Dog Killed, Dumped In Park

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Peel Regional Police are hunting for the person responsible for killing a dog and dumping it in a Mississauga park.

“The animal was the victim of a malicious and intentional act,” said Const. Thomas Ruttan after police located the remains today at Deerwood Park.

Investigators have searched the immediate area for evidence and are appealing to the public for any information related to the incident.

Due to the condition of the remains, it is difficult to identify the breed of dog, Ruttan said.
The dog is described as black with brown markings and investigators believe it may be a younger miniature pinscher, or something similar.

The remains were sent for forensic testing and an autopsy will be conducted to determine how the dog died, the full extent of injury and the breed.

Police are also trying to locate the owner of the animal.
Anyone with information is asked to call police at  905-453-2121, ext. 1133. Information may also be left anonymously by calling Peel Crime Stoppers at  1-800-222-8477 or visiting

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NM Man accused of animal cruelty tells ABC-7 he did nothing wrong

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CHAPARRAL, N.M. – Sheriff’s deputies seized 52 cats from his home

Doña Ana County Sheriff’s investigators said Charles Gonnell, 62, is facing felony animal cruelty charges, animal ordinance violations and codes violations after they seized 52 cats and kittens from his Chaparral home.

The staff veterinarian at the sheriff’s office determined all of the cats were suffering from respiratory infections and skin diseases.

Gonnell said the allegations of animal cruelty against him are untrue.

“I never thought there was anything wrong with it. They just told me that caring for stray animals is some sort of hideous crime,” Gonnell said.

Gonnell told ABC-7 not all of the cat’s that sheriff’s investigators collected last week were his. He considered five of them his pets and the rest were strays he fed and cared for.

“I was helping them. I don’t know if there was 50 or 500. I was just concerned with helping them out. My wife when she came home from work the first thing she would do is feed them or work on their eyes,” Gonnell said.

Photos and videos of some of the kittens the sheriff’s office collected reveal many of them had their eyes shut with mucus from various infections.

Kelly Jameson, spokeswoman for the sheriff’s office, said they have been forced to euthanize 20 of the 52 cats because they were in pain and suffering from their infections.

Gonnell does not believe the cats needed to be euthanized.

“They were not suffering. We used to clean their eyes everyday, feed them everyday. They would play,” Gonnell said.

Gonnell said he and his wife asked their veterinarian how to treat the cats and were using her advice to care for them.

He said it was his responsibility as a Catholic to care for these animals.

“Because they were hungry and they were thirsty. They asked me why would you take care of them? Well, he tells us to take care of them. St. Francis,” Gonnell said.

Gonnell has not been formally charged, but Jameson said investigators expect to file charges against him this week.

Jameson said they are treating the remaining cats with pain killers and antibiotics, but they will probably have to euthanize a few more of them.

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Tulsa SPCA rescues dozens of animals from cruel conditions – FOX23 News

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The Tulsa SPCA assisted with hoarding and cruelty case in central Oklahoma.

On Monday, the Tulsa SPCA and the Tulsa County Sheriff’s office rescued about 20 goats, 20 chickens, 8 bunnies, 2 border collies, and a pig. The Tulsa SPCA took these animals to an animal advocate from a Bristow animal sanctuary.

The sheriff’s office is only saying these complaints were filed in central Oklahoma. The case will be investigated as a animal cruelty because of the conditions at the location.

SPCA officials say bunnies were dying as they were being rescued and that the chickens were being housed in a semi and there were several dead animals in with the 20 chickens that were rescued. Officials also say there were 80 goat skeletons on the property in addition to the 20 goats that were rescued.

Lori Hall is the Tulsa SPCA Executive Director received a call Sunday from an animal cruelty investigator saying these animals needed to be removed from an animal hoarder‘s property immediately.

“See how skinny they are,” Hall said. “That’s just so pathetic.”

Hall believes she can find them good homes but she will have to deworm them and get them healthy enough first.

“I know once we get them in here we can take care of them and get them good homes and that’s our goal,” said Hall.

A veterinarian will be there Friday to examine all the animals. They are temporally housed at the Tulsa SPCA and will be moved into foster care this week, the animals will then be nursed back to health and be put up for adoption.

If you would like to adopt an animal you can call the Tulsa SPCA (918) 428-7722

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Two horses die, one rescued in Big Springs animal cruelty case

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Big Springs, Calif.

“A long term period of inexplicable abuse, neglect and cruelty” was described as the conditions under which two horses recently died in the Big Springs area, according to a press release issued by the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). One emaciated horse was successfully rescued.

One horse was rescued from the home, and two others were unable to be saved.

On March 31, SCSO deputies responded to a report of animal neglect. Three horses were reportedly in distress and not being properly cared for after being observed in a small field on Obsidian Road in the Big Springs area.

The report also indicated that the animals were not being properly fed and one horse was possibly dead, the release stated.

The responding SCSO deputy arrived at the scene and reportedly found two horses in a very emaciated condition, indicating that the animals were subjected to long-term neglect and possible abuse. Another horse was already dead at the scene.

A volunteer from The Run for Home Haven Horse Rescue Ranch responded and arranged for temporary feeding and care of the animals while the SCSO conducted a preliminary investigation and contacted Siskiyou County Animal Control officials.

Despite the efforts of the rescue volunteer and county responders, one horse perished at the scene. Prior to the horse’s death, Siskiyou County Animal Control attempted to save the animal by contacting one of the best veterinarians in the area, stated the release.

The veterinarian administered injections in an effort to save the animal. According to the release, despite the extraordinary effort by county staff and the veterinarian, the animal did not respond to the treatment and officials were forced to euthanize the horse that evening.

The Run for Home Haven Horse Rescue Ranch ultimately saved one of the horses with assistance from the veterinarian.

Siskiyou County Animal Control conducted a comprehensive investigation and filed an animal cruelty and neglect-related case against the owners of the horses with the Siskiyou County District Attorney’s Office on Apr. 13.

“Siskiyou County District Attorney Kirk Andrus has been advised and plans to review the case at the earliest opportunity,” the release stated.
The names of the owners of the horses were not revealed in the release. SCSO Public Information Officer Allison Giannini said that an arrest has not been made because the investigation was handled by Animal Control personnel.

Sheriff Jon Lopey stated, “On behalf of the Siskiyou County Sheriff’s Office, I am saddened by the senseless loss of these defenseless animals. Evidence indicates that these horses were likely subjected to a long-term period of inexplicable abuse, neglect and cruelty. The Siskiyou County Animal Control Office has done an excellent job aggressively investigating this case.”

Lopey continued, “Tragically, this apparent long-term neglect was not reported to authorities in time to save all of the animals. This is a good opportunity to remind all citizens to report any suspected case of animal abuse, neglect or cruelty to county authorities as soon as possible.

To report abuse, citizens may call the SCSO Dispatch 24 hours a day at 841-2900, or, Siskiyou County Animal Control, at 841-4028.”

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Ponte Vedra man arrested on animal cruelty charges, 700 cats corraled |

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700 cats removed; owner charged with animal cruelty

A nonprofit cat sanctuary in Lee run by a Ponte Vedra Beach man has been raided by Madison County officials, who remove the felines and arreste the owner, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.ASPCA--2/27/12 One of an estimated 700 cats huddles in the rain at the Caboodle Ranch  as 125 law enforcement and animal care investigators arrived at the cat sanctuary in Lee, Fla. to investigate animal cruelty charges. Over the next few days, all of the cats will be rounded up, treated at an emergency shelter and put up for adoption at some point.

Craig Grant, who started the Caboodle Ranch in 2007, was the only person on site when investigators arrived Monday to remove an estimated 700 cats at the request of the Sheriff’s Office and animal control agency.

Grant remains in the Madison County jail on three counts of cruelty to animals and one count each of scheming to defraud and felony cruelty to animals, with bail set at $250,000, said Madison County jail officials.

About 125 law enforcement and animal care officials went to the ranch after a 5-month undercover investigation into animal cruelty complaints resulted in a search warrant, said society senior investigator Tim Rickey. Now a three- to five-day recovery effort begins, he said.

“A lot of cats have upper respiratory disease, the type unknown, but they are sick. There are cats with open wounds and some with neurological issues,” Rickey said from the scene. “Overall conditions of some of the buildings are filthy and pretty deplorable.”

Complaints have been coming in steadily for a long time from a lot of outlets and organizations that visited there, he said.

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Animals Australia – Indonesia same cruelty

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Last year the Gillard government gave the live export industry a second chance that it didn’t deserve — and reopened the live cattle trade to Indonesia despite overwhelming calls from the community for the trade to be permanently banned.

We were promised that a new ‘regulatory framework’ would protect Australian cattle from ever again being abused in Indonesian abattoirs, but new footage from Indonesia reveals how hollow that promise was. Knowing that local abattoirs would be warned to be on the lookout for Australian animal cruelty investigators — Animals Australia engaged an Indonesian investigator to visit three abattoirs in Jakarta.

What he documented there over three nights has again shocked and appalled Australians and has conclusively proven that the new ‘system’ will in no way protect Australian cattle from cruelty on a nightly basis. Animals Australia has lodged an official complaint with the Gillard government highlighting that the evidence provided contains 61 different breaches of the basic standards expected from workers in abattoirs — including not checking that cattle were dead before they were being butchered.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

This further evidence again conclusively proves that Australia cannot ensure the well-being of exported animals in importing countries — especially where there are no laws to protect them from cruelty. It also reveals once again the immoral nature of Australia’s live exporters who continue to reap profits from animal cruelty.

Australians overwhelmingly want live export to end. The Gillard government is out of excuses — since they are unable to guarantee to the Australian community that exported animals will be treated humanely — this trade must end. Take action below:-

Please contact your local MP and convey that no amount of profit, excuses or justification can excuse continued government support of this industry.


HACKNEY STUD INSPECTION – N CAPE – Horrific Horse Training Methods

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The new Highveld Horsecare Unit site is more than just a website: it’s a community, a gathering place for like minds and all those who care about the welfare of horses in South Africa; for those who want to contribute in some way, no matter how small, to making their lives better.

The Highveld Horse Care Unit is a Section 21 Company in its own right, responsible for its own management, funding and operations, and is the largest equine welfare organisation in the Southern hemisphere.

We received a very serious complaint of cruelty at a Hackney Stud in N Cape.

“Being a horse owner myself these images have horrified & shocked me,  never in my 40+ years in the equine business, have I seen anything so torturous. For anyone who doesn’t know what Rolkur or hyperflexion is, watch the video below. Look carefully at the horses face, his eye’s & his tounge etc. A horse would never bend like this naturally & would never restrict his vision, being a prey animal, which is why it is torture for any horse. 

“The video caused a storm when it was posted to You tube. Some even threatened to boycott the 2012 Olympic equestrian event, which is expected to attract 23,000 spectators. 
“The FEI recognises a distinction between rollkur and the riding of the horse in a deep outline, not achieved by force. Horse sport bosses have agreed that hyperflexion or “rollkur” is not acceptable in the warm-up at international events.

“The pictures below are from the Hackney Stud farm in N.Cape.  Apparently the so-called trainer trainer, thought when the horses weren’t being ridden & forced into rolkur or hyperflexion, he would use bale band to tie the horses mouths to their chest! The trainer used these heinous training methods at 2 hour intervals. Bail band tied around horses mouth & tied up for 2 hours, then taken off for 2 hours , 2 hours tied up, 2 hours off etc. etc. He has probably damaged those horses for life!

Grotesque downright torture

(neck-binding…. supposed to make the horse sweat and break down the muscle)

Bobbie and Ashley have just returned from their trip – and what they found was absolutely appalling. Tell your friends about this site and encourage them to sign up. Comment on our photos – everything you do to make people more aware helps.

We can’t do what we do without you.FacebookClick here to join us on facebook

Donate as much as you can afford of your time and your cash – every little bit helps. Encourage your company to buy a logo for their website or advertise on ours. Tell your


One Year and Counting: Myrtle Beach Hoarder Keeps Cats, Avoids Cruelty Charges

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PETA‘s 2010-2011 undercover investigation of Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary (SVAS)—founded and operated by hoarder Elizabeth Owen—exposed the chronic deprivation and suffering of approximately 300 cats who were kept in filthy, stifling, dungeon-like, disease-ridden storage units in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

After reviewing evidence gathered during PETA’s investigation, a judge ordered the removal of all the animals from the facility, which finally shut its doors. But the judge allowed Owen to keep 30 cats and a dog after Owen’s attorney said that they were Owen’s “personal pets.” Owen was required to provide veterinary care to her 30 “pets” within 14 days of the March 1, 2011, seizure.

Today, a year or so later, officials have done nothing to ensure that no more cats suffer and die at Owen’s hands. Despite having extensive evidence—including video recordings and dozens of photographs—of Owen’s conduct and its fatal consequences for her animals, prosecutors (known as “solicitors” in South Carolina) have yet to file state cruelty-to-animals charges against her. Instead, the evidence has been passed from one assistant solicitor to another, and all of them have sat on it. The evidence is now with the fourth assistant solicitor assigned to the case.

Please click the link below & use the form below to contact elected Horry County State Solicitor Greg Hembree. Please politely urge Hembree to file state-level cruelty-to-animals charges against Owen without further delay, bring her case to trial promptly, and pursue a ban on her owning or possessing animals should she be convicted.

via One Year and Counting: Myrtle Beach Hoarder Keeps Cats, Avoids Cruelty Charges.

Animal Equality documents Spainish pig farms

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A look at the pig farms in Spain – Birth to Slaughter –  Evidence of abuse & cruelty

This case once again highlight the horror that animals have usually exploited by the meat industry, a situation that has been extensively documented Animal Equality for two years investigating 172 farms of ten Spanish regions and the result can be seen on the website GranjasDeCerdos. org

The majority of Spanish society believes that it is wrong to harm animals when it can be avoided and animals in general, not just dogs and cats with whom we live, deserve to be considered and respected. Entities recognized internationally as theAcademy of Nutrition and Dietetics U.S. and their counterparts from Canada andNew Zealand endorse a vegan diet without animal products, which provides all necessary nutrients, a position that is shared by the Government of Catalonia andAndalusia in Spain.

From Animal Equality encourage citizens to opt for a vegan diet without animal products, with which we can still enjoy our meals without contributing to the exploitation and violence against animals. Millions of people around the world have already taken this step, thus helping to end the violence that constantly suffering of animals used for food, as all research shows that we have been doing for years and the video of this investigation .

The following video is over 40 mins long showing a pigs journey from birth to death. It is extremely graphic so please viewer discretion is advised.

It will open your eyes though – It was a similar video that made me vegetarian!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

BBC News – Special Undercover investigation into Harling Farm

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

An RSPCA investigation has begun into “shocking” footage of pigs apparently being beaten on a farm in Norfolk.

Animal Equality said it had filmed the animals being kicked, slapped and attacked with iron bars at Harling Farm, in East Harling, near Norwich.

The RSPCA said the footage was “some of the most shocking we have ever received”.

Stephen Brown, who runs the farm, said it was co-operating with investigators.

“We are horrified to learn what has allegedly happened and have dealt with the staff involved appropriately,” he said.

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