Man gets jail for abusing bulldogs

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A Garden Grove man was sentenced to 90 days in jail after pleading guilty to misdemeanor animal cruelty for keeping five bulldogs in a feces-ridden environment at his home, where authorities also found six dead baby rabbits that apparently drowned in rain water and urine.

By accepting a plea deal offered by a judge Tuesday, Khuong Anh Nguyen avoided facing up to seven years and eight months in the Orange County Jail if he had been tried and convicted as charged, according to Deputy District Attorney Jennifer Malone.

Orange County Superior Court Judge John Nguyen offered the plea deal to Nguyen after a preliminary hearingthat began Friday and ended Tuesday at the West Justice Center in Westminster.

Khuong Anh Nguyen booking photo.

Nguyen, arrested Dec. 16, originally was charged with eight felony counts of animal abuse. The judge, however, found there was insufficient evidence on abuse of the rabbits and reduced the felony charges to a misdemeanor, according to Malone.

As a result of Nguyen’s plea, seven felony counts of cruelty to animals were dismissed, according to court records.

Officers with the Garden Grove Police Department were called to Nguyen’s home Dec. 14, 2011, after receiving a call alleging animal cruelty.

According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, officers found one female and four male bulldogs kept together in a cage that was fouled with feces.

The female bulldog, named Lola, had a child’s garment on with some elastic in it that cut off circulation to her legs, leading to rotting flesh, Malone said.

When officers found her, she was “cowering from the pain of the rubber bands cutting into her skin,” according to a statement from the D.A.’s Office.

One of Nguyen’s rabbits was found on top of a cage. Inside the cage, six newborn baby rabbits appeared to have died from drowning in rainwater and urine, the statement read.

The animals were taken from the home by O.C. Animal Care.

Nguyen received credit for three weeks served in custody and will have to serve about two more weeks behind bars, Malone said.

He was ordered to serve three years of informal probation and as a condition of his plea deal he no longer is allowed to own pets, Malone said.

Lola has been nursed back to health and is in the process of being adopted, Malone said.

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Garden Grove man accused of animal abuse that killed 6 baby rabbits, neglected dogs

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WESTMINSTER, Calif. — Prosecutors say a Garden Grove man faces charges of animal abuse for cruelty to dogs and rabbits, resulting in the death of six newborn rabbits.

The Orange County district attorney’s office says 35-year-old Khuong Anh Nguyen was charged with eight felony counts of animal abuse on Monday and is being held on $50,000 bail.

Police say five bulldogs, a rabbit and six dead rabbit newborns were found in Nguyen’s filthy backyard. The baby rabbits were found drowned in rain water and urine.

Police also found a female bulldog cowering in pain with her front legs bound tightly with rubber bands.

The live animals were taken from the home and the female bulldog was nursed back to health.

Nguyen faces more than seven years in jail if convicted. (“Good”)

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