“OMG…this is appalling, but where is the information about the owner? Yes they were dumped, but somebody must know who they belonged to, because that person needs to be found & punished? I am losing all faith in humans; we are supposed to be compassionate with feelings which should put us above all other creatures…yet, it seems many are not; they are worse than animals! 

THREE Husky puppies and their mother have been rescued after cruel owners dumped them in appalling condition.

The three 16 week old puppies were locked in a crate festering in their own urine (Pic:Mercury)

The starved puppies, who are just 16 weeks-old, were so badly neglected their coats were stained yellow and they had ammonia burns on their paws.

It is believed the poor pups were left were locked in a tiny cage festering in their own urine for 23 hours a day.

Happily, John Duxbury – from Sibes and Sled Dogs Husky Welfare – is nursing the dogs back to health after retrieving them from a pet rescue centre in Liverpool.

John, 52, called their condition “absolutely horrendous” and admitted they were so scared they walked hunch-backed while shaking their heads.

Megan the three year-old Alaskan Malamute and her three puppies were found in appalling condition

He said: “They were not behaving like puppies when we brought them to the centre.

“Megan, the mum, has suffered a great deal from being locked in a crate for 23 hours a day and I don’t think her pups saw the light of day at all since they were born.

However, John added that the poor pooches have come on leaps and bounds since they were rescued from their horrific ordeal.

The poor pups had burns on their feet (Mercury)

“They were the most well-behaved dogs I have ever transported in a crate because that was their life and all they were used to,” he said.

John and partner Christine opened their refuge centre for neglected Huskies in Nelson, Lancashire, 12 months ago because they were shocked by cruelty to the breed.

“There is a huge problem in this country with ‘fashion dogs’ which are bought because they are cute as pups but grow into big dogs.

“Animal rescue centres have had a surge in numbers of Staffordshire Bull Terriers in recent years and now it is happening with Huskies,” he said.

Sibes and Sled Dogs Husky Welfare is caring for 45 neglected Huskies and of those 24 have been allocated new homes after a lengthy adoption process.

A spokesperson from the RSPCA said: “Taking on any animal is a huge responsibility and the decision to become a pet owner needs to be thought through very carefully.

“People should never choose a pet because they look cute or because they are fashionable.

“It’s incredibly frustrating and soul-destroying for the RSPCA to know we – and other animal charities – end up having to pick up the pieces when animals bought as accessories are put up for re-homing  neglected or simply abandoned.

“The suffering it causes is all so pointless and avoidable.”

To make a donation to John and Christine’s rescue centre or enquire about the Huskies email: huskyrescue@hotmail.co.uk.

News Link:-http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/375976/Absolutely-horrendous-animal-cruelty-as-Husky-puppies-are-found-starved-and-burnt