Leopard caught in wire snare dies

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MYSORE: A leopard trapped in a wire snare inside Bandipur tiger reserve died on Friday.

This comes two months after a gang of poachers was arrested for placing jaw traps inside the Biligiri Ranga Tiger (BRT) wildlife sanctuary.

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Authorities suspect that the trap was laid by locals to catch a boar or a hare. The leopard, around 8 years, was found dead in a snare in N Begur forest range near Katwalu village. The feline died because of the injuries sustained while trying to claw out of the snare, said forest officials. A Special Tiger Protection Force team has been asked to probe the crime along with jurisdiction forest officers, said Kumar Pushkar, director, Bandipur Tiger Reserve.

Authorities have intensified checks inside the forest and said that they have not discovered any other snares in the reserved area. Pushkar ruled out the role of any organized gang laying the trap. “Going by the way the trap was laid we are sure that it was done by the locals,” he added.

In July BRT reserve authorities had arrested a six-member gang from Haryana for laying jaw traps for tigers inside the reserve area. The jaw traps would be activated in the night. In the morning they would be dismantled and stowed away.

Following their arrest, patrolling was intensified and checks were conducted to discover traps.

Former Kumki Kavita unwell

Kavita, an elephant from the K Gudi elephant camp, a regular at the Dasara celebrations since years is battling for survival.

The 75-year-old kumki (accompanying) elephant has poor vision in one eye because of which it has been a victim of minor accidents in the forest. Recently it stumbled in the forest injuring herself badly.


The elephant is weak and unwell from the past 15 days. No veterinarian from the department has visited K Gudi camp to treat the elephant. “It is aged and there is no point in treating it,” allegedly said a doctor when he was told of the elephant’s suffering.

However, Biligiri Ranga Tiger (BRT) wildlife sanctuary director Vijaya Mohan Raj denied that elephants in the camps are being neglected . He denied allegations that Kavita was not being treated. “In fact, we have started giving special food to the elephant so that she gains energy. She is responding to treatment.” he said.

News Link:-http://articles.timesofindia.indiatimes.com/2012-09-15/mysore/33862059_1_jaw-traps-bandipur-tiger-reserve-elephant

Stray Dog Now At Noah’s Ark Rescue – Has Entire Upper Jaw Missing

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“This poor little dog, battered or beaten, must have wandered around for quite some time; for his injuries to heal as they have. I find it amazing that he not only survived the trauma inflicted on him, but that he obviously managed to scrounge for food & fight off any infection he may have had…it truly is a miracle that he survived.”

“Any miracle, such as Henry, now deserves to be given the best possible medical care & attention, plus the best chance of finding a special loving forever home; they can get all that at Noah’s Ark Rescue with your help! Just take a look at the  rescue/adoption page below from Noah’s Ark, then you will have an idea about the kind of dogs they take in; they are all heartbreaking! God bless Noah’s Ark Rescue for opening their doors & their hearts to dogs like Henry, Otto, Freddy, Doodle Bug & so many more!!”

PIEDMONT, ALABAMA……Sweet Henry is a 5 year old Terrier Mix that was picked up as a stray and taken to the Etowah County Animal Shelter. 

 Everyone was shocked when they saw him.  His face was totally disfigured.  They did not have a clue what had happened to this wonderful little dog.

His entire upper jaw is missing and part of his nose.   They never in their wildest dreams thought anyone would step up to save him given the way he looked. We decided this sweet dog had been abandoned and something terrible had happened to him.   He did not deserve to be euthanized because of the way he looked.  Henry is as sweet as can be and loves everyone.

Right after we got him, we involved surgeons from all over the country to determine what they believe happened to him and what we could do (if anything) to repair the damage that had been done.  Henry has no upper jaw…none.  He has skin where there once was a jaw but it is totally gone.  His nasal cavity has been severely damaged and his nose is now on one side of his face.

After doing a cat scan and lots of surgical examinations, it was determined that Henry was not born this way and he was not shot.   He suffered a horrible trauma  to his face.  They believe someone either used a bat or a metal pipe and hit him with such force that it totally broke his upper jaw. 

In the process of this it created a fistula between the upper back of his throat and into his sinus cavity.   His jaw eventually rotted away and the bones fell out.  What remained is nothing but skin hanging down that has developed into an abnormal position with his nose pushed to the side of his face.  Henry sneezes a thousand times a day because  of the fistula he has. Anything that goes into his mouth, ends up in his sinuses.

We were hopeful we could rebuild his upper jaw.  The problem is that he has nothing we could attach another jaw to.  The only bones he has are vertical, not horizontal.  Rebuilding was not an option. Believe me, I have thought of everything possible.  The only thing we can do is rebuild his sinus area and repair the two inch fistula (hole) in the back of his upper jaw.

Once the first surgery is done and healed, we will then determine if moving his nose back adds anything medically or if it is just cosmetic.  If it is cosmetic only, then we will leave it where it is.  This boy has already been through enough and is happy just the way he is.

Henry is the most loving dog. How anyone could have done this to him is unimaginable.  He loves everyone and loves to play with other dogs.  He is a happy boy that couldn’t care less how he looks.  Once he has healed from his surgery, we will look for that special person that will love him the same way we do……..just the way he is.   He is a beautiful boy inside and out.

Please, help us, help him by donating. :-http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/HOME.html

We are a 501c3 and all donations are tax deductible. 

Contact is:


4084 Spring Island – Okatie, SC  29909

“Interested in adopting any of the dogs Noah’s Ark have saved? Click the link below then click on each picture to see their story. If you can’t adopt, consider becoming a foster parent”

We have enclosed all of the links for the dogs that are available for Adoption at this moment.  Some are still in different stages of healing but we are taking applications for them now for when they are ready to be placed.  Please, fill out our Adoption Application below if you are interested in becoming part of the extended Noah’s Arks Rescue Family.

Noah’s Arks Rescue Adoption Process:– http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/NAR_APPLICATION.html

Rescues for Adoption:-http://www.noahs-arks.net/RESCUE/AVAILABLE_DOGS.html

Find your special dog:– http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelter_id=SC355

NAR is 100% funded by your donations.  Without you, we could not help all the animals we do.  We are the last ray of hope for the animals we rescue.  We take in those that society has forgotten.  All of your donations go to this cause.   We are volunteers and do not take any funds for our service. Our reward is seen in the eyes of the animals we help. Please, help us help them, by donating. All donations are tax deductible.

Some of the dogs stories featured from Noah s Ark Rescue

Remember Otto:https://preciousjules1985.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/dog-found-with-nose-ripped-off/

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Rubber Band Angel – The Dog

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“OMG…I am lost for words!!”

As our days in the field delve deeper we still find the ones that make us stop and ask ‘How much more do we have to do?’.

This old girl, sweet old girl, has been through the pit of abuse and neglect and almost never returned before we found her! Her owner said someone hurt her dog but she didn’t even have money for a bottle of water never mind finding a taxi to the vet.

But for us the truth behold that our vets said according to her injuries and length it has gone untreated with her jaw rotting off, it’s a miracle she is still alive.

A rubber band seems to have been tied around her bottom jaw to either stop her from eating food or because they tried to cut the worm out of her tongue. Yes the white thing under a dog’s tongue many belief to be a worm and they try cut it out themselves but in this case her jaw was shut together somehow, however the severe rotting has caused her to not be able to eat, have no bottom lips, half her jaw peeling away and facial muscles to have become non-functional.

However you stroke her head or call her closer for yummy food, she wags her tail and her eyes glitter with light as everything lights up to her that love is out there. She has now been released from hospital but her veterinary care won’t stop there and will need to get high care from us but besides that she needs to teach herself to eat again, to use her jaw to even do something as simple as bark, because that rubber band could have killed her, but it hasn’t, her life as pure as it is, has gone untouched and she has made it through to us to give her a second, very best second chance in life!

And she is happy, through this all she smiles at us as much as she can…..We ask our loyal suppawters to please find a place in your heart or your pocket to help our little Rubber Band Angel make the best and fullest recovery – we will do what we need to coz she wants to – but we need your help so any donations can be made by clicking here. Please share her story, even the smallest donation can help her be normal again, please help this Rubber Band Angel bounce back to life 100%!!!!

28/03/2012 – ‘Pup’date Rubber Band Angel

As you see here she lifts her head in utter joy when she smells her yummy bowl of foodies. Her wounds are still so severe but as you can see looking a bit better each day.

She has no pain, although her wounds are sensitive as she lowers her head when we clean her wounds, doing so three times a day and after every feed.

Rubber Band Angel - Recovering

She wags her tails, barks with her little mouth barely open and jumps on the bed as if to say ‘hey, hey don’t forget about me…’ She is shy at times but she has taught herself beautifully how to eat again, with basically no facial muscles, even if she eats really slow she is doing it all by herself even drinking water she does herself now.

Her muscles in her face and jaw will take time to develop to normality again but we got time, that’s no problem, we will give her all she needs until she has a normal mouth, jaw and normal doggy licking, kissing, barking and eating again.

She may have been hurt so bad before but she is filled with love and forgiveness, she is so humble. We going full steam ahead with her second chance in life and if anyone wants to suppawt her along this journey please click here.

News link:-The Lucky Lucy Foundation

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