Dogs Being Burned Alive At Ohio Shelter

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Animal advocates have been trying to put an end to gas chamber euthanization at the Fairfield County Dog Shelter near Lancaster, Ohio. Two of the county’s three Commissioners have postponed the vote, even when presented with eyewitness accounts that dogs are coming out of the gas chamber still alive and are thrown into the incinerator along with the dead animals.

Dogs are being burned alive in Ohio.

This week, about 100 people packed the Commissioners’ hearing room to speak to decision makers about discontinuing the inhumane practice. Animal welfare advocates want the county Commissioners to start using lethal injection instead. Fairfield County is among approximately ten of the eighty-eight Ohio counties that still use the gas chamber to kill county-shelter dogs, according to the Ohio Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Ohio County Dog Wardens Association.

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Commissioner Steve Davis said that he is in favor of changing the policy from gassing to injection. He was the only Commissioner to speak to protestors and thank them for coming to the meeting. He planned to vote on the measure this week, however, Commissioners Mike Kiger and Judy Shupe said they wanted more time to make a decision. Voting was postponed, likely for two weeks. The two Commissioners cited a desire to examine cost and other factors before voting.

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Commissioner Kiger attended a gassing at the shelter, but still thought the practice was humane. For those who have never witnessed euthanization by gassing, film footage of gas chamber use is included with this article. Although it is not footage from the Fairfield shelter, it is representative of the process.

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WARNING: Graphic.
This scene was taken from “One Nation Under Dog.”
This, in most states, is what happens when a shelter is too full and must dispose of dogs. This isn’t something that was filmed decades ago and no longer exists. This hasn’t changed. This, is probably going on as you read and watch this clip.
Overpopulation of pets is because of one: people don’t spay and neuter their pets, and so they reproduce and have litters with nowhere to go, and two: because people keep buying pets from pet stores.

It is clearly apparent that animals that are gassed suffer emotional and physical distress during the procedure, even when the procedure is carried out correctly – which hasn’t always been the case at the Fairfield shelter.

Although the dog warden maintains that he euthanizes 4 to 6 dogs at a time, a former deputy dog warden and a WEP worker both signed affadavits describing very different experiences. Both employees witnessed the overloading of the chamber, which should hold a maximum of six animals for the gassing to work properly. Both stated that they had seen twelve to sixteen dogs in the euthanization cage at once, more than double the recommended limit.

The former deputy said she had witnessed dogs removed from the chamber who were not dead, and the cage was put through a second cycle. She added that this was often the case with puppies who were too young to be gassed because of their immature respiratory development. She stated that the director of the shelter was instructed to purchase stethoscopes to check for heartbeats, but that he had never carried through.

Two witnesses stood up at the meeting saying they had seen dogs come out of the gas chamber that were not dead and that were thrown into the incinerator still alive. Perhaps that is not surprising since employees as untrained as the WEP worker were forced to do the gassing. Apparently, Commissioners Kiger and Shupe don’t find the thought of animals burned alive disturbing enough to shut down the gas chamber.

Animal advocates started a petition to discontinue gassing at the facility which received 7,000 signatures, but the Commissioners shut off their email accounts because they were “tired of receiving the messages.” The only way to contact Commissioners and voice concern is by phone: 740-652-7090 / 614-322-5260, FAX: 740-687-6048 or mail: 210 East Main Street. Room 301 — Lancaster, Ohio 43130

According to the website, to kill an animal by carbon monoxide poisoning costs $4.98 per animal versus $2.29 per animal by lethal injection (EBI=Euthanasia By Injection). The argument to continue gassing can only be made as a means of convenience, since a group of animals can be done at once, as opposed to individually by injection.

Amy Bogart, with the Humane Society of the United States, said if the only thing preventing the county from going to a lethal injection form of euthanasia is the cost of training, her organization is willing to pay the cost of the training and setup.

The Fairfield County Dog Shelter has already euthanized 183 dogs this year. In 2011, the county euthanized 578 dogs. These numbers represent about 50% of the shelter’s intake.

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Animal Equality shows the sadism and brutality hidden in the pig farm of El Escobar de Murcia

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The images published by Animal Equality shows once again the horror experienced by animals exploited by the meat industry, this time in a pig farm in Murcia.

In a shocking and only evidence offered to Animal Equality in a video interview, the operator claims to have witnessed more than fifty times the slaughter sows with swords, which as it happens regularly every week since he entered in 2009 to work on the farm

From Animal Equality today released a shocking video images recorded on the pig farm of El Escobar, located in Fuente Alamo de Murcia. It showed some scenes of violence to animals raised for food more brutal than our Research Team has had the opportunity to see, and because of which we have filed the corresponding criminal complaint through a crime of mistreatment of animals.

The video in question shows staff-including farm-makers and operators:

• Hitting hard on the head bristles with iron bars.

• Attacking the animals with large swords that pierce your sides repeatedly to kill them, including rales, after several minutes of agony. We also see how the operators move the swords stuck in the body of the bristles to aggravate your inner wounds, mocking their suffering at the camera as well as kicking and jumping on them to beat them with his elbow.

Opening the abdomen and uterus of sows with a knife to extract, live piglets that were to give birth. They also are torn intestines, liver and other organs, after several minutes of poking around inside their bodies with their hands and while the victims writhe and scream in pain. This practice is performed on pregnant sows can not be sent to slaughter for being lame or being unable to walk. The bristles are victims of this brutality abandoned after dying, their bodies stretched on the ground, until they eventually die.

It is terribly ironic that this farm was awarded in 2008 by the meat industry with Porc d’Or prize for piglets born alive.

Miguel Rodriguez Brown, an anesthesiologist at the Veterinary Hospital of the University Complutense of Madrid, declared on these facts:

“It’s the most horrible thing I’ve seen in my career about the treatment of animals. The suffering to which they are subjected is comparable to that we would suffer in that situation. The animals have suffered extreme pain and unmatched brutality. “

The renowned veterinarian and expert on bioethics of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics in the UK Andrew Knight said about the images published by Animal Equality:

“The treatment to these pigs is the most brutal abuse of farm animals I’ve seen in my life.Workers are clearly enjoying some of their behaviors. Treatment to these pigs is shockingly cruel and is, in fact, sadistic. “

By signing this petition you are sending a letter to the Directorate General of Livestock and Fisheries of Murcia to request the immediate closure of the farm and the corresponding penalties for all the facts.:-

Warning: This video contains very graphic images 

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