Bullfighting declared legal in France

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This month a corrida was staged in Arles, featuring Spanish bullfighters

France‘s Constitutional Council, a top legal authority, has rejected a plea from animal rights campaigners to ban bullfighting.

The campaigners wanted the fights categorised as cruelty to animals.

But the judges said the “traditional” fights, held in areas of southern France, “do not harm people’s protected constitutional rights”.

More than 1,000 bulls are killed annually in French bullfights, the AFP news agency reports.

Although bullfighting originated in neighbouring Spain, it took root in France a century and a half ago. Fights – known as corridas in Spain – are especially popular in the Nimes and Arles areas.

A ban on bullfighting came into force in Spain’s Catalonia region this year, after lawmakers voted for it last year – the first such ban in the country’s mainland.

The BBC’s Christian Fraser in Paris says a recent opinion poll in France suggested 48% support for a ban, although earlier polls suggested as many as two-thirds of the French electorate would back a ban.

France’s Interior Minister Manuel Valls, born in Barcelona, spoke in favour of bullfighting earlier this month.

Bullfights are banned in some parts of France. Animal rights groups are now considering taking the issue to the European Court of Human Rights, our correspondent reports.

News Link:-http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19673414


Pennsylvania Horse Doused With Flammable Liquid, Set On Fire

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“As the perpetrators have not been found yet, I would suggest people living around that area, to keep a close eye on their pets. Whoever did this, obviously got a kick out of seeing it suffer, they are inhumane, cold, calculated & heartless bastards; so just be aware! When caught, they need to have the maximum sentence thrown at them! I can imagine how the owners feel about this sick revolting act. Some people have horses & see them as objects for bringing home money etc., others, like me & this lady in question, see them as part of the family. I wish Northstar a speedy recovery & hope this incident doesn’t have any lasting effect on his normal behaviour!”

UNION CITY, Pa. — A horse was struggling to survive Tuesday after being doused with a flammable substance and set ablaze over the weekend.

“I don’t know what would have possessed anyone to do this. I just know they are sick. They are a sick, sick person,” Jessie Woodworth, owner of the 6-year-old gelding named Northstar, told The Huffington Post.

“It’s a person with a degenerate mind,” Woodworth’s husband, Bob, added. “It would have been much more humane if the person had shot the horse instead of making it suffer.”

The Woodworths boarded Northstar at a 60 acre ranch in Athens Township. Family members found him severely burned on Sunday morning.

“My wife and daughter found him hiding in the woods,” Bob Woodward told HuffPost. “He was completely out of it — in shock. The girls heard him whine for them. He was a mess and you could see where a liquid was poured on him and he was set on fire.”

The Marley Veterinary Clinic in Titusville is treating Northstar. The animal is being administered pain medication and antibiotics. Prescription ointments are being used to help heal the wounds.

He’s not over it by no means,” Bob Woodworth said. “He has burns all over his body. His face is burned right down to bone, his eyelashes are burned off and the hair in his ears and nostrils is gone. I don’t know how the animal survived. It’s going to be a long battle. It’s going to take him a long time to recover.

State troopers from the state police barracks in Corry are investigating. The individual or individuals responsible used an unknown accelerant to set the horse on fire, police said. No arrests have been made and no suspects have been named.

The Woodworths said they have no idea who targeted their horse.

“This is a member of our family. We raised him from birth. There is nothing this animal has done wrong to nobody,” Bob Woodworth said.

Animal cruelty is typically caused by people who are angry or have demented personalities, said Sarah Speed, Pennsylvania state director for the Humane Society of the United States.

“There have been a number of psychological studies done and we are learning that people who commit these types of crimes are typically angry and they turn to someone who is more vulnerable, like a child or an animal,” Speed told HuffPost.

The truly disturbing thing about fire-setting animal abuse is that it is one of the three strongest indicators of a future serial killer, as defined by the FBI,” Speed continued. “When a child has one or more of those psychological symptoms, there is cause for concern that they lack empathy that could result in future violent crimes.

News Link:-http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/28/pennsylvania-horse-doused-flammable_n_1837559.html?utm_hp_ref=fb&src=sp&comm_ref=false#slide=more247362


Animal rights activists say video shows horse abuse at Reno Rodeo more extensive than thought

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RENO, Nev.Animal rights activists say additional videotape shot at the Reno Rodeo shows the alleged abuse of bucking broncos was more extensive than originally thought. “If they can’t see it, they are blind, or don’t want to know it happens!”

Leaders of Showing Animals Respect and Kindness, or SHARK, publicized videotape last week they say showed an unknown person secretly giving electric shocks to horses just before they left chutes for competition last month in violation of the rodeo’s policy.

Additional undercover footage released at a news conference Friday in Reno shows a total of four men were involved in the animal shocking, and some horses were shocked by two of them at once, said Steve Hindi, president of the Illinois-based group.

One man used a 10,000-volt electric prod that is banned by the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association, he maintained, while the three others used a 5,000-volt prod that the PRCA only allows on horses that stall in chutes.

SHARK claims rodeo organizers, stock contractors, riders and judges were aware of the use of electric prods and covered it up. The prods were used to rig the competition and help certain cowboys, it further contends. “What you have to remember in rodeo, is, it’s all about the money…not just for the fake cowboys who hang on to a bucking horse (made to buck by a flank strap etc) or strangle baby calves…the contractors of the animals, suppliers etc. all have to make money too, regardless of pain the animals endure!”

“Anyone want to give it a shot?” Hindi asked as visible sparks emerged from two prods he displayed. “It hurts. It is painful. And they say horses are more sensitive to electricity than people … We’re against animals being put at risk for entertainment.” “I have a tens machine for my back pain, a device that transmit small charges that can help in pain management. I’m a bit of a prankster & always trying to get friends to try it, if  anyone will, even when at the lowest setting, you would think they had just sat on the electric chair! If I put it on my horse, she would go flipping bonkers..so I dread to think of the shock the rodeo horses get!”

The Reno Rodeo Association issued a statement Friday saying it was aware of SHARK’s video and may comment later “if and when there is a need to comment on allegations made.”

The association stressed that it makes the health and welfare of its animals a priority, and it works with the rodeo’s official veterinarian to monitor the conditions of livestock. “How can strangling & roping an animal to it’s knees be anything like health & welfare?”

“We understand that there are groups and individuals who do not believe we have the right to interact with animals in sports such as rodeo, but we believe that we can with proper care and handling of those animals,” the statement says. “Have the right to interact with animals…well NO… nobody has the right to hurt an animal, & especially not when the rodeo aim is to force animals to their knees through brute force, or use electric prods on animals…NO they don’t have the bloody right to interact in such horrific ways…especially when they call it animal sport or tradition…who the hell do they think they are? “

After watching the earlier video, rodeo spokesman Steve Schroeder acknowledged that bucking horses were shocked by a person in violation of rodeo rules.

He also said cowboys were found to be “messing” with overhead cameras the rodeo installed after SHARK released similar video in 2011, and the man who administered the shocks worked “really hard to stay out of camera view.” “Mmmm, so why are they messing with cameras, & trying really hard to stay off camera?? because their doing wrong & they don’t want people to see their despicable ways of forcing animals to perform.”

Schroeder wouldn’t identify the man but said he longer would be allowed at the rodeo. He said he expects the man and the livestock subcontractor to face fines. “I will look out for proof of that, not that I will find any, because nobody will face fines etc!”

The PRCA is reviewing the earlier video and allegations, spokeswoman Cindy Schonholtz said Friday, but it has not received the latest video.

The association has 60 rules that govern the care of animals at rodeos, and violators are subject to penalties ranging from fines to suspension and expulsion. Judges at PRCA-sanctioned rodeos submit any rule violations to the association. “Obviously, shocking a frightened horse, shocking any animal, half strangling calves, tripping animals that cause them to break bones, etc. etc. None of these are in the rule book…wonder what the 60 rules could be…I bet its’ about how much bling one can have on a belt buckle!”

“At the Reno rodeo, the judges felt that the use of the prod they observed was within the rules outlined for chute stalling or known chute-stalling horses in order to facilitate safe exit from the chutes,” Schonholtz told The Associated Press. “Why didn’t they just move to another chute & let the horse come out of it’s own accord, which it would have done if not scared half to death!”

The allowed hand-held prods have a similar sensation to an electric livestock fence, she said, and do not make a horse buck or affect the competition once the horse and competitor have exited the chute. “Would anybody like to test that shock? I have been caught many a time when I have been trying to duck under an electric fence to get my horse…I can confirm, it bloody hurts!”

SHARK also released video showing two running calves that were roped around the neck and flipped over on their backs at the Reno Rodeo. One calf’s rear leg was seriously injured, while the other’s neck appeared to break as the cowboy tied its legs. “Not serious enough for their rule book, obviously!”

Hindi said the injuries resulted from “jerk downs,” a practice the PRCA has banned. A jerk down occurs “if a contestant jerks a calf over backward in tie-down roping,” according to the PRCA.

“(The rule) was in place at the Reno Rodeo and violations were reported to the PRCA office,” Schonholtz said. “Those who violated that rule will be receiving penalties as outlined in the policy.”

Hindi thinks the four men using the electric prods were employed by stock contractors, but he was unsure of their names or employers.

The use of the prods is difficult to see in the video because the cowboys wore gloves and long-sleeve shirts to hide them, Hindi said. “You can see it, if your looking in the right place, watch any so-called cowboy, that is leaning over the chute, you will see him pull his hand away very quickly & either tuck the shocker up his sleeve or place it in the back pocket…its bloody obvious to those looking for it!”

HC asks Maha Govt to enumerate schemes to rehabilitate Victoria Horse carriage drivers

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Stressing on the need to rehabilitate ‘Victoria‘ drivers in the city, the Bombay High Court today asked the Maharashtra Government to place on record the welfare schemes that can be extended to them.

The direction was given by a division bench headed by Chief Justice Mohit Shah while hearing a PIL seeking a ban on Victorias alleging that horses are subjected to cruelty when people go for joy rides.

The bench asked the state government to file an affidavit by July 26 enumerating the welfare schemes available to Scheduled Tribes, Scheduled Castes and economically backward class that can be offered to the Victoria drivers and owners.

The judges also asked the petitioner — Animals and Birds Charitable Trust — to check with the Race Course here whether licenced drivers and helpers of the Victorias could be absorbed with them.

The bench also asked the association of horse owners and drivers to table a list of its members in the Court.

The Animals and Birds Charitable Trust, which conducts feeding programmes for horses and ponies in South Mumbai, said it became aware of the plight of horses used for pulling carriages, including Victoria, through one such programme.

Trust officials contended that the laws protecting these animals were “knowingly disregarded” and “blatantly violated”.

Currently, there are 170 horses, including ponies, mostly found on beaches, gardens etc. There are 130 victorias now, down from about 800 a few years before.

The petitioners argued that the horses are made to stand all night, with their legs tied making them sick.

“Also, the Victorias are getting bigger and accommodating more people when the rule says that only three people should be allowed per carriage.”

As per records of Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC), there are 10 horse stables in the city, of which nine are illegal. Only the stable of the Royal Western India Turf Club which houses only those horses which run in the races, is legal.

The BMC has already filed an affidavit saying it had last issued licences for stables in 1974 and stopped issuing more licences after finding the stables being “filthy and unhygienic”.

The BMC further said that it has been taking regular action against horse owners and had recently issued fresh notices to them.

However, as per Bombay Municipality Act, the owners, whose horses are seized, can redeem them after paying Rs2,500 and accepting the condition of not plying the horses again for commercial use.

Animal cruelty charges against Olympic equestrian, Readington resident dismissed

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READINGTON TWP. – The Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office will be dismissing animal cruelty charges against Olympic equestrian and Whitehouse Station resident Cesar Parra, County Prosecutor Anthony Kearns announced today.

In March 2012, the Hunterdon County SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) issued four summonses to Parra, 49, of Whitehouse Station, after a complaint was made regarding an incident that occurred almost three years prior, Kearns said.

Parra was accused by the SPCA of “torture or torment to a living animal” after a horse he was training was injured in June 2009, according to the prosecutor.

Of the four summonses issued to Parra, one was related to a fourth degree crime, one was for a disorderly persons offense, and two were civil complaints, said Kearns.

The one criminal summons related to the disorderly persons offense was reviewed by the Hunterdon County Prosecutor’s Office, which determined that the incident “occurred almost three years prior to the complaints being issued and the Statute of Limitations on Disorderly Persons offenses is one year, therefore that summons was dismissed,” the prosecutor explained.

“In regards to the remaining fourth degree criminal complaint, a thorough investigation into this matter was completed by my office, including multiple witness interviews,” said Kearns. “It has been determined that there is insufficient evidence to proceed with criminal charges in the case. The summons will be dismissed. The two civil complaints have been referred back to the Readington Township Municipal Court for appropriate disposition.”

News Link:-http://newjerseyhills.com/hunterdon_review/news/animal-cruelty-charges-against-olympic-equestrian-readington-resident-dismissed/article_86bb4532-a5a9-11e1-ae33-001a4bcf887a.html

More Proof of Endangering Horses – Travelers Racing Horses On Roads

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“You tube is full of videos like this…it’s the travelers way & they get away with it, literally! Racing horses on main roads, blocking traffic etc…They are putting those horses at risk, the followers get so close in their cars, that if one of the horses slipped, they couldn’t stop in time. I bet if I rode my horse down a busy road, shouting & hitting the horn, holding up traffic, I would get arrested & charged with animal cruelty…why don’t they? Because the police are scared of reprisal, they know it happens, but they choose to turn a blind eye!”



IMPACT-Humanitarian Trailer from Saving America’s Horses

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The launch of this trailer sends a staggering wake up call to all policy makers. This award-winning film explores the human-animal bond of horse and man through an illuminating humanitarian lens.

‘Saving America’s Horses’ helps spotlight what is becoming an urgent global humanitarian crisis — the pollution of fresh water. The RBC Blue Water Project is our commitment to protecting the lifeblood of this planet that we all need to share. Join the wave, and help us create a blue water future.” – Jeff Boyd, Regional President, Ontario North and East, RBC Royal Bank.

“Saving America’s Horses” is an educational project under Wild for Life Foundation, a 501 c3 nonprofit charity with a mission to save, protect and preserve equines.Learn more at http://www.savingamericashorses.org

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Woman charged with lying about rescuing horses, instead sends them to slaughter

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Straight from the Horse's Heart

story by  MONICA VON DOBENECK, of PENN.com

“Deception”: Common Denominator in Horse Slaughter

It was not illegal for Kelsey Lefever to bring rescued horses to auction to be sold for slaughter. But it was illegal for her to tell the horses’ owners that she was finding them good homes, according to Pennsylvania state police.

Police said Lefever, 24, of Honeybrook PA, advertised herself as a horse rescue. In May, she met the owners of four racehorses who could no longer compete on the track, promising them she would find good homes for the horses and would never sell them for meat.

Instead, she brought them to the New Holland horse auction in Lancaster County, where they were bought by a buyer from Shippensburg who brings horses to a slaughtering facility in Canada, according to court documents.

Police charged Lefever in November with theft by deception and deceptive business…

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