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“Sickening; how can anyone get pleasure from killing an innocent sentient creature? What horrific morals to be setting as parents!!”

African elephants are one of only two naturally surviving elephant species left in the world, and they are in danger of being poached to drastic levels to feed the ivory demand. While it is difficult for any one group to control the actions of poachers and government militias, it is likely that added security measures surrounding national parks could help to save these elephants. Urge the Garamba National Park Service and others in the region to tighten their security and stop poachers from killing elephants for their tusks.


This family shot and killed this elephant as he was eating (you can still see the food in his mouth). Here is the link to the company that promotes this cruelty: HERE >> is the contacts to the company that promotes this senseless killings… please contact them: 011-27-82-339-9235 Email: How is it fun to shoot a rare species like elephants just because you can afford to? SHARE this and make them infamous!


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This month’s seizure figures represent at least 251 dead elephants, bringing the total since this time last year to at least 3,180…*

3rd May – Gonarezhou National Park, Zimbabwe 
Rangers and Border Control Unit officers impound 4 tusks, a rifle, knives and axes, making 5 arrests of poachers suspected to have killed 2 elephants and buried the carcasses after removing their tusks. Full report

5/6th May – Nr Garsen, Tana River county, Kenya
Following an exchange of fire between rangers and two gangs of 6 poachers each, two tusks with a rifle, magazines and bullets are recovered. Full report

9th May – Kariba, Zimbabwe
A vehicle attempting to escape a routine police patrol plunges into a ditch and the three occupants arrested following the retrieval of two tusks. Full report 

14-18th May – Mashonaland West Province, Zambia
A poacher is killed in a gun battle with rangers and 6 tusks are recovered. Full report 

15th May – Bedford Gardens, Johannesburg, South Africa
Acting on a tip off by text, police storm a house to find an elephant tusk, 10 rhino horns and a large amount of cash. The Vietnamese man present is arrested. Full report 

19th May – Hwange National Park, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
Following an exchange of fire with 6 suspected poachers, wildlife rangers seize 22 tusks. Full report

19th May – Conakry, Republic of Guinea
A collaboration between the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Env, Water and Forests, police and  leads to the seizure of 800 pieces of ivory carvings and tusks and the arrest of six major dealers. Full report

21-27th May – Binga, Matabeleland North, Zimbabwe
A poacher is shot dead by rangers and 28 tusks are seized.  A rifle and ammunition are also recovered. Full report 

21-27th May – Kotombora, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
Rangers seize 22 tusks and injure a poacher in an exchange of fire. Full report

22nd May – Colombo Port, Sri Lanka
Intelligence reports from Kenya of 3 suspect containers shipped from Mombasa lead to the seizure of 359 tusks packed with dried fish inside a container and labeled as scrap plastic. In an effort to avoid detection, the container was intended for onward shipment to Dubai before being sent to its intended final destination. Full report

27th May – Marsabit Central, Kenya
Following an ambush, a man transporting 11 pieces of raw ivory on a motorcycle is arrested. Full report

? May – Kamtonga, Mwatate District, Kenya
Wildlife rangers seize 2 tusks and arrest a man suspected of previous poaching incidents in the area. Full report

? May – Kinangop, Nyandarua county, Kenya
Acting on a tip off, wildlife rangers pose as buyers and arrest three attempting to sell 42kg worth of tusks. Full report

African elephant poaching news this month includes…the unearthing of 7 elephant carcasses in an Indian Tiger Reserve and a statement by wildlife officials indicating that since 2007 around 5,000 elephants had been poached from the area around one national park in the Republic of Congo. Protected Areas are no guarantee of safety…

Help fund anti-poaching efforts to stop more elephant deaths

Sign the petition to ensure elephants are safeguarded throughout their range

* Customs authorities and police agencies can only do so much – seized tusks, carvings, chopsticks and jewellery represent a small percentage of all the illegal ivory in trade at any point in time. It has been estimated that in order to supply this total amount, 38,000 elephants – at least 8% of the entire African elephant population – are being killed annually.

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