Milton Couple Faces Bestiality, Drug Charges

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“WTF…this couple has kids, what the hell they doing growing illegal drugs & raping dogs?? However, don’t expect a prison sentence, as they have not stolen anything!”

TORONTO – A couple from rural Nassagaweya Twp. face bestiality charges after being busted for allegedly growing pot in a dog kennel, Halton Regional Police said Friday.

Officers executed a search warrant Thursday at the farmhouse on 20th Sdrd., about 70 km west of Toronto, and located a ”sophisticated” indoor marijuana grow-op, police said.

But pot was not all they allegedly found.

“While searching the residence, (officers) seized evidence related to bestiality involving a dog,” police said.

Investigators did not elaborate on what that “evidence” included.

But they claim about $9,500 in harvested marijuana, an undisclosed amount of anabolic steroids and a 12-gauge shotgun were also found in the house.

Two young kids were living at the residence with the accused couple, police said.

The grow-op was allegedly found in a separate building next to the house, both of which are tucked about 500 metres back from the road on the sprawling snow-covered property 20 km northwest of Milton.

Police allege more than 1,600 plants worth about $210,000 were seized from the building, which they claim also housed a dog kennel.

Residents of the area near Mohawk Racetrack, many of whom are horse owners, were shocked to learn of the pot operation in their sleepy community.

And they were even more disturbed by the bestiality accusations.

One neighbour said an “extremely private” older couple, possibly in their 60s, own the home.

It’s unclear how the home-owners are connected to the accused couple, both 34, and the children.

Neighbours said the older man breeds salukis, which are similar to greyhounds, and they suspect that is why there is a kennel on the property.

The home-owners’ donkey is also often seen wandering around the grounds.

Ryan Brett and Donna Fleury were arrested and charged with bestiality and firearms-related offences.

Brett also faces drug possession, production and trafficking charges.

Fleury has since been released on a promise to appear in court at a later date.

Brett appeared briefly in a Milton courtroom Friday and was remanded into custody, so he’ll spend at least the weekend behind bars.

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Man accused of burning, beating dogs

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ROSWELL, N.M. (KRQE) – In a shocking case of animal cruelty a man is accused of burning and beating his dogs so badly one is now dead. See video at link below.

Chaves County sheriff’s deputies said there’s no question in their minds who did it since they found the dog’s owner with a bloody baseball batstill in his hand.

Luis Baltazar

Neighbors said the noise tipped them off that their neighbor, Luis Baltazar, 47, was abusing his dogs, but no one knew just how bad it was until after they called police.

The wounds the dogs received are disturbing.

“It turns my stomach,” said Tammie McKee, Roswell Animal Shelter kennel manager.  “It sends chills through my spine.  It makes my hair stand up

A female pit bull has severe burns across her back, evidence of extreme abuse she and three other dogs endured.

“We woke up to him hitting the fence, and then we walked outside and we heard a dog crying like if something was wrong with him,” said one neighbor, who did not wish to be identified.  “And all of a sudden we just heard him like not bark anymore.”

Neighbors called the Chaves County Sheriff’s Department. When deputies arrived, they found Baltazar armed with a bloody baseball bat and one of his dogs clinging to life.

“We interviewed him to try and determine what was going on, and it appeared he was just mad that the dogs were barking,” recalled sheriff’s Lt. Britt Snyder.  “(That) is what prompted him to go out there and beat this one particular dog just, almost to death with a baseball bat.

Animal Control officers said that dog was beaten so severely they had to put her down.

Another dog Animal Control officers believe to be a shepherd cross has old wounds on its back and head; some appear to be burns. Officers are still trying to figure out what caused them.

The second surviving pit bull had lacerations on his leg.

“No excuses for this whatsoever, none,” McKee said. “Dogs can’t speak, they don’t know any better.

“You train your dogs to do what they’re supposed to do as you would raise a child, you teach them, and it’s just a shame.”

Baltazar’s neighbors said they had no idea how bad it was.

I don’t understand how somebody so cruel can beat a dog, or burn a dog, but why?” the neighbor said.  “What did the dog do to you?  Why take it out on a dog?”

McKee said the three surviving dogs from Baltazar’s property do not bark in their kennels. She said she believes they are afraid to make any noise.

Baltazar is charged with extreme animal cruelty and was released on bond Friday morning.

Animal control officials said a vet will look at the animals and determine exactly what caused the burns. Baltazar was convicted of battery in the past and completed an anger-management course as part of his sentencing.

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Maximum Sentence for Luis Baltazar for Charges of Extreme Animal Cruelty


Put Kennel Owner that Drowns Puppies Out of Business

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Target: Hastings City Council

Goal: Revoke kennel owner’s business license for inhumane drowning of puppies.

Dayna Bell of Bell Kennels and Farm faces 16 counts of animal cruelty for drowning puppies at her kennel in Minnesota. The woman has found a potential loophole to the charges, claiming that the animals were commercial and are therefore protected under different laws. The woman must be stopped from her cruel and inhumane practice by having her business license revoked.

Several former employees have come forward to report the unscrupulous business practices of Dayna Bell. These individuals have witnessed firsthand Bell drowning puppies in buckets and also throwing them into a pool with cinder blocks tied around their necks.

Bell also admitted to employees on one occasion that she had broken the neck of a small dog that bit her. Authorities that investigated the kennel found the bodies of 10 dogs in Bell’s freezer. It is abundantly clear that this woman should not be working with animals.

Bell has posted bond and continues to work at her kennel while awaiting legal proceedings.

She seeks to have all charges dropped on the basis that her animals are commercial and not covered under laws that protect pets. Bell must not be allowed to continue practicing business, regardless of the court’s pending decision. By signing the petition below, you can ask the Hastings City Council to revoke Dayna Bell’s business license.

Please sign here:


Dog Dies in Iowa Heat: Was It Animal Neglect?

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“If people don’t think to themselves ‘wow it’s hot, I best check the dog‘s got water etc. etc’ then perhaps they shouldn’t have animals!”

Here’s a story that ran on Urbandale Patch. We’re running it here as a sad reminder that pets can suffer from the heat just as we can.

Urbandale police are investigating whether the death of a German shepherd left outdoors in the heat last week is a case on animal neglect.

Police arrived last Friday at a home in the 3100 block of 67th Street after someone called concerned about the welfare of a dog there. They found the dog dead in an outdoor kennel, said Lt. Rob Johansen.

He said there was no water in the kennel at the time they found the animal.

Officers spoke to a 17-year-old boy who was home at the time. He lives with his 38-year-old mother, who was not there.

An autopsy will be conducted on the animal to determine its cause of death.  The high temperature in Des Moines was 93 degrees that day, according to the National Weather Service.

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Dead dogs not stored properly, says leaked report on CSPCA

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“Seems like this lot had an answer for all the inspection complaints…passing the book I fear! Plus, all visits to any kennels, animal shelter, sanctuary, zoo, circus etc. should be unannounced!! We all know from work experience, that if there was going to be an inspection or audit, there was a mad scramble to get everything ship shape before the visit…doesn’t that defeat the object some what??”

Dead dogs at a Cork shelter are not being stored properly, according to a leaked report into the Cork Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Carcasses are heaped into a freezer unbagged, the report stated, leavingbodily fluids and materials” to seep out.  The report follows two inspections by vets at Cork County Council. On their second visit — which was unannounced — inspectors found the situation had “deteriorated significantly”. 

The council authorised the inspections following complaints of animal neglect and cruelty at the CSPCA.  A CSPCA spokesman said it was cheaper to run the freezer when full and the practice of “bagging” would be introduced when the freezer was emptied.

“The animals are stored in a freezer before they are brought to a registered knackery for incineration. Some were not bagged. We don’t empty the freezer until it is full and we are getting there,” said Brian McDonagh, CSPCA spokesman.

Following a random inspection on Jun 6, inspectors found “excessive quantities of faeces evident in some kennels“. Mr McDonagh said this was because a newly-employed kennel manager was slow and meticulous in his work methods. 

“We explained to the vets at the time that this new employee was meticulous in his cleaning, a bit slow to get the work done. “Also, the inspection was early in the day and how clean the kennels are depends on the time of day,” he said.

Mr McDonagh said €100,000 has been spent in recent weeks upgrading the kennels with a new drainage system, concrete yard, increased capacity and a new isolation unit. As a result of the inspections, Mr McDonagh said, dogs not suitable for rehoming, including “excessively noisy, aggressive, and unhealthy dogs and dogs that came with a bad reputation” would be put to sleep instead of being rehomed. “What has this got to do with the inspection? it’s not the dog’s fault they were caught out!”

He also defended the CSPCA’s practice of not carrying out background checks on new owners, saying to do so was a “nonsense“. “They [background checks] put up more obstacles than anything else. We charge €100 for dogs, that puts a value on them,” he said.

Councillors have been asked not to comment on the report until a closed meeting with city officials takes place on Monday. “Wonder why?”

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Missouri dog with mystery ailment saved by rescue angel

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“If only more people could open their hearts to these dogs who’s only crime was being a sentient animimal. God bless Carolyn Hadley, I hope Patrick Henrey continues to recover & they have many happy years together!

On June 8, a German shepherd mix was seized by Kansas City, Mo. animal control officials as part of a cruelty investigation. The dog‘s body was ravaged by neglect.

He was emaciated and covered in woundsespecially to his face.

Patrick Henry

The dog was transported to the shelter facility where he was placed in a holding kennel, away from the public; the kennel where he was to wait until he could be euthanized a few days later. 

View slideshow: Patrick Henry

One woman who volunteers at the facility happened upon this ailing dog on the day that he arrived, and his softly wagging tail and imploring eyes quickly impacted her heart. She left the shelter that day, but the images of the “rescued” dog (who would ultimately be put down at the facility) with the wounded body stayed in her mind.

Fast forward just a couple of days – the neglected dog with the mysterious wounds on his face is among those on the list to be killed. Thankfully for this dog, the woman who had happened across his path that first day at the shelter, felt compelled to help.

Her name is Carolyn Hadley and she requested that this dog be released to her care in order for him to be able to see a veterinarian – to see if there might be some hope for saving his life.

The shelter accepted Carolyn’s request and the ailing dog was released to her care.

Carolyn dubbed the ailing dog “Patrick Henry” and quickly transported him to her local veterinarian. Here, she hoped to either find a treatment to ease his pain, or find out if he was too far gone to save, in which case she would be by his side as his suffering was ended.

The veterinary staff at the Jackson County Animal Hospital was shocked to see the neglected dog’s grievous wounds and baffled as to what had caused them. Some theories include an attack by another animal that was left untreated, chemical burns, or possibly, an auto-immune disorder of some sort.

One way or the other, Patrick Henry had been severely neglected.

Despite his obvious pain, the dog with the ravaged body maintained a peaceful, affectionate persona.

He is the type of dog to quickly steal hearts – and that he has.

From the woman who saved him from being another sad statistic at an animal shelter, to the staff who is currently providing him with treatment at the veterinary hospital.

After several days of treatment, the once nearly unrecognizable dog has made tremendous progress. His scabs are slowly healing and overall he is “looking better”.

As Patrick Henry’s story is shared, the outpouring of compassionate support from those who learn about him grows. Already, hundreds of people have pledged funds for this once neglected dog’s care.

Hadley believes that she was in the shelter on the day that Patrick Henry arrived for a reason. She believes that this soulful dog, who so quickly touched her heart, was meant to be saved.

Thanks to Carolyn’s quick intervention – he has been.

You can follow along with Patrick Henry’s progress at this link  to Carolyn’s blog. Those interested in donating towards his veterinary care can do so at this link to his Chip-In fund.

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UPDATE: Drowned Dog on Fair Haven Shore

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SPCA Chief Law Enforcement Officer Buddy Amato told the Asbury Park Press Thursday that the cause of death is not definitely intentional drowning, as reported earlier.

 Fair Haven police and the Monmouth County Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (MCSPCA) are investigating a an apparent animal cruelty case involving a dead dog in its portable kennel case that washed up on the shores of the Navesink River Tuesday morning.

Fair Haven police, on Wednesday, had no further information on the incident. On Thursday, Detective Lt. Jesse Dykstra confirmed that new information reported by the Asbury Park Press, was “spot on.” He offered no further information.

The new information included reports that the breed of the dog that washed up in the kennel at the end of Grange Avenue, initially reported as a bulldog, was, in fact, identified as a dachshund, by examiners at the NJ Department of Health’s animal lab, according to the report in the Asbury Park Press.

SPCA Chief Law Enforcement Officer Victor “Buddy” Amato also initially told the Asbury Park Pressthat it appeared that the dog, which was wearing no ID or microchip, was “dumped in the water alive inside the carry kennel and it drowned.”

He later conceded that the exact cause of death has not yet been determined; and, whether or not the dog was intentionally drowned is not clear. The dog could have been the product of a boating accident or several other scenarios.

In the meantime, many tips have filtered in to the police and SPCA and interviews have been conducted since the dog was discovered in a state of decomposition, when a neighbor spotted the carrier on the shore of the river.

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Puppy’s ears cruelly hacked off

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WINDHOEK– A horrific and brutal case of animal cruelty involving a two-month-old puppy, whose ears were hacked off to its skull and left to die, has shocked the Windhoek SPCA and general public.

The agonised creature was picked up in Brakwater with two huge gaping holes in its head which were bleeding profusely.  A concerned citizen rescued the traumatised animal and took him to the Windhoek SPCA’s Vet Clinic, where he is undergoing a slow healing process.

Resident SPCA vet Dr Simone Herzog told the press this week that it was one of the worst cases of cruelty she had seen of late, and could not understand what drives a person to perform such a barbaric act on a helpless puppy, or any animal for that matter.
She explained that both ears had been sliced off very close to the puppy’s skull and that the gash went from the top of its head down to its neck.

To stitch the wound she had to pull the skin together very tightly, but was pleased with the progress he was making.  She also said that the injured dog would thankfully be going to a good home once he was healed and the stitches removed.
“This kind of inhumane treatment towards an animal is unacceptable, and people in our society should not behave like this,” said Herzog.

“I am afraid that many animals fall into the hands of cruel human beings and are being tortured and made to suffer every day – we just don’t know about them.

“But this cruelty case has attracted a lot of attention and public outrage, and in a way this brave little puppy is an ambassador for all those animals whose cries for help have fallen on deaf ears.”

The vetenary clinic which is only accessible to low- or no-income earners, at a minimum fee treats on average ten out-patients a day, with treatment covering all types of sickness, injuries and vaccinations, as well as spaying and neutering. Herzog and her team also tend to the daily health care of around 400 dogs and cats that are being kennelled at any given time at the SPCA.

She also said that Namibians need to become more responsible towards caring for their pets, and that cruelty cases must be reported to the SPCA or to the police.  No charges of cruelty have been laid in the case of the earless puppy, as the offender is unknown. However, the SPCA would welcome any information regarding the matter.

Meanwhile the Windhoek SPCA animal shelter which relies solely on donations to keep it going, is heaving under the burden of the growing number of abandoned dogs and cats brought to the kennels.

The public are welcome to visit the kennels which are open from Monday to Sunday and view the many dogs and cats looking for good  homes.


Police arrest man caught on camera having sex with dogs – KCTV 5

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“OMG….Yes it’s happened again….I’m sorry to have to post such a disturbing heinous crime, but this blog is all about raising awareness & educating people about the terrible global issues  on animal abuse at the hands of man kind”

“What goes on in the mind of someone who wants to have sex with an animal? Personally I think they are sick in the head…Another reason for an Animal Abuse Registry. That kid is going to be out on the streets again, who knows what he might do; I know the police should keep a close eye on him; that’s  for sure!”


When you see Dr. Cathryn Lafayette interacting with her four pit bull dogs, it’s clear she loves them and they love her. Lafayette said she was inside her home taking a nap on Saturday when someone knocked on her door.

Teen arrested on 2 charges of bestiality

When she stepped outside, several Newton County deputies were in her yard.

“I’m thinking, ‘Oh my God, don’t tell me that the dogs got out,'” she said.

She was worried her dogs got out and attacked someone.

“A deputy told me I didn’t do anything wrong, I was the victim. I said, ‘Victim!’ I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute, did someone kill my dog?’ He said, ‘No the neighbor behind you, they saw the teenager having sex with your female dogs.’ I said, ‘Having sex with my female dogs?’ I think they must have got it wrong,” said Lafayette.Lafayette didn’t believe them until they showed her the video her neighbors recorded.
“And it showed him on his knees inside the kennel with my dog. He was on his knees like he was a dog,” said Lafayette.

Police arrested 19-year old Bernard Archer and charged him with two counts of bestiality.

Lafayette said Archer was supposed to be cleaning out her dog’s kennels and doing other work around her home because she paid for him to enter a program to get his GED.

“Our agreement was if I pay the tuition then he would pay half by working here at my home or whatever I had for him to do. Saturday was his first day to start working,” said Lafayette.

Lafayette trusted Archer and she introduced him to her dogs. Now she feels she let her babies down.

“For him to come on my property and rape my female dogs, that’s totally unheard of and that hurt me. I wasn’t here to protect them,” she said.

Police arrest man caught on camera having sex with dogs

Click here to read the post & view a video on the story:- Animal Bestiality

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