Graphic Image: Germany To Ban Bestiality Under Animal Welfare Law

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“Regards the recent news from Germany to outlaw Bestiality…this post has a little more information in than the original one, thought you might be interested”

Agriculture minister to outlaw ‘inappropriatesexual acts as zoophiles threaten legal action.

Ilse Aigner, the German agriculture minister, is reversing a 1969 decision to legalise zoophilia. Photograph: Gon Alo Silva/Demotix/Corbis

Germany is to introduce a ban on bestiality with a revision of animal welfare law that will reverse a decision in 1969 to legalise zoophilia.

Animal rights groups have called for the practice to be recognised as animal defilement and rape, using dramatic photographs of animals being cruelly treated by humans for sexual purposes to put pressure on the German government.

Zoophiles, or those who practise bestiality, argue that they treat animals as equals and never force them to do anything against their will.

We are going to take legal action to fight this,” said Michael Kiok, chairman of the pressure group Zoophile Engagement for Tolerance and Information (Zeta), which has about 100 members. “Central to the beliefs of zoophiles is that we don’t do anything that the animal doesn’t want. “How can one know the animal doesn’t want to, those poor animals used will obviously conform, they will have learnt or been trained to react in a certain way…but try it with a dog who hasn’t & your probably going to get a nasty bite!”

We do not treat them cruelly. An animal is quite capable of showing precisely what it wants and does not want. When I look at my dog I know immediately what it wants. Animals are much easier to understand than women,” he said.“WTF…how the hell can an animal tell you it wants to $£%$(&*()£^£()+_- ?? It’s ridiculous, I bet all of the members are ugly (the ones I have seen so far are!) with beer bellies & foul breath, they can’t get a women, that’s their problem!”

The centre-right government of Angela Merkel, which has shaped the law change, said key to the new legislation was recognising thasex with humans was “inappropriate” for animals. “Of course it is, any sane person is disgusted just at the thought of it!”

According to Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of the parliamentary agricultural committee which will discuss the law on Wednesday before a final vote in the Bundestag on 14 December, animals should not be used “for personal sexual activities or made available to third parties for sexual activitiesthereby forcing them to behave in ways that are inappropriate to their species”. “Exactly, forcing them to act in a way that is totally unnatural & unacceptable. Both parties in a sexual relationship must agree to have sex, if one does not but is forced or cohered into doing so, then it is classed as rape!”

Animal rights’ campaigners welcomed the ban, but said it was being used to divert attention from more widespread and pressing animal rights issues. “We welcome the new amendment (to the law) to ban sodomy,” said Thomas Schröder, president of the German Animal Welfare Association (DTSB). “But this achievement in the animal welfare struggle cannot be used as an excuse to conceal other urgent animal rights questions“. “No it can’t, so we the public, will keep up the pressure, until such things are changed!”

Agriculture minister Ilse Aigner was said to have introduced the amendment to appease animal rights campaigners angry that more is not being done to tackle perceived animal rights abuses in the agricultural industry. Campaigners want bans on cutting off piglets’ tails, and the castration of piglets and branding of horses without anaesthesia. In the end Aigner has affected a change only on the issue of castration, but not until 2018, when the practice will only be allowed to be carried out under local anaesthetic.There is much work to be done to put all the wrongs humans do to animals, right, this we know. Especially in the agricultural industry as animals have always been seen as objects without feelings; but it is changing slowly for the better!”

Kiok, 52, a university librarian from Münster, southern Germany, who lives with his 8½-year-old Alsatian called Cessie in what he calls a relationship, said zoophiles had been “put on the sacrificial altar of a lazy compromise“. Estimating there are about 100,000 active zoophiles in Germany, he said the group remained deeply misunderstood.“Of course it’s misunderstood because normal people don’t see animals as sexual partners!”

“We don’t have anything to do with people who abuse animals,” he said. “We only want what’s best for the animal. “It cannot be that the mutually gratifying sexual contact between human and animal is forbidden because it’s unfavourable to the species, but the abuse of animals in the agricultural industry continues.” “What’s best for the animal is for human sexual predators to stay away from them. One can not say sex between human & animal is mutual, because animals can’t tell you otherwise.”

He said he had received death threats from campaigners who were threatening to remove his dog. The protesters posted on Facebook that they had the addresses of 800 zoophiles and would campaign to have their pets taken from them. “Humans who only see other humans as sexual partners will of course think pets are better away from those who interfere with them!”

Koik said he had been through years of therapy and despair due to his zoophilia, only discovering on the internet the “huge number of zoophiles, especially in the US,” he said. “It was a relief to feel I wasn’t a monster as I’d heard for much of my life,” he said.“Of course other people who dabble in bestiality, zoophiles, sodomy etc. are  going to stick together & confirm what they do is not wrong etc.; as do those of us who think what they do, is totally wrong!”

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Federal Government Wants To Ban Sex With Animals (No Graphics)

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“Sounds like the Germans don’t like being the animal sex capital anymore!! But don’t be too excited, the part where they say “while it (the animal) bears no injury or death. I don’t know how many times I will have to say this, but anything stuck into a dog apart from another dog can & will cause damage. Even if they do bring it into law, those people who do it are not going to be shouting about it anymore. Plus the animals usually belong to the perverted, so how are people going to know if they have been injured?”

“There should be one law to serve the entire world…No touching animals in any way that may be construed as sexual, no touching, no petting, no oral, no nothing a total ban! But it still won’t stop those who live in isolated areas for that very reason; unless they are forced to make their animal see a vet every 3 months or something like that…not that I’m trying to be negative, I can just see loopholes in a Country where most of the pervs live, partly isolated, due to the stigma already attached!”

Translated from German – FINES TO UP TO 25 000 EURO A

It’s a number that evokes horror: The Berliner Zeitung “BZ” reported that about 10 000 people in Germany regularly sex with animals have!

Bad: Sexual acts with animals (“sodomy”) are not even banned in Germany …

But this is about to change because: The federal government intends to provide sex with animals punishable!

This is what the Animal Welfare Act to be tightenedPreviously sexual acts with animals are punished only if an animal so suffering serious injury or death. In the future, sexual acts of people on animals also be punishable if the animal while it bears no injuries. Sodomy as a criminal offense has been deleted from the 1969 Penal Code.

However, it is still forbidden to spread animal pornographic images.

In the current bill of 29 August 2012 that: “The Federal Government recognizes the fact that sexual activities are suitable to animals by humans, animals regularly inflict suffering at least in terms of animal welfare, as these animals are forced to artwidrigen behavior.”


In Europe, the sexual contact with animals in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is an offense. In Switzerland, since September 2008, the Animal Protection Law sexually motivated acts with animals expressly forbids.

Federal Agriculture Minister Ilse Aigner (47, CSU) told BILD: “Germany is a leader in animal welfare. The welfare of animals is for the federal government a high priority, so we will bring more improvements on the way. ”

Currently there are consultations on the revised law. In the fall to the Bundestag and Bundesrat vote on the law.

After image-information to sodomy punishable by a fine in the future up to 25 000 euros!

CDU legal expert Günter Krings (43) However, it is “embarrassing, if we rise to such a right only amendment with animal health. The moral law and hygiene hazards are for me much more obvious reasons such a ban necessary. ”

FDP politician Hans-Michael Goldmann (66) defended the proposed law and clarifies further Goldmann “that we can improve the Animal Welfare Act for the welfare of animals and do not criminal law.”: “It is unacceptable that someone an animal pain and suffering that can lead to behavioral problems can cause, without being prosecuted. With the explicit prohibition of the punishment is facilitated and the protection of the animals increased. ”

Thomas Schroeder (47), president of the German Animal Welfare Association, told Bild: “It is totally wrong that showing photos of sodomy is forbidden, the act itself but not yet. Shooter can now be traded. “


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