Xena The Warrior Puppy – Found Abandoned

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“The following isn’t a news story that I have seen, I saw this, by chance on face book  & thought I would share, so this little one gets the best chance at healing & a happy life…with loving owners; as obviously her previous owners couldn’t give a sxxt about her. How could anyone abandon such a vulnerable little puppy. If anybody knows where Xena may have come from, or has any information…please come forward, contact the shelter or local police. Look at Xena’s face book page…the person/s responsible for Xena’s condition must not get away with treating sentient beings like this, they must pay!!”

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services on September 15th in a state of horrible neglect

Xena as she was found

Xena came into Dekalb Animal Services today as a stray.

An officer went on a call to pick up a puppy that someone found in their yard. He arrived at the shelter around closing time with this girl.

Xena receiving vital fluids

No one wanted to euthanize her, so we gave her fluids and nutrical. I offered to take her home. I called my vet and went from the shelter to meet her at her office.

Xena perked up from the fluids

By the time we got there Xena had already perked up. When I took her inside she stood up and tried to walk right off the scale.

How could anyone just dump something as cute as this?

I couldn’t believe how quickly she perked up. She is still not out of the woods, but eating, drinking, walking, and sitting up.

Xena, definitely a fighter!

If an owner can be located, cruelty charges will be pursued. In any case, Xena is now safe and we hope that she continues to improve with TLC.

“This brave little one deserves the best chance, at a happy warm loving home, anyone wishing to help towards Xena care can contribute at the following ChipIn page…”

Xena via ChipIn:-http://dekalbanimals.chipin.com/xena-the-warrior-puppy

Quote from Xena’s Face book page…

We are truly overwhelmed by the support for little Xena. To answer some questions, from her condition I am guessing she was kept locked in a crate with no access to food. Street dogs do not get this thin and she definitely has a nose to find food. I am guessing her nose scabs are from trying to get out of her crate. I work at the shelter, but also work with Friends of DeKalb Animals.

Look at this adorable little face…she really is a miracle!!

FODA is the rescue who is covering her expenses. She is currently not up for adoption because of her condition. We will look for a home for her once puts on weight and is healthy enough to be spayed. For now, I’m fostering her and making sure she gets the necessary medical care. If they do find an owner to pursue cruelty charges, she’ll actually have to stay in foster through the county until the case is settled. In either scenario, she’ll be with me until she’s ready to move onto her forever home.

Xena’s Face Book page – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Xena-the-Warrior-Puppy/273998769379101

L.E.A.S.H – New Non-Profit Animal Rescue Dedicated To Helping Abandoned and Abused Animals

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“I Wish these guys all the best for the future in their new venture.”

A new non-profit organization has been formed in Aiken County called L.E.A.S.H. This organization was formed July 3rd of this year, 2012. L.E.A.S.H is an animal rescue against euthanasia and is dedicated in helping lost and neglected animals find their “forever homes”.

Jess and Lars Swearington III are the founders of L.E.A.S.H and they have dedicated their time and energy on ensuring the safety of animals around the Aiken and North Augusta areas.

One of the key volunteers for L.E.A.S.H is Teresa Cox, who is in charge of the kennel operations and has spent most of her volunteer time caring for the animals that have been brought into the rescue and she also assists in preparing them for adoptions and foster homes. The process of preparing them for their foster home involves medically treating them, socializing them, and observing them until it is certain that they are ready to leave the rescue. Many of the animals come in needing immediate nutrition and immediate medical attention and some just need the tender loving care that they have been denied.

In an interview with Swearington, we asked him what made him decide to create L.E.A.S.H. and what was the mission they wished to achieve. Swearington responded by saying “We saw a need in our community. On a daily basis my wife and I saw the abandoned, the neglected, and the abused. One day we saw enough. The key to our organization is simple. “Every animal deserves a chance; a chance to be loved, to be cherished, to smile. Every animal deserves to be saved, to not fear, to be brought home to safety.”

As of right now there have been 22 dogs rescued, 3 dogs adopted, and 2 dogs currently in foster care. Donations are taken online through their chip-in account at leashsquad.chipin.com/leash and all proceeds are dispersed for various needs within the organization including but not limited to: basic operational costs, medical care, and food. Dispersing of proceeds are according to the highest needs first.  To donate or volunteer you can go online to facebook L.E.A.S.H or you can E-mail them at leashsquad@gmail.com

News Link:http://aikenleader.villagesoup.com/people/story/l-e-a-s-h-new-non-profit-animal-rescue-dedicated-to-helping-abandoned-and-abused-animals/880760

Abused and abandoned puppy found with hind legs broken

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“OMG…Watch the video…what is wrong with the world, again, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s not kids that did it…my heart breaks for this precious little angel. I hope those who did it are caught & beaten with plywood or a baseball bat…see how they like it.!! You have no idea how hard it is for me not to type what I really want to type about the scum bag that did this…but then, if your anything like me…hopefully you do, because you would type the same. I will try to get updates on this, or if others get them, please post a copy to me, thanks!!”

SAN ANTONIO—An abused puppy was discovered abandoned in the woods, with both hind legs broken. Animal specialists believe that the dog might have been hit with a baseball bat.

San Antonio Pets Alive, a nonprofit group, is now trying to save the life of the five-month-old Labrador and Shar-Pei mix.

Havana” was found sitting in the woods by a park ranger who brought her to San Antonio Animal Care Services.
When she arrived, she was barely able to move around and had to balance all of her weight on her two front legs.
X-rays revealed that she had two broken knees, and that she will need surgery to correct them. The surgery is expected to cost over $1,000 per leg.
But now, the animal is receiving a second chance at life.
Dr. Susan Isreal with South Texas Veterinary Specialists has agreed to do the surgery pro bono.
Isreal says the bones in Havana’s back legs are severely displaced and have already started to heal incorrectly.
She and her medical team will use pins to correct the problem so that the puppy will be able to go on and have a normal and happy life. Havanah’s surgery is scheduled for Friday morning.

Update On Dog Used As Bait Dog – Dog

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There’s good news to report today on two dogs that were victims of extreme abuse in Chicago – Hudson and Hiccup. Both dogs continue to make remarkable progress and may soon be in loving homes according to the Trio Animal Foundation, the group sponsoring their medical care.

Hudson’s recovery
Hudson is the dog that made my column two weeks agowhen he was found wandering in Englewood. This puppy was found covered in blood after he had apparently been used as a bait dog. He was covered in lots of bite marks and then had been doused in chemicals, causing severe burns.

View slideshow: Pet Rescue

As of today, he’s cleared isolation for parvo according to TAF. He also has undergone his last facial scrub today with third and final treatment for mange set for Wednesday. Despite all he’s been through, this pup shows lots of love when visited at Animal Care Center. There has been a lot of interest in adopting Hudson through Project Rescue Chicago. He’ll be neutered and put up for adoption when he’s well enough.

There is even a special fundraiser going on in Hudson’s honor. Arbor the Painting Dog from Las Vegas has donated one of his paintings for an eBay auction – heARTwork for Aid Fundraiser for Hudson. There is still time to bid.

Hiccup’s progress
Hiccup is the little dog that was thrown from the balcony, suffering two severely broken legs. He’s now half way through his physical therapy and is building up muscle and improving his balance. Hiccup has also been cleared for adoption through Project Rescue Chicago.

News Link:-http://www.examiner.com/article/update-hudson-and-hiccup-continue-to-recover-and-are-looking-for-homes


Blood Soaked Puppy, Found Wandering Streets With Horrific Bites & Burns – Bait Pup

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From ‘SAVE AURORA’ Face-Book page

Today TAF was called by Diane, the shelter manager at the Animal Welfare League’s Wabash facility, about a severely burned dog who had been used as bait. The blood soaked puppy was found walking down the street by police in the Englewood area of Chicago. Bridgid, from Project Rescue Chicago, went down to AWL and picked up the puppy, taking him straight to our vet at Animal Care Center of Chicago. 

Bridgid sent me photos of a 2-3 month old puppy as soon as she met him. When I received the photos my eyes welled up with tears and anger filled my heart. I’m quite honestly so sick of receiving abuse cases day in and day out with no end in sight. Some friends of mine say people are afraid of me because I’m too direct, “bitchy,” and at times a bit anti-social. Well…this is why. You can’t help but have your personality tainted when you deal with the end result of horrific acts of cruelty all the time. Sometimes it is just too much.

This puppy was, without a doubt, used as a bait dog. He has bite wounds all over his body. However, these wounds are the least of his worries. His face was burned either by an accelerant/fire combo or some other chemical. As of tonight Dr Hartwig has stabilized the puppy. The puppy is on IV fluids, the highest level of pain medication possible and antibiotics.

Once hydrated, the puppy will be heavily sedated and his dead flesh and scabs cut away from his healthy skin. The puppy will be hospitalized in isolation for at least 10 days. This will allow the vet staff to monitor his overall health as well as observe him for symptoms of parvo. Until then, we will make sure he is as comfortable as possible. When we left him this evening, puppy was curled up on a comfy blanket, resting peacefully.

If you want to help this poor puppy, please consider making a donation towards his medical care. If you visit www.trioanimalfoundation.org and click donate you will see the options.

Please say a prayer for our little puppy, that his pain is eased and he makes it through the coming days.

You can watch the video here, viewer discretion is advised:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=427725907252778

“After all humans have done to him, he still manages to wag his tail, he make little noises toward the end of the video, like he is trying to say ‘Thank you’….Just hear-breaking….I know what I would like to do to the heartless sadistic reprobates!!

Face book Link:-https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVE-AURORA/225340390821865


Our vets at Animal Care Center called us early this morning to let us know the puppy is holding steady, eating and moving around. Puppy slept peacefully, likely safe and warm for the first time in his life.

Confident that he would tolerate being sedated, the vets were able to remove the dead tissue that had been burned, as well as the scabs. We visited him this morning right after they finished caring for him and took these photos.

His skin is still extremely sensitive and bleeds with the slightest touch. They confirmed that in addition to the bite wounds and burns, puppy also has a case of demodectic mange and a serious intestinal parasite load.

Our vets are going to keep him under light sedation while they continue to treat the raw wounds that are on his head.

He will continue to receive IV fluids, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories and pain medication. Dr Sachdev, his doctor today, let us know that Dr Hartwig, the first vet who cared for him, came in early this morning, on his day off, to check on our little puppy.

Dr Sachdev said she could hear the puppy’s tail hitting the sides of his kennel when he saw Dr Hartwig…I think he has a new buddy.

If you want to help this poor puppy, please consider making a donation towards his medical care. If you visitwww.trioanimalfoundation.org and click donate you will see the options

Face Book Link:-https://www.facebook.com/pages/SAVE-AURORA/225340390821865

Pictures …Warning, viewer discretion is advise.:-https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10150145401794955&set=a.10150145396734955.66323.71480294954&type=1&theater

Another way to help:-https://npo.networkforgood.org/Donate/Donate.aspx?npoSubscriptionId=1004519

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