Deputy: Rogers County dog death not animal cruelty

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“This all sounds a bit fishy to me, where when & how did Jetta’s legs become bound? If he found her, why didn’t he contact animal control, instead of leaving her in a ditch! He had no right to shoot her, how did he know if she could have made it…was he a vet? We have seen miracles before of dogs at death’s door, bouncing back! My gut instinct tells me it’s not what it seems to be!”

The Rogers County Sheriff’s Department says the death of Jetta the dog, does not appear to be from abuse.

Rogers County Sheriff’s Department spokesman Jerry Smittle says a man, whose name has not been released, came forward and told authorities his side of the story.

Smittle says the man told deputies he found a dog seriously injured from an apparent motor vehicle accident near his Winganon, Okla. property.

The man said he tried to help, but the animal snapped at him. Investigators say the man then explained he did what he thought was best, choosing to shoot the wounded dog.

Smittle says the man admitted to moving its body into a ditch away from his home, but refuted earlier reports he tied up and dragged the animal with his vehicle.

Rogers County authorities made the announcement of the man’s confession Tuesday. No arrest was made.

On Saturday, Jetta was found lying on the ground about a mile from her home. Rogers County deputies initially said the animal was dragged to death behind a vehicle after her legs were bound together with steel baling wire.

The dog’s death sparked a social media outcry, even gaining the attention of former University of Oklahoma and Dallas Cowboy head coach Barry Switzer. Switzer doubled the reward pledged by followers of Wild Heart Ranch’s Facebook page , the Humane Society of United States of Oklahoma and the Oklahoma Alliance for animals.

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Person comes forward in Oklahoma dog dragging case

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A man who is somehow connected to the Oklahoma dog dragging case has come forward to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department.

According to a story published Tuesday at Fox 23 News, the man, whose identity has not yet been released, turned himself in to the sheriff’s department, but has not been arrested.

The man who came to the authorities apparently did so of his own accord, not because of the hefty $10,000 reward which was offered.

Sheriff Scott Walton stated:

“We have compiled the evidence, the witness statements, the facts that we have available to us and submitted to the District Attorney’s Office,”

The horrific dragging case captured the attention of the nation thanks to the cruel nature of the incident.

The dog, named “Jetta,” had her back legs bound in bailing wire and she was dragged for approximately one mile behind a truck.

A lack of evidence that the dragging actually caused Jetta’s death is preventing charges at this time.

Sheriff Walton states:

“The timeframe and the evidence and the witness statements that we have does not enable us to make an arrest at this time.

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Momma Dog dragged to death near Chelsea

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“WTF…these sick Bxxxxxd’s need to be brought to justice & quick before they kill more innocent’s. What sort of person/s takes such a kind dog, a momma dog with pups & purposefully binds her hind legs to cause maximum pain, then inflicts the brutal cowardly act of dragging her behind a vehicle??…I’ll tell you, a sick Fxxxxd up one, someone who is cold & calculating, a coward who pretends to be tough, dead behind the eye’s, heartless, who gets a thrill out of causing pain to something they can dominate, they’ll pick on younger kids & have no respect for or abuse elders. If it’s not teenagers who did this, they may knock their partner about, lash out for no reason & probably abused other animals!

They are dangerous, they knew what they were going to do that day, it wasn’t a random act, it was with intent!!” Now, someone may read this who lives in the area & think  ‘I know someone like that’…if you do please, I beg you to contact the Rogers County, even if it’s only a hunch! Because if it is that person or persons you’re thinking of, & you do nothing, the next innocent they kill will be on your conscience!”

A reward is being offered for information that leads to the arrest of those responsible for tying a Labrador retriever to a vehicle and dragging it to death in Rogers County on Saturday.

Rogers County authorities were called to a report of an injured animal lying on the side of a road in Winganon, just northwest of Chelsea, said Rogers County Sheriff Scott Walton.

Melony Patton’s 2-year-old Labrador retriever, Jetta. The dog was tied to a vehicle and dragged to death in Rogers County, the sheriff said. She gave birth to nine puppies a month ago. Courtesy

Walton said someone tied the dog‘s legs with wire and dragged the animal with a vehicle a little more than a mile before stopping. A trail of “flesh and fur” was left behind on the pavement, Walton said.

While a motive hasn’t been established, officials are hoping someone with knowledge of the incident comes forward immediately.

“There is nothing really to justify killing a dog,” he said. “I think there is a special place in hell for anyone who abuses an animal like that.”

The dog’s owner, Melony Patton, said Sunday she is shocked someone would savagely kill a dog with no history of violence toward other animals or humans.

“I’m angry and sad at the same time,” Patton said about the loss of 2-year-old Jetta, who gave birth to nine puppies a month ago. I don’t know why anyone would do this.”

A $4,500 reward has been offered for tips that lead to the capture of the person or persons responsible.

The reward is being offered by the Humane Society of the United States, the Oklahoma Alliance for Animals and supporters of the Wild Heart Ranch, an animal rehabilitation center in Claremore.

“You’re going to be in deep trouble, and I’m pressing charges to the max,” Patton said of those responsible.

Anyone with information about the crime is asked to call the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office at 918-341-3620.

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