Problem leopard dodges traps, kills woman

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The problem leopard in UmredKuhi area of Nagpur district killed a woman in a farm near Tarna village Tuesday, triggering tension and public anger.

The animal had earlier injured three people. Efforts by the forest department to capture it since the first attack on August 10 have not succeeded.

“The leopard pounced on Babybai Uike, aged about 50 years, when she was sowing chillies with five or six other women around 5.30 pm. The woman’s shrieks attracted the group which raised an alarm, following which the animal ran away. But Babybai succumbed on the spot,Divisional Forest Officer P K Mahajan told The Indian Express.

Villagers angry with the forest department’s failure to capture the leopard refused to collect Babybai’s body for two hours after the incident. “This will probably mean the villagers will take it upon themselves to find, catch & probably burn the leopard; as they have done on previous occasions!”

“We have put up two cages since August 15, but it is refusing to fall into the trap,” Mahajan said.

“Despite so much pressure, the animal is hardly deterred.”

Nobody seems to know why the leopard began attacking humans. Unlike most cases of man-animal conflict, the attacks have happened in villages and farms, not forests. “Which are still within the leopard’s dining area!!”

“This is clearly a crisis. From my experience in western Maharashtra, I can say that leopards that have been trapped once succeed in avoiding cages. Also, those caught outside protected areas but released inside generally tend to get into conflict with humans,” wildlife biologist and leopard scholar Vidya Athreya said.

A leopard was caged on June 10 after it entered a house in Ranbodi village nearby, and was released in the wild the next day.

Mahajan said the problem leopard could be the same one. “We are checking available photographs. It could be the same animal.”

Asked why shoot orders were not being issued, Mahajan said, “I will now send a report to Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife) S W H Naqvi, who will take a call.”

Asked for a comment, Naqvi said, “We have to exhaust all options before shoot orders are issued. I will decide after getting a report from the DFO.” “Of course they can’t just go round shooting all the leopards that villagers see close up, they are a protected species…not that the villagers care. I have seen some horrific videos of what villagers will do to any that they can catch, beating them to death or burning them alive! Perhaps public housing is more likely to be edging further into the leopards domain…not the other way around…that or the locals are killing meat usually hunted by the leopard; for their own family’s to feed on…hence no food for the leopards!”

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“Having just found this video, I thought I would include as it show’s the villagers mentality on finding a leopard. Villagers go into mob mode, their like screaming banshees, possessed, the appear by the hundreds (don’t know how or who calls them) & will kill either leopard or officials if there are only a few. You can see the hatred they have for the leopard, throwing rocks at it’s head, when the poor bloody thing only want’s to get back to forest!”

“Thank God the superintendence of police got more back up or else this could have ended with 2 deaths. I think they should look into training more people who are able to dart & know the leopards behaviour!!”

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Its War Between Leopard & Human.. Leopard came for water & food near farm, because of Sunrise She try to hide at Bamboo shade sided to close house. but news spread out. Villagers dare that catch the leopard or they will kill. after the 1st fail attempt from villagersthey almost succeed to kill leopard, but help of police forest official & we success to save this leopard. only 1 person who has experience to Trap or dart leopard,other 1 is me who know the behavior of leopard , both injured in action. Daring of Mr.Sunil Wadekar who takes the decision of Open Dart…& got success… i feel the happiness that man after the fever he run at least for 4km ..& save to Leopard. Thanks to Superintendent of Police Nashik Mr.Pravin Padval who send extra police force & respond to my Request.

3 of 5 newborn lion cubs die due to ‘negligence’

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Three of the five lion cubs, offsprings of an “unwanted fertilisation” in Nandanvan, the Raipur zoo, died within 24 hours of their birth.

While the zoo authorities have denied any negligence in fertilisation or post-birth care, the incident leaves several unanswered questions.

Saraswati, 20, had given birth to five cubs on Wednesday between 3 and 11 pm, but zoo authorities learnt of it only on Thursday morning. Three died on Thursday night, and again the administration came to know about it only on Friday morning.

“Whenever the number of deliveries is more than three, survival rate of cubs goes down. They are unable to get proper nourishment from mother. First milk is very important for developing resistance. But as they were five, they could not get proper amount of milk,” zoo doctor Jaikishor Jadiya told The Indian Express. He cited the post-mortem report that the cub died of “improper nourishment”.

Central Zoo Authority guidelines ask zoos to “limit number of animals of each species by implementing appropriate population control measures like segregation of sexes, vasectomy, tubectomy, etc”. “We take proper measures to segregate lions, males are kept in separate enclosures. This was an accidental breeding,” Jadiya told The Indian Express. Saraswati had given birth to two male and one female cub in January 2010, and according to Jadiya, the two males in her enclosure were still in “sub-adult” stage when they impregnated her.

This was in April this year, but the zoo administration remained unaware of her pregnancy or the delivery date and were caught completely unawares. “It was an exceptional breeding, the male had not reached the adult stage. There is no negligence,” said Chief Conservator of Forests and Wildlife, Anup Srivastava.

Veterinary doctors disagree. “Their argument is nonsense. Full adulthood may come at three years, but there is nothing that proves a lion cannot impregnate before that,” says a doctor who had earlier worked at the zoo.

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STOP elephant abuse : Book Navjot Sidhu, Balbir Punj and Elephant owner – Abhishek Kadyan

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OMG…Have you ever seen so many horses & an elephant surrounded by so many mobs, shouting & screaming? The level of stress must have been so high in the horses & elephant, its a wonder there wasn’t an accident…then who would be to blame?? The animals of course. It’s outrageous to use animals in this type of demonstration!! 


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Online complaint lodged with the Punjab Police bearing No. 442937672, Ministry of Environment and Forest No. MOEAF/E/2012/00182 and with the President of India office No.PRSEC/E/2012/08756.

Past history of elephant abuse by Navjot Singh Sidhu:

1. Protest on elephant ride reported by the Tribune dated June 8, 2006.

2. Elephant ride during filling of nomination for Amritsar seat on April 22, 2009 reported by the Indian Express dated April 23, 2009.
3. Protest reported on elephant ride on December 20, 2011.
4. Protest on elephant ride on June 22, 2012.
It would be pertinent to mention here that the Election Commission of India issued orders on dated November 20, 1997 not to abuse live elephant during elections, hence Sidhu violated these orders.
Navjot Singh Sidhu conviction has been suspended by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India till the disposal of his appeal and we are taking legal opinion to move to the court for reconsideration.
The Chief Wild Life Warden of Punjab, DFO concerned is here by requested to treat this as a notice under section 55 of the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972 for strict legal action against Navjot Sigh Sidhu, Balbir Punj and so called owners of the abused elephants, they are further advised to issue orders for strict compliance of the Guidelines for care and management of captive elephants issued by the Government of India on January 8, 2008, frame rules and regulations for the national heritage animal of India and ensure the rescue and rehabilitation of captive elephants as per CZA orders.

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