Teen charged with animal cruelty after Internet video of cat surfaces

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“I’m praying they find the cat alive…kicked with such malice may have meant the cat wandered off to die alone; as they often do! Evil little shit, goaded on by an adult that should know better…but obviously not”

Naim Robert Carter is accused of cheering and encouraging a boy to kick a cat off the porch of a home in Berkeley County

MARTINSBURG, W.Va. — An 18-year-old man who is accused of cheering and encouraging a boy to kick a cat off the porch of a home in Berkeley County in July was charged with one felony count of animal cruelty, according to Berkeley County Magistrate Court records.

Naim Robert Carter, of 561 Good Drive in Martinsburg, was arraigned on the charge Thursday by Magistrate Jim Humphrey, according to court documents.

A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sept. 25, according to court documents.

The alleged incident surfaced after a woman and her daughter told police on July 28 that they saw a video posted on the Internet, according to court documents.

Police were told that Carter recorded the video of the cat being kicked by a 14-year-old boy and cheered on the juvenile, according to court documents.

 Berkeley County Sheriff’s Deputy C.S. Merson said in the criminal complaint that he could not find the cat on Aug. 6 when he went to the Burdette Drive residence where the alleged abuse took place, according to court documents.

Merson determined the height of the porch from which the cat was kicked to be about 6 feet, according to court documents.

The video appears to show the cat being kicked in an “extremely hard manner,” Merson said in his complaint filed in magistrate court.

News Link:http://articles.herald-mail.com/2012-09-06/news/33658213_1_animal-cruelty-court-documents-berkeley-county-magistrate-court


Man Beats Dog In Elevator At Harlem’s Wagner Houses; NYPD Releases Surveillance Footage (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

New York City cops are looking for a man seen in a surveillance video severelybeating a dog inside a Harlem elevator. The incident took place inside the Wagner Houses at 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 26th.

According to Gothamist, the suspect “whose hair was in corn rows, was wearing a red T-shirt and baseball cap.”

Anyone with any information regarding the beating is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS. All Crime Stoppers calls are kept confidential.

Sadly, this story is quite familiar. Another Wagner Houses surveillance video last year caught dog owner Irving Sanchez mercilessly kicking his own pet pooch inside an elevator. Sanchez was charged with aggravated animal cruelty. (see below) And in 2010, three other such elevator dog beatings were caught on camera inside the Grant Houses, also in Harlem. (see below)

News Link:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/09/07/man-beating-dog-inside-el_n_1864401.html

“Below are the other videos, in case you have not seen or were not aware of the them.

Please be aware viewer discretion is advised”

PUPPY BEATEN: Man Beats Pitbull Puppy in Elevator

Uploaded by  on 24 May 2011

Irving Sanchez Caught On Tape Abusing Pit Bull Puppy

In the video, a man police say is Sanchez is seen walking into the elevator with a small pit bull puppy named Max. Once inside the elevator, the man is seen dragging the dog from side to side of the elevator by its leash, hurling it into the elevator walls. Then the man leans in and hits the dog repeatedly with the handle of the leash, wielding the strap like a club. Finally the man starts stepping on the dog and appears to kick him. Sanchez was arrested the next day. He is charged with aggravated cruelty to animals. Max was taken to an animal shelter.

May 12, 2010 Caught on Tape: Man Pleads Guilty to Beating Lap Dog in Elevator


If animal cruelty turns your stomach, you should not watch this video.

A man has admitted to viciously kicking his girlfriend’s lap dog in an attack police witnessed on security cameras installed in a Manhattan apartment building elevator.

Chris Grant has been sentenced to three months in jail after pleading guilty to an animal cruelty charge. He’s 21. “Three months in jail…ridiculous, should have been 3 years or more…if he is so flippant about abusing the dog in an elevator, what does he do behind closed doors?…FxxxxxG Knob Head. He will be out now, probably abusing some other innocent dog, which is just heartbreaking & gut wrenching, thinking about what he could be doing! Will he be caught NO. However if the Animal Abuse Registry had been operating, at least officers could keep a check on him…I loved the News girls reaction, I too would like to kick his nads in!!

Police officers monitoring surveillance cameras in the Harlem building as part of a search for a murder suspect arrested Grant when they saw him on tape abusing the black-and-white Chihuahua and Pomeranian mix, named Chuvi-Duvi. 

The cameras captured Grant patting his knees as if to invite the 12-pound dog to be petted, then kicking it away. His lawyer didn’t immediately return a call Wednesday. Tests showed Chuvi-Duvi escaped serious injury. The plea was entered Tuesday.“On the outside perhaps, but that beating & others the dog probably received, could have caused serious Psychological  implications! Abuse, stays with the victim, for life, no matter what kind or to whom, it is never forgotten, trust me!”

Police later found the man accused of stabbing nine-year old Anthony Maldonado, the victim of one of the city’s first homicides of 2010.

The two crimes were not connected, but Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said solving them involved the same basic tools: a camera, and a cop paying attention.

In condemning the alleged dog-kicker at the time, Kelly called Grant “an abusive individual who repeatedly and brutally beat a small defenseless dog.”

See for yourself, but if you’re an animal lover, be advised: it’s tough to watch.

News Link:http://www.nbcnewyork.com/news/local/Man-Pleads-Guilty-in-Dog-Beating-Cau-93603404.html

On January  2012 –More dog abuse in housing project elevator

Vodpod videos no longer available.

A New York City woman has been charged after police say she was caught on video kicking and jerking her Pomeranian on an elevator in the same housing project where surveillance cameras captured a dog being beaten earlier this month.

Tiara Davis was charged with torturing and injuring an animal Monday. The incident was recorded by video cameras in the elevators of the Grant Houses Sunday morning. Police released the videos Tuesday.

The video shows Sparky, her 4-year-old Pomeranian, being beaten and jerked by its leash until unconscious. Davis, 31, said she lost her temper when the dog relieved himself before getting outside. “I kept telling him, ‘Sparky! Wait! Wait!’ ” Davis, a vocational counselor for ex-offenders, told the New York Daily News. “I became a little frustrated,” she added. “It was never my intention to hurt him.” Sparky is recovering at the ASPCA hospital

New Link:– http://www.ohmidog.com/2010/01/13/more-dog-abuse-in-housing-project-elevator/

Daytona police arrest teen accused of abusing pregnant woman, dogs

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“This heinous incident happened in July 2012, the public are clearly outraged at this crime! I found a brilliant article written (below the news post), which tackles the question about minors & animal/human abuse.  I personally think, anyone committing such acts at 17 years of age, should be tried as an adult, with younger children from the age of 8 receiving some form of proper punishment. They know at that age & younger the difference between right & wrong! There is also a petition link below, to ensure Poole gets the maximum prison sentence! “

Daytona police arrest teen accused of abusing pregnant woman, dogs

Jarred Scott Poole, 17, was charged Tuesday night with aggravated battery on a pregnant person and felony animal cruelty, spokesman Jimmie Flynt said.

Poole was arguing with Jasmine Adams, 23, on Sunday when he grabbed and drop-kicked her Chihuahua puppy onto North Ridgewood Avenue near Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard, according to a charging affidavit. Poole then grabbed Adams’ pit bull and threw it into traffic.

Adams retrieved the puppy and put it on the porch at 318 N. Ridgewood Ave., where the pit bull had returned, but Poole grabbed the puppy again and threw it into the median of Ridgewood, according to the affidavit. The pit bull ran after the puppy, but was hit by a truck that didn’t stop and then ran away.

Poole then pinned Adams, who is six to seven months pregnant, against the wall and choked her, police say.

The puppy had to be euthanized due to its injuries, and the pit bull has not been found.

News Link:http://www.news-journalonline.com/breakingnews/2012/07/daytona-police-arrest-teen-accused-of-abusing-pregnant-woman-dogs.html

Life-threatening ‘minor’ in Daytona and law’s leniency

 By Ernest Dempsey

There are times when a ‘minor’ can commit a major offense, becoming somebody’s nightmare. The recent incident involving the 17-year-old Jarred Scott Poole’s assault on a woman and her dogs in Daytona, Florida, is such a story, evoking concern and raising questions about whether law should show leniency to minors on basis of their age if found guilty of such crimes.

As the story details, Poole physically attacked the woman and repeatedly threw her dogs in the traffic on the road. This led to one dog’s death, a puppy, as it got fatal injuries on the road while the other dog set in motion by the situation got hit by a vehicle and ran away in fear.

The woman, 23-year old Jasmine Adams, was also attacked and choked by Poole – her being also pregnant. The police arrested Poole but soon let him go, as reported by an animal rights activist who called the Daytona police that arrested Poole after the incident. The activist in question was told by the concerned juvenile detention section that any details could not be released about Poole as he was a minor.

One may choose to ask the question here how arbitrary our definition of adulthood and age is in relation to the special consideration given to minors who are just a year (or perhaps months or weeks) younger than what is officially considered an adult.

A 17-year-old teen as Poole who reportedly has commtted an act of aggression fatal for one family pet and potentially destructive to three other lives – including an unborn child – is clearly as capable of killing as a dangerous criminal who has reached the age of majority.

Such an individual can be a minor but his physical strength and capability of doing significant intentional harm is no less than an adult. So when such a person practically terrorizes somebody, he would be expected to be kept in detention; letting him go so soon may not only be possibly threatening to others but detrimental to the psyche of this teen who gets the message: “cool, it’s safe to hurt people and kill pets!”

In contrast, a dog that gets somebody as slight scratch gets killed for it supposedly poses a threat to the public. How do we justify this self-contradictory status of law relating public safety? An animal that left a scratch or just a small bite on a person will be killed for being a public threat, sometimes without evidence; but a human who does practical harm and threatens and destroys life is left to go free while the case is investigated by the police.


Petition :-Jarred Scott Poole should get the maximum sentence.


Face book page:https://www.facebook.com/JarredScottPooleShouldServeJailTimeForAbuse

Emergency rescue: Abused mother gives birth just 8 hours after rescue

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“This post is as I received it via email on the 10th, sorry my PC is still misbehaving!”

Urgent Report from National Shelter Director Susie Coston

Dear Julie,

Donate now to help.Just days ago, our Emergency Rescue Team was called to the scene of a factory pig farm where we were alerted to the horrifying abuse of a pregnant breeding pig.

What happened to this expecting mother would make your blood run cold.

As the factory farm workers tried to move her from a tiny gestation crate to a cramped farrowing pen to give birth, she was brutally kicked, beaten, and burned with an electrified cattle prod across the entire length of her body.

After the poor animal finally collapsed, workers dragged her by her ears into the crate.

Mother sow in factory farm.This suffering pig – now named “Julia” – is safe at Farm Sanctuary, but she desperately needs your help. Donate now to support our Emergency Rescue Fund because, sadly, I’ve only begun to tell you about this sow’s harrowing tale.  

When we arrived on the scene and opened Julia’s crate, she reluctantly got to her feet. But her eyes stayed fixed on us — looking from face to face as if she expected to be hit or kicked at any moment. The abusive worker referred to her as “feisty,” but all I saw was deep fear — and I was terribly worried for her.

Yet, I had no idea how urgent her situation really was.

Just eight hours after Julia arrived at our New York Shelter, this terrified, abused sow gave birth to 16 premature piglets. 

Now we are caring for our rescued mother and her 16 preemies. It is touch-and-go for all of them — we have the entire staff at our national headquarters helping to provide medical care, feedings, fluids, and necessary medications 24 hours a day. “So is the person/s who did this going to be charged with animal abuse? he should be! What’s the farms name? they should also pay for the keep of this sow & her piglets, why should the get off scott free? If they are abusing pigs in this way, they need investigating.”

To help provide around-the-clock care during this critical time, a dedicated Farm Sanctuary supporter has offered to match dollar-for-dollar any contribution you make to our Emergency Rescue Fund. Your matched donation will be worth twice as much and will support this rescue and future rescues, as well as the ongoing and lifelong care of these animals and others like them.

JuliaDonate now to have your gift go twice as far during this urgent time.

Due to the physical and emotional stress of the abuse — followed immediately by labor — Julia’s condition is extremely fragile. We are watching her closely for any signs of change and are ready to respond.

Additionally, many of the piglets were born weighing barely 2 pounds. They are frail, hungry, and susceptible to many illnesses and ailments. One or more of these babies will need critical care — it is not a question of if but when — and expenses are already mounting quickly.

Just knowing that one of our Farm Sanctuary supporters cares enough to match contributions received through this email gives me hope — and I hope it inspires you to be as generous as possible. Together, we can save this family and others like them and give them the freedom to live their lives as the happy, intelligent animals that you and I know pigs to be — the freedom that the factory farm industry so cruelly denies.

BabiesI’ll never forget the terror in Julia’s eyes as she slowly stepped up the ramp to our transport trailer. After being kicked, shocked, dragged by her ears, and forced into a crate just days before, how could she trust us? In these initial days, we’ve shown her the friendship and love she probably has never known — and she already responds to us with the sweet gentleness of a trusted companion. But she desperately needs one more friend … you. 

Please help Farm Sanctuary save this special pig and her babies, and others like them in need of care by rushing a lifesaving contribution to our Emergency Rescue Fund.

Donations made through this email will be matched by an anonymous supporter up to $39,000. Thank you for helping during this urgent rescue!


Newark Man Guilty of Animal Cruelty after Kicking Dog in Eye – Causing Eye To Pop Out

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TWO heinous crimes in which both parties purposefully meant to cause serious trauma. I will be keeping my eye on these stories…neither are fit to breathe the same air as animals & don’t deserve any humane respect. I hope they share a prison cell with an animal lover!”

A Newark man has pleaded guilty to one count of third degree animal cruelty after he kicked a small dog in the face, causing its eye to pop out.

Oswald Hall, 61, kicked his girlfriend’s sister’s dog Zoey, a Chihuahua, in the head on New Year’s Day this year while wearing boots, said Assistant Prosecutor Dawn D’Amico, who handled the case. The dog’s eyeball popped out as a result of the kick and had to be removed.

Both the sister and the girlfriend were living with Hall at the time of the incident.

Eye had to be removed

Hall also pleaded guilty to animal cruelty for striking his girlfriend’s dog in the head on Sept. 22, 2011, causing the animal head trauma.

Both incidents of animal cruelty involved different dogs, according to Katherine Carter, spokesperson for the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.

“This is a very, very sad case of man who has a history of cruelty to animals. We hope he and others will get the message that this kind of criminal conduct carries significant penalties,” said D’Amico.

Hall is currently incarcerated and is expected to be sentenced to 364 days in prison for injuries to Zoey. Sentencing is scheduled for Aug. 6 before Judge Michelle Hollar-Gregory.

The incident is part of a rash of recent animal cruelty cases in Essex County.

Haniyyah Barnes

A week ago, a Newark woman was indicted for throwing a dog into traffic, killing it, during an argument over a parking spot. 

News Link:-http://southorange.patch.com/articles/newark-man-guilty-of-animal-cruelty-after-kicking-dog-in-eye

Soldier ordered to pay ex-wife $25,000 after kicking her cat to death

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A cat-abusing thug who brutally kicked his ex-wife’s cat to death has been convicted of animal cruelty and ordered to pay $25,000 in damages.

Justin Chlarson, 32, was looking after Mary on May 28 2010, and was the only person to come into contact with her that day, a Thurston County court heard.

Two days later, his former wife, Vorhies Flores, found a lump on her pet’s side and noticed that the skin around her abdomen was dark red.

Brutal: Mary the cat was viciously beaten by her owner's ex-husband, dying four days after sustaining injuries

Mary’s breathing was heavy and she was refusing to eat or drink, causing Flores to become increasingly worried about her.

After seeking veterinary help at the Steamboat Animal Hospital, Flores discovered that her kitty had suffered a vicious attack, described in court papers as ‘an intentional traumatic injury’.

48 hours later the long haired Calico died from injuries caused by being kicked in the abdomen, thought to have been sustained four days earlier on the day she was being watched by Chlarson.

He had previously sent a text message to Flores threatening Mary.

Flores, 23, has battled to get justice for her cat, who was part of the family for 10 years. She was awarded $15,000 damages for the ‘intrinsic value of the cat’ and a further $10,000 to compensate for emotional suffering.

But the reward will never take the place of Mary in her life.

‘As nice as it was to hear that I won, that was nice, but it doesn’t bring my cat back,’ Vorhies Flores told the Olympian. ‘There was no amount of money that could have made me feel better.’

Chlarson, an active-duty reservist who has been ordered to take anger management courses, pleaded guilty to a charge of second-degree animal cruelty, admitting pushing the cat off a bed.

He was sentenced to a suspended 90-day jail sentence and a $1,000 fine and ordered to have no contact with cats for two years.

Chlarson has since moved to California remaining in the military and will not be appealing the decision

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2132658/Soldier-ordered-pay-ex-wife-25-000-ruthless-attack-killed-cat.html#ixzz1sceCQRy2

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