“Yet another scene of typical animal neglect & cruelty that goes on in farms around the world…this is the UK, England; where our standards are supposed to be so good…well obviously they are not…these people care only for the profits, not animal welfare!!  These sentient beings, should not have to live in deplorable conditions; before they even get to slaughter. But why does it always seem like it is just vegetarians & vegans (or tree huggers as illiterate numb nuts, prefer to call us) that stand up & fight for animals??”

“I wish more meat eaters would stand up & fight for the animals, that will ultimately end up on their plates! You don’t have to be vegetarian or vegan to fight for the conditions these animals are forced to live in. If I still ate meat, I would be horrified seeing the conditions these chickens live in. Think of the infection & bacterial disease that must be rife in these disgraceful conditions. It is up to us all, to stand up & demand better conditions, for animals that are going to be slaughtered for human consumption.”

Crammed into a huge windowless sheds, covered in scabs and with no feathers, the birds are too week to stand

Sick and deformed chickens with raw ­patches of skin flap around the corpse of a bird too weak to ­survive.

In seconds they are pecking away at its flesh as hundreds around them, unable to stand and with most of their feathers gone, drag themselves along by their wings.

All are crammed into a huge windowless shed. And soon they will all be dead… skinned and ready for dinner tables across Britain.

Deformed: Chickens gather around one of the corpses

These distressing scenes of chicken factory farming at its worst were secretly filmed by an undercover investigator after a tip-off from an outraged member of the public.

The footage was shot over four days at a farm where birds are bred from chicks to broilers in “rearing sheds” that boost their growth to twice the normal rate.

Many of the birds had lost half their feathers and clearly had painful leg deformities. The filthy shed floor was littered with corpses, some in an advanced state of decomposition.

In one shot the birds are shown being roughly shoved into stacked drawers, the doors slammed against their ­desperately flapping wings.

Even the RSPCA, used to scenes of sickening cruelty, were shocked by the birds’ treatment at Green Acres Farm, in Southrepps, ­Norfolk. They are launching an immediate investigation.

The film was shot by a worker from the Hillside Animal Sanctuary in Frettenham, where TV actor Martin Shaw is patron. The destination of the birds after slaughter is not known.

Sanctuary boss Wendy ­Valentine said: “Broiler chickens lead a life of misery.

“Their excessive and unnatural growth rate has come about as a result of genetic engineering and makes them pile on weight three times as fast as they should.

“Their bones simply cannot handle this and as a result they suffer awful, painful leg ­deformities that leave many of them unable to walk at all.

“If dogs, cats or horses were kept in these conditions people would be prosecuted.”

Wendy said the UK had some of the best animal welfare laws in the world, but they were “rarely enforced”.

She added: “Hillside has brought similar cruelty cases to the attention of the authorities, who have taken no action to improve life for farmed animals and birds.

“Farmers keep these animals in huge windowless sheds, locked away from public view and generally the only people to see the miserable lives they lead are government officials.

Staggeringly it appears, from their point of view, that keeping ­animals in these ­appalling conditions is legal.

Inspector George Gently star Martin told us: “I’ve seen the footage and can hardly find words to describe my outrage and sadness for the cynical cruelty and lack of humanity displayed by those responsible.

“I hope and trust those shopping outlets that make use of these animal concentration camps will rethink their buying policy. If not, public outrage will make the decision for them.”

An RSPCA spokesman said: “We were disturbed to see this unnecessary rough treatment of birds being put into transport containers, the birds that ­appeared to be sick and those decomposing among live ones.

“There is no excuse for this kind of practice and we will be carrying out an investigation.

“Farms that just use minimum legal standards, in some cases referred to as ‘factory farms’, don’t do enough to address the welfare needs of the animals.

“They don’t give them enough space, bedding, perches to roost on or appropriate lighting”.

When the Sunday Mirror called the farm for a comment, a man answering the phone said “We rent the barns out” before hanging up.

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