Pregnant dog burned alive, gets help from local animal rescue group

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"OMG...this is beyond sickening, I can't see the dog walking willingly into fire, so she was either burnt or doused in some type of chemical; on purpose. I pray they catch the scum that did this & will keep her in my prayers, in the hopes that all her pups make it & she finds a forever loving home!" 

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – A pregnant dog that was severely burned is doing much better after being taken in by a local animal rescue group.

“Someone did something unkind to this very sweet dog,” says Donna Casamento with Big Dog Ranch Rescue.

Pregnant dog burnt is carrying puppies

It’s something so unkind, it’s horrific to view.  Nina, a terrier mix, has second to third degree burns on her chest, all the way down to her legs.

“It’s been a very very sad situation. We weren’t sure when we first got her how the burns happened,” said Casamento.

But Donna thinks Nina’s burns may have been intentional. And what makes this worse, she’s pregnant.

“Whether she walked into a fire on the ground, like a fire pit or was pushed into a fire pit. Dogs don’t walk into those kind of situations,” she said.”

Now the race is on to save the unborn dogs while Nina recovers. “It’s somewhat difficult for us to tell exactly if the puppies are still alive yet,” Casamento said.

Nina was brought up yesterday from Miami-Dade rescue.  Veterinarians here are taking care of her around the clock. “Every couple of hours, she’s getting this applied to her and then several baths throughout the day,” said Donna. “We’re giving her pain medication about every three or four hours at this point.”

The hope is eventually to find her and her babies, a loving home. “In spite what she’s been through, all she wants to do is sit with her head in our lap and get love. This is a great dog,” she said.

Vets say once Nina becomes comfortable, they’ll be able to perform an ultrasound to see if the puppies are alive. They’re asking the community to help with donations for Nina’s care. Find out how you can help at their website, .

Miami-Dade animal rescue is investigating the case.

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Pit Bull Euthanized After Fatal Mauling Of Infant

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Detroit Police officers remove a pit bull after it killed a 3-week old baby girl on Thursday, October 4, 2012 in Detroit. / JARRAD HENDERSON/Detroit Free Press

The pit bull that fatally mauled an infant Thursday in Detroit was euthanized today by a veterinarian at the Michigan Humane Society, a spokesman for the Humane Society said.

Officials at Detroit’s animal control unit asked the Humane Society to euthanize the pit bull this morning because “they did not have a vet available,” spokesman Kevin Hatman said. After the dog was euthanized, its remains were returned to the city’s animal control centre to be checked for rabies, as required by state law, Hatman said.

Detroit police seized the dog from the home on the city’s west side shortly after 5:45 p.m. Thursday, when it attacked the three-week-old girl as she lay strapped into her car seat on the floor of a home that her mother was visiting, police said.

No decision was reached today by the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office on whether the girl’s mother or the dog’s owner will face charges in the death, police spokeswoman Sgt. Eren Stephens said tonight.

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“Firstly, may I just say the last few posts all being about pit bulls has been purely coincidence, it’s just how they came in!!”

“This is so very tragic, my deepest sympathies to the mother & the family of the baby girl. But why oh why, did the mother put the baby down on the floor, why didn’t the owner warn her of the dog? So many questions…any breed of dog could have done the same if that way inclined”

“However, read the following which goes into more detail about the incident & the general problems with pit bulls in Detroit; see it from another perspective! Below is a snippet, but read the full article!”

Detroit police said the dog was not vicious toward the officers as it was being taken away. The family also claimed the dog was not vicious and that there are other children in the house.

The dog owners believe the Pit Bull smelled the baby formula on the infant’s clothes, according to reports. The dog mauled the infant’s face.

The owners stated that the dog, who was just fed scraps out the back door, somehow got into the house and attacked the baby while her mother had her back turned, according to the report.

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Zoo in shock after baby chimpanzee killed by adult chimp

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“A very sad story indeed, but this sort of thing can happen in the wild, this is nature, at it’s ugliest!”

L.A. Zoo officials expressed shock after a baby chimpanzee was killed Tuesday afternoon by an adult male chimpanzee as visitors watched the attack.

The chimpanzee, which was born in March, was killed in a habitat with other chimps, the zoo said in a statement. The baby chimpanzee had been gradually introduced to the chimps in the habitat, but there were no indications of problems, according to zoo officials.

“Chimpanzee behavior can sometimes be aggressive and violent, and the zoo is sorry that visitors had to be exposed to this,” the statement said. “This is a heartbreaking and tragic loss for the zoo and especially the Great Ape Team who have worked diligently to care for the infant and its mother since its birth.”

Zoo staffers were shaken by the attack.

“I’m kind of shocked, and I’m very sad. My heart really goes out to our staff. It’s been a very sad day,” said Jennie Becker, the curator of mammals at the Los Angeles Zootold KABC-TV.

The mother is named Gracie, and she was being allowed to keep the baby overnight so that she could have time to grieve, the zoo said.

In 2007, a 3-year-old male chimpanzee accidentally strangled himself while playing with a rope at the zoo.

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Man gets jail for abusing bulldogs

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A Garden Grove man was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty for keeping five bulldogs in a feces-ridden environment at his home, where authorities also found six dead baby rabbits that apparently drowned in rain water and urine.

By accepting a plea deal offered by a judge Tuesday, Khuong Anh Nguyen avoided facing up to seven years and eight months in the Orange County Jail if he had been tried and convicted as charged, according to Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone.

Orange County Superior Court Judge John Nguyen offered the plea deal to Nguyen after a preliminary hearingthat began Friday and ended Tuesday at the West Justice Center in Westminster.

Khuong Anh Nguyen booking photo.

Nguyen, arrested Dec. 16, originally was charged with eight felony counts of animal abuse. The judge, however, found there was insufficient evidence on abuse of the rabbits and reduced the felony charges to a misdemeanor, according to Malone.

As a result of Nguyen’s plea, seven felony counts of cruelty to animals were dismissed, according to court records.

Officers with the Garden Grove Police Department were called to Nguyen’s home Dec. 14, 2011, after receiving a call alleging animal cruelty.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, officers found one female and four male bulldogs kept together in a cage that was fouled with feces.

The female bulldog, named Lola, had a child’s garment on with some elastic in it that cut off circulation to her legs, leading to rotting flesh, Malone said.

When officers found her, she was “cowering from the pain of the rubber bands cutting into her skin,” according to a statement from the D.A.’s Office.

One of Nguyen’s rabbits was found on top of a cage. Inside the cage, six newborn baby rabbits appeared to have died from drowning in rainwater and urine, the statement read.

The animals were taken from the home by O.C. Animal Care.

Nguyen received credit for three weeks served in custody and will have to serve about two more weeks behind bars, Malone said.

He was ordered to serve three years of informal probation and as a condition of his plea deal he no longer is allowed to own pets, Malone said.

Lola has been nursed back to health and is in the process of being adopted, Malone said.

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