Man Booked for Bestiality in Indore

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INDORE: A man in Aerodrome area was allegedly caught for beating and indulging in a sexual act with his neighbour’s cow on Friday noon.

The accused, 40-year-old Gulab Singh has been arrested in the case, said Aerodrome police station in charge Akhilesh Divedi. “The accused is a labourer in the area and was taken to the police station by the neighbours,” Divedi told TOI.

Divedi said the incident had taken place around 12pm, when the accused was alone at his residence and found a neighbour’s cow tied nearby. He untied it and took the cow inside his house and tied the legs and snout before sexually assaulting the animal.

After sometime, the owner of cow Bindu Jaiswal along with a few neighbours started searching for the missing cow and found Singh allegedly indulging in objectionable activity with the 3-year-old cow. They immediately raised an alarm and took Singh to the police station and lodged a complaint against him.

Jaiswal said that the cops were initially hesitant to lodge a complaint but under pressure from the crowd, they eventually registered one under section 377 (sexual activity against the order of nature) of IPC.

When asked whether the accused was inebriated, police said that during prima facie the accused looked normal. “He appears to be a sadist and mentally disturbed,” the police said.


Second Incident: 2-year-Old Leopard Dies Due To Heat Stroke In Alirajpur

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INDORE: Two year old leopard was found dead on Friday at Malpur Village of Alirajpur district of Madhya Pradesh.

Forest department had ruled out any poaching attempt and post mortem report revealed that leopard has died due to heat stroke.

In morning villagers spotted a dead body of leopard beneath a bridge over Hathni River on Barjhar-Malpur Road under Azad Nagar Tehshil. Following villagers from the near by areas fished out the body from water the informed forest officials.

Chief Conservator of Forest ( CCF) P C Dubey said post mortem report says that two year old leopard has died after its heart stop functioning due to shock. Shock might be due to heat stroke or may be weak and suffering from some ailment.

It is second incident under Azad Nagar Tehshil in last six month when leopard had died natural death. Earlier a mutilated body of leopard was found at Chhoti Pol Village.

Dubey said few months back villagers had killed a leopard at Chhoti Pol Village as leopard had killed their animal. Five people were arrested in that connection and sent to jail. At time nail and hair had been recovered from their possession.

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MP: Man kills leopard in self-defence

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Dewas: A 58-year-old man killed a leopard on Sunday with an axe after the animal attacked him in the Rampura forest under Bagli range in the district.

MP: Man kills leopard in self-defence

Nathu, the man, came face to face with the big cat in the forest.Despite the mauling he received, Nathu rained blows on it with his axe, knocking the leopard out.

The animal subsequently bled to death, forest officials said here on Monday.

Nathu was initially taken to the Primary Health Centre at Bagli and later to MY Hospital at Indore.


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Three Years On, ‘Sita’ The White Tigress Still Awaits A Partner So Lives In Solitude

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INDORE: Sita, the white tigress at Kamala Nehru Park, has been forced to live in solitude by the authorities concerned for the past three years even as she has the legal right to have a partner. Though the zoo officials claimed to have launched a search to get a partner for her, the fact is that keeping the tigress without a partner for three years is illegal.

As per Section 38H of the Wildlife (protection) Act 1972, no animalcan be kept alone in a zoo without a partner for more than one year without valid reasons.


“Every zoo shall endeavour to avoid keeping single animals of non-viable sex ratios of any species. They shall cooperate in pooling such animals into genetically, demographically and socially viable groups at zoos identified for the purpose”, according to Central Zoo authority‘s general policies for zoo across the country. Even the rule book says that every zoo shall keep the animals in viable social groups. No animal will be kept without a mate for a period exceeding one year unless there is a legitimate reason. In the event of a zoo failing to find a mate for an animal, the animal shall be shifted to some other place.

Animal activist Ajay Gadikar told TOI, “Captivated animals in the zoo should not be kept in solitary condition from their mates, not that it is illegal but also it is very depressing for the invertebrates. If there are some animals in the zoo which are living solo, then zoo authorities should take measures. The zoo should be interlinked with other zoo and keep a check whether they have animals to pair with or it can be shifted to someplace. Even Ralamandal authorities keep rescuing animals. So the zoo authorities can ask them to shift the animals to pair them with the zoo animals.”

These animals have been made to live as singletons for the past two to three years. The tigress has been living alone for three years whereas a female jackal and male monkey have been living in isolation for the past one year.

According to the zoo authorities, they have been taking steps to provide mates to the solo animals. “We are doing our best to solve this problem. As monkey and jackal are in surplus around here, we can get them. For the tigress, we have fetched a male white tiger from Bhilai zoo

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