; and undermine public respect for the natural world.
Other amendments to the Animal Welfare Law include a stipulation that a National Committee must be established to protect animals used in experimental facilities and the prohibition of all ‘cosmetic mutilation’ of pets (except when deemed necessary by a vet). This latter point includes the removal of tails, ears, teeth, nails, and vocal cords.
This is great news for animal welfare and Cyprus becomes an example for other countries to follow. Well done Cyprus!

Europe Finds 4.4% of ‘Beef’ Really Horse

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BRUSSELS—Europe-wide tests of “beef” products conducted after the region’s horse-meat scandal found that nearly 5% were contaminated with horse meat, and the percentage was sharply higher in a few countries, especially France and Greece.

The European Union, Switzerland and Norway organized the tests in February after horse-meat DNA was found in products labeled as beef in a number of countries, prompting a public outcry, criminal investigations and pledges from authorities to discover whether the presence of horse meat in Europe’s beef supply is widespread. The authorities found 200 positive samples out of 4,497 tested, or 4.4%.

Nearly a quarter of all positive tests in the 27 EU nations occurred in France, home to a food processor, Spanghero, that shipped large amounts of horse meat found in frozen lasagna, spaghetti Bolognese and other beef dishes in the U.K. and elsewhere. Greek samples accounted for nearly 20% of all EU positive tests. Around 13% of samples were positive in both countries, the highest rate in Europe.

In a separate round of tests, less than 1% of all horse-meat samples tested positive for

A worker handles animal carcasses at an abattoir in northern Romania, in this file photo dated Feb. 12, 2013.

phenylbutazone, known as “bute,” a painkiller used on animals that is a health risk for humans.

“Today’s findings have confirmed that this is a matter of food fraud and not of food safety,” said Tonio Borg, the EU health commissioner. “In the coming months, the commission will propose to strengthen the controls along the food chain in line with lessons learned.”

The commission, the EU’s executive arm, could seek new legal authority that would give it the power to require action from member states to fight fraud in the food chain, commission spokesman Frédéric Vincent said.

The horse-meat scandal offered a window into the complex supply chains that move food ingredients from farms across Europe, through trading firms, processing plants and ultimately to packaged food products on supermarket shelves. The horse meat that found its way to U.K. supermarkets originated from slaughterhouses in Romania; at various points, it moved through a warehouse in the Netherlands owned by a Cypriot firm called Draap Trading, Spanghero’s facility in southwestern France, the French food-processing firm Comigel SAS and finally to the frozen-food company Findus Group.

Comigel and Findus have pointed the finger at their suppliers for mislabeling horse meat as beef, while Draap and Spanghero have said the meat they shipped was labeled as horse meat. Authorities in several countries are conducting criminal investigations. The U.K. has arrested three men in a separate horse-meat investigation who worked at processing plants in Wales and West Yorkshire.

The French government said its positive tests were particularly high because it focused on suppliers and products that were already suspected of mislabeling horse meat.The government said it would propose EU-wide rules that will strengthen penalties for food-chain fraud to a maximum of five years in prison and 10% of a company’s annual revenue.

The animal-protection group Humane Society International said European governments should have also tested for other common medications administered to horses that pose a health risk to humans.

“Testing for just one of the many drugs banned for use in animals that enter the food chain falls short of a precautionary and thorough approach to addressing fraud and ensuring food safety standards are met,” said Joanna Swabe, Humane Society International’s EU director.

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Please Save The Wolves: Sign The Enclosed Petitions To Help End The Needless Suffering

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“Posting for & on behalf of my dear sister; Louise Du Toit, who tirelessly fights for the rights of all sentient beings & whose music inspires all who listen; to help the voiceless! “

GOOD NEWS that the Montana House Fish, Wildlife and Parks Committee has struck down Senate Bill 397 – which would have allowed the relentless killing of wolves, mountain lions and black bears in Montana – by a vote of 17-4. SB 397 was rejected and tabled indefinitely, due in part to overwhelming public opposition.

This announcement is a great inspiration for us to continue raising awareness and doing our utmost best to be a voice for the voiceless. “For the time has come to take a stand, to honor and respect; to do no harm, to help rebuild the lives that have been wrecked. The time has come to make it known for everyone to see, that beyond the feathers, fur and skin, the heart is beating free.”

Louise du Toit – THE TIME HAS COME:

Uploaded on 7 Oct 2011

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @…
Louise du Toit – Official Website @

It is my ultimate wish that all forms of animal cruelty will forever come to an end. As a singer-songwriter, I have chosen to use my music as one of the vehicles to support this wish. THE TIME HAS COME is a contribution to raise awareness about the suffering and torture that countless animals are constantly enduring at the hands of mindless, heartless humans. May those who listen to it, be deeply touched, vowing to always support the salvation of every living being on earth in any way possible. 

Music, lyrics, performance and recording by Louise du Toit in Greece, 2011, for WEEAC – World Event to End Animal Cruelty. The copyrights to the music and lyrics are reserved by the artist. Video created and produced by Louise du Toit. The images in this video are not the property of the producer. This video was made as a contribution to the salvation of all animals, for nonprofit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain. There is no intention of copyright infringement either.

THE GOOD NEWS that Susi will be allowed to remain in her territory in Junsele, Sweden, until the fall, brought happiness to all of us who are fighting tirelessly to save the tragically persecuted wolves all over the world. My beloved friends, please join, like and support the following event, page and website to keep following her journey and to continue the fight:

Please sign these petitions for Scandinavian wolves:

“Ode to Magnificence” is specially dedicated to beautiful Susi today:

Uploaded on 29 Feb 2012

Louise du Toit – CD Albums @…
Louise du Toit – Official Website @

I AM WOLF. I am the true spirit of nature, a perfect creation, walking beside you, guiding your senses to see the invisible. My true destination will only become visible when humans discard their imaginary fear, false legends, phantasmal myths, to seek the truth. (Louise du Toit)

My beloved friends, please support the wolves of France and other countries with the following petitions. Let us UNITE in love and compassion and let us ALL add our signatures:

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr: “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”

Louise Du Toit

May we NEVER be silent about the plights of any suffering beings!

Save The Wolves -The Petition Site-

Save The Wolves -The Petition Site-‘s Page

This is a list with several petitions to help wolves world wide!

They need US to be their voicePLEASE, SIGN AND SHARE







— with Esther LopezJackie Davis and Kadi Spicer.

Louise du Toit – Pawfect Nation – YouTube

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“I want to share another video with you, sung by my beautiful friend & fellow animal warrior Louise Du Toit“.  Each production Louise makes has a purpose in both the visual & lyrical sense, which is to bring awareness to the global plight, misery & suffering, that animals endure at the hands of humans

 “A Pawfect Nation” is full of passion, truth & inspiring statements that any animal lover can relate to. The chorus is strong & full of asservation, a declaration the world should unite in! I am always intoxicated by her music &  her never ending dedication…to make the world acknowledge the damage we are doing to our planet & animals that live on it!!”

Pawfect Nation, a Public Benefit Organisation, was established in 2010 by a team of passionate animatarians in South Africa. Committed to promoting animal rights as being equally important as human rights, they believe that for as long as animals are treatable, they should be treated, rehabilitated, or receive life long special care. Music, lyrics, performance and video production of “Pawfect Nation” by South African artist Louise du Toit in Greece, 2010.

The copyrights to the music and lyrics are reserved by the artist. Except for the final one, none of the images in this video are the property of the producer. This video was made as a contribution to the salvation of homeless animals, for nonprofit educational purposes, without any intention of commercial advantage or private financial gain.

Join Pawfect Nation on Facebook at the following link:

Pawfect Nation – South Africa

via Louise du Toit – Pawfect Nation – YouTube.

Leo’s recovery – Stray dog in Greece doused in Acid. – YouTube

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“Another older video – showing the cruelty of street dogs”

“Some people despise street dogs, but the lengths some will go to, to harm them or get them off their streets is appalling!!  – How can anyone commit such a horrible act, it was obviously not a random act of cruelty as who walks round with a bottle of ACID in their pocket; someone meant to harm this poor little dog-that someone is walking free” 

The dog featured in the footage was found in this terrible condition, on the afternoon of July 15th, on the island of Poros, Greece. The dog in question was Leo. A happy and social stray, very well known to the people of Poros.

Leo was doused with sulphuric acid and the culprits are still roaming free! It happens just a few days after a dog was skewered and hung in a village square in Crete.

This new deplorable incident, that causes rage and indignation, reveals for the umpteenth time the indifference of the responsible authorities towards animals.

The public prosecutor failed to act and the police were satisfied merely to look at severely mistreated animal. via Leo’s recovery – Stray dog in Greece doused in Acid. – YouTube.


“OMG…I found the following on the web site below, this is how Leo looked… imagine his pain; some humans are animals”

Leo's recovery - Stray dog in Greece doused in Acid. - YouTube


Please visit the Greek Animal Rescue website for new pictures of Leo. Take in Feb 2009 he is recovered and in the loving new home he deserves!


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